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Chapter 260 – Not Even A Chicken Or Dog

Refining the Mountains and Rivers

    Bluecloud Demon’s pupils violently shrank, endless fear and despair drowning out his thoughts. After being suppressed within the Land of Sealed Demons for hundreds of years he had finally managed to escape, so how could he resign himself to dying like this? But the sword phantom cutting at him carried with it an endlessly sharp edge, as if even if the world were placed before it, it could still break through!

    “Ahh!” With a roar, billowing black demonic energy erupted around him. He transformed into a hundred foot tall demon, one that was incomparably real and solid. Then, he lifted his hands and punched down.

    Bang –

    Demonic energy exploded. Like a greater river falling down, it rumbled and rolled, and even the surrounding mountain seemed as if it would be crushed to bits and pieces by this demonic energy. Under the threat of death, Bluecloud Demon’s crazy counterattack was truly terrifying!

    But what a pity. What he faced now was Qin Yu’s all-out strike, one attack aimed to kill. Of the five elements, metal was white. It was tyrannical and sharp, bearing down with unstoppable force. With Qin Yu’s Nascent Soul cultivation stimulating its movement and the power of the five elements gathered as one, its killing strength surpassed imagination!

    The sword was like lightning, so fast that one couldn’t even catch sight of it. It instantly tore into the demonic energy. Then, the raging river of energy froze before it loudly detonated.

    The demonic figure formed from demonic energy froze in place. Cracks appeared between its eyebrows. Like the opening prologue to its destruction, those cracks started to spread out at an alarming speed.

    Bang –

    Demonic energy blew apart to reveal Bluecloud Demon’s soul. His eyes were wide and filled with unwillingness, and his face was distorted as if he were facing some horrendous pain.

    Hu –

    Black flames lit up the air, sucking Bluecloud Demon’s soul within. Then it burned to ashes in the blink of an eye, completely disappearing from existence.

    Qin Yu’s boiling blood gradually returned to normal. His burning meridians started to repair themselves at an astonishing speed, and after several breaths of time, he was already restored to his peak state.

    With the potency of the Demon Body and also the support of the wood and water Nascent Souls, his regenerative capabilities had reached a point where he really could be called the Undying Cockroach!

    It didn’t even seem as if he had a chance to test his true strength; Bluecloud Demon had died in a single strike. Still, he had a chance to attack. Qin Yu acknowledged that after breaking into Nascent Soul, his entire body itched as if it needed to vent itself of excess strength.

    He looked down at the earth below him. Then, he lifted his hands. The Five Element Swords appeared and followed his hands, drilling into the ground.

    Rumble rumble –

    The earth shook and tumbled. Countless demonic souls howled in sorrow and pain. These demonic souls had lost their ego and only knew slaughter and destruction. If he allowed them to flee wherever they wanted to, they would inevitably start a great calamity.

    Qin Yu never hesitated to kill. From the moment he started cultivating until now, his hands had already become rank with the smell of blood. But, he didn’t want to contaminate himself with needless karma. With the little blue lamp in his possession, he didn’t fear heavenly retribution from the world. But, his intuition told him to avoid this as much as possible.

    After a moment, the Five Element Swords howled back. They circled around Qin Yu’s body, emitting cheerful cries.

    “Don’t worry. Now that I have reached Nascent Soul, I can battle all enemies between the heavens and earth. You will all have a chance to bathe in blood!”

    Qin Yu looked up, powerful self-confidence in his eyes. The Land of Divinity and Demons, Immortal Sect, he would definitely go there!

    Whoosh –

    His figure turned into a beam of light, instantly shooting far away.

    Within his dantian sea, within his great dao base, blue light surged on the surface of the little blue lamp, as if it were refining something.

    Four hours later, two cultivators from the Northern Dynasty rushed over to the place where the Land of Sealed Demons was. As they looked at the ruptured earth and the traces of sword intent that had yet to fade, their complexions changed.

    They had no idea which cultivator it was who had done this, but that person’s cultivation could only be described as capable of moving the universe and causing gods and ghosts to cry! They could even imagine that sword immortal-like character treading on the void, lifting a hand and casting sword light down, smashing the earth below.

    Could that extremely terrifying aura of heavenly tribulation have been caused by this sword cultivator? Thinking of this, these two Northern Dynasty Nascent Souls were even more shaken.

    For an initial Nascent Soul to have such power and prestige, if they didn’t see this sight for themselves, they definitely wouldn’t believe it! Although they didn’t know who this sword cultivator was, they knew that from this day on, there was another peerless powerhouse in the world!

    Beneath the highest heavens, flying with sword in hand, wind surging against him and his black robes fluttered around with the cries of swords in his ears, Qin Yu only felt his entire body brimming with joy and comfort.

    He bellowed out loud. Supported by his powerful cultivation, his voice billowed through the world, spreading far and wide.

    At this time, he suddenly stopped. Light flashed in his hand and a token appeared. This thing represented his status within Immortal Eclipse Valley, one that was extremely honored and only beneath Pill Crucible.

    Now, this token was emitting crimson light. Faint traces of a fierce and dangerous aura emanated from it.

    Qin Yu’s complexion changed. This indicated that Immortal Eclipse Valley was currently facing a perilous situation, one where it might even be destroyed. This was the most urgent of summons. After receiving this notice, all disciples had to return to Immortal Eclipse Valley as soon as possible!

    Pill Crucible was personally garrisoning the valley and there was also Jiang Li, Daoist Wang, and the other four great Nascent Souls. Just what could have happened that the situation would be so dire?

    Whoosh –

    The sword hummed once more, even more resounding than before, even a bit more swift and fierce. Qin Yu’s speed quickened. He was like the incarnation of lightning as he soared straight to Immortal Eclipse Valley.


    At this time, the vast majority of Immortal Eclipse Valley had fallen to enemy hands. Countless palaces and temples had shattered and blazing conflagrations burned all over, making this alchemy holy land seem like a scene of carnage and ruin. The Five Element Sword Array was fully revolving, rumbling onwards with dreadful sword cries filling the air, flooding the ears of everyone. Countless sword phantoms cut down from above, sprinkling down endless killing intent.

    It was due to this great array formation that Immortal Eclipse Valley’s most core region had been able to survive. But now, two horrifying auras were outside the Five Element Sword Array, suppressing it like stars. It was simply incapable of fighting back. Facing the billowing barrage of demonic energies, it was only barely able to hold on.

    Within the core of the sword array, Jiang Li’s face was pale but his eyes were as bright as stars. His divine sense was pushed to its limits as he maintained the revolution of the great array formation. However, everyone knew that if the situation continued like this, he wouldn’t be able to last much longer.

    Not too far away, Eclipse Lenqing and Eclipse Wuji were sitting cross-legged. Their current situations were even worse. Their breathing was heavy and their clothes were stained with blood. It was clear they had received heavy injuries.

    Daoist Wang hurried into the hall. Eclipse Lenqing opened his eyes, hastily asking, “How are the Valley Master’s injuries?”

    Eclipse Wuji didn’t speak, but his eyes were equally anxious.

    Daoist Wang nodded. “We’ve managed to temporarily contain them.”

    Eclipse Lenqing and Eclipse Wuji relaxed but immediately felt sorrow. Even with the deep background of Immortal Eclipse Valley, they could only momentarily manage his injuries; it could be imagined just how deeply wounded Pill Crucible was.

    Currently, of those that had a Nascent Soul level combat strength within the valley, only Daoist Wang was left intact. But with his strength, how could they face the tigers outside? Could it be that their Immortal Eclipse Valley with thousands of years of inheritance would be destroyed during their generation? If that happened, how could they have the face to see their ancestors down below!

    Daoist Wang seemed to sense their despairing looks. He sighed inwardly and walked over. “Old Jiang, how are you doing?”

    Jiang Li’s expression was calm. “I’m not dead yet. Have the matters within the sect been arranged yet?”

    Daoist Wang responded, “We’ve already sent away a number of disciples through the secret transmission array. Unfortunately, the Demonic Path has arranged an array formation limiting powerful auras from transmitting through, otherwise I could have brought the Valley Master away first.” He sighed with disappointment.

    Jiang Li coldly sneered. “I should thank the Demon Monarch for not making me wait here to die alone!”

    Daoist Wang bared his teeth. “Old Jiang, you speak too honestly for a person. Hah, there’s no way I can respond to that.”

    He sat down and let out a soothing breath. It was only then that he discovered his robes were half-drenched in sweat. He had treated Pill Crucible and arranged for the disciples to be sent away, all of this accomplished in the shortest time possible. Never in his entire life had he worked as hard as he did today.

    “Old Jiang, do you think we will be able to survive this disaster?”

    “I don’t know.”

    “Ai, can’t you say something good for once?”

    Jiang Li coldly glanced over. Just as he was about to say something, his complexion suddenly changed.

    Puff –

    He spat out a mouthful of blood. He heaved out, “There’s a spy in the valley!”

    The final Five Element Sword Array that protected Immortal Eclipse Valley had suddenly stalled. No matter how hard Jiang Li tried, he still couldn’t start it up again.

    Outside, the two terrifying auras attacked at the same time. Like a falling mountain, with just a light touch the sword array completely disintegrated.

    Xu Ao rushed towards a node of the sword array. As he saw who walked out, his complexion wildly changed. “It’s you!”

    The Immortal Eclipse Valley cultivators behind him also looked as if they were seeing ghosts in the daytime. Their faces were full of disbelief.

    Who would have thought that the one to sabotage the Five Element Sword Array and cause the array formation to be broken was him?

    Fan Jianghai had an apologetic expression. He cupped his hands together and said, “Senior-apprentice brother, I’ve disappointed you.”

    Xu Ao clenched his teeth and roared, “The valley has not treated your or I unfairly. Why did you do this!?”

    Fan Jianghai coldly smiled. “Senior-apprentice brother, why continue deceiving yourself? If you and I were given the same treatment as those Eclipse Clan juniors, we would have already broken into Nascent Soul! But during these years, how has Immortal Eclipse Valley treated us? On the surface we are the masters of the First and Second Furnaces, and our statuses are indeed honored and we are given the authority of managing affairs within the valley. All of this makes it look as if we hold tremendous power, but the reality is that this uses up all of our time and energy, making us unable to focus on cultivating.

    “If that was everything then it would have been fine. But you and I have given so much to the valley, and what have they even given back to us in return? This Immortal Eclipse Valley, in the end its surname is Eclipse. No matter how diligent you and I are, no matter how outstanding we are, so what? We are simply giving everything to them as a bridal gift! If so, it would be better to destroy it all!”

    Fan Jianghai’s expression was frantic, manic. “Senior-apprentice brother, I know you have soaring ambitions. You and I can join hands! Together, the two of us might be able to construct a new alchemy holy land, one even greater than Immortal Eclipse Valley!”

    Xu Ao roared, “Shut up!” His icy cold gaze piercing to one’s bones. “Fan Jianghai, no matter how the valley treated you or me, it was the Valley Master who brought us into the world of cultivation, who granted us our current cultivation and status. Not only do you not repay him but you even collude with the Demonic Path! You are worse than a dog! Worse than a pig! From this moment on, our brotherhood has come to an end. Today, I will clean up the sect for the Valley Master!”

    Fan Jianghai stood up straight, regret etched on his face. “Senior-apprentice brother, you are still so blindly devoted. Do you not see that today is the day Immortal Eclipse Valley will be wiped off this world?” He lifted a finger and madly cackled, “Look for yourself. Within that demonic energy are the elites of the Demonic Path. Even the Demon Monarch has joined forces with Heavenseek Old Demon. After today, Immortal Eclipse Valley is destined to not have even a single chicken or dog remaining. I will give you one final chance. Promise to work with me and I can preserve your life. Otherwise, it will be too late.”

    Xu Ao stepped forwards, his figure like a moving boulder. “I’ll kill you first!”

    Fan Jianghai turned and left. “Senior-apprentice brother, in consideration of our former friendship, I don’t wish to fight you. Then, I’ll allow the Demonic Path cultivators to end your sad and pathetic life.”

    Xu Ao wanted to chase after him, but Demonic Path cultivators had already entered the fray. He roared out loud, leading the Immortal Eclipse Valley disciples to meet their enemy.

    In the blink of an eye, Immortal Eclipse Valley teetered on the brink of destruction!

    Daoist Wang bitterly smiled. “When it rains it pours. It looks like this really can’t be avoided.”

    Jiang Li was deathly pale. He sighed, “That’s to be expected. Even if the sword array didn’t break I still wouldn’t have been able to last much longer.”

    “You consider those to be comforting words?” Daoist Wang had a helpless expression, “Really, nothing has an effect on you.”

    Jiang Li coldly smiled. “Those are the facts.”

    Eclipse Lenqing and Eclipse Wuji had ashen faces pale with defeat. Once the core region of Immortal Eclipse Valley fell, there would no longer be any chance of stopping them. It had to be known that outside were the joint forces of the Demon Monarch and Heavenseek Old Demon. In this entire world, who could stop them?

    “It’s just death! But before I die, I want to take down a demonic cultivator and bring them to the grave with me!”

    Eclipse Wuji laughed. “Big brother, well said! Today, you and I will slaughter freely one last time!”

    Daoist Wang glanced at them and curled his lips. “In all these years, this is the first time I’ve found you two a bit palatable to my eyes. Unfortunately, you’re both going to die soon.”

    Outside the hall, a faint voice sounded out. “We have lived for so long already. Compared to most that live in this world, we have already been far luckier. If we die then we die.”

    Pill Crucible waved his hand, indicating for the disciple supporting his arm to draw back. He stepped forwards.

    His face had lost all color and his pupils were dark. But, his attitude was calm and relaxed.

    Jiang Li’s eyes flashed. “There seems to be something different with the Valley Master…”

    Pill Crucible smiled. “Old Jiang, it’s always you with the sharp senses. After suffering the joint plotting of the Demon Monarch and Heavenseek Old Demon, I was saved from the brink of death and I also obtained unexpected gains.” He sighed, “What a pity…”

    Before he finished speaking, his meaning was already clear. Everyone had complex expressions.

    With Pill Crucible’s cultivation, if he had a harvest, that meant there was a chance he would step into the Divine Soul realm.

    However, the Demon Monarch and Heavenseek Old Demon definitely would not give him time to break into Divine Soul.

    Suddenly the sounds of battle rose up from outside the hall. The gates were shoved open and a bloodied Xu Ao stumbled in. As he saw Pill Crucible, he fell to his knees. “Old Ancestor, Xu Ao has wronged you. It was because of my negligence that Fan Jianghai was able to find an opening to take advantage of! Please Old Ancestor, punish me for my crimes!”

    Pill Crucible waved his hand. “I already know of this matter. I cannot blame you.” He was silent for several breaths of time and then forced out a smile. “In the end, I was the one who misplayed the game. Otherwise Fan Jianghai wouldn’t have betrayed my Immortal Eclipse Valley. It was our ancestors who originally decided the great plan for the sect. In order to ensure that the inheritance of the valley would be safe, they allowed the Eclipse Clan to control everything. But today, all of this comes to naught. Perhaps this plan was wrong from the very beginning, but unfortunately I won’t have a chance to correct it.”

    Xu Ao was moved deeply. “Old Ancestor!”

    Pill Crucible had a grave expression. He looked up towards the hall’s doors and slowly said, “Why act like a little child? Rise up. Come with this old man and let us meet our enemies together.”

    His complexion was still pale but there was disdain and pride in his eyes.

    The Demon Monarch strode in, his eyes full of praise. “Pill Crucible, you really aren’t bad. You actually managed to escape from a hopeless situation and break free from your cage to clearly see the road of the great dao before you. But what a pity. I won’t give you a chance. So, you will certainly die here today.”

    Heavenseek Old Demon’s gaze was cold. “Why speak so much? If you’re going to kill them then begin!” He glared at Pill Crucible. Thinking about how his plans had all been ruined, he wanted to drink his blood and eat his flesh!

    The Demon Monarch smiled. He lifted a hand. “From this day forth, throughout all of Immortal Eclipse Valley, not even a chicken or dog will remain alive.”