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Chapter 261 – Peak Battle (1)

Refining the Mountains and Rivers

    Heavenstar Demon had a fierce expression. “To all disciples of the Seven Slaughter Demon Sect! Attack with me and trample Immortal Eclipse Valley to the ground!”

    Demonic energy surged restlessly around his body. Just as he was about to rush forward, his complexion suddenly changed. He looked outside of the valley.

    Hum –

    The cry of a sword vaguely sounded out in his ear.

    As he listened again, it had already vanished. Heavenstar Demon frowned; could this be an aural illusion?

    Then, he truly heard that clear and melodic sword cry. A cold air rose up from within him and his blood froze in his veins.

    The Demon Monarch turned around, staring into the distance. He frowned, a dignified expression on his face.

    The forces of the Demonic Path were spread throughout the Southern Empire and Northern Dynasty. Since when had such a terrifying sword cultivator appeared?

    Feeling this aura, it was clearly coming with ill intent. Did Immortal Eclipse Valley have some final card in hand?

    At his side, Heavenseek Old Demon had a pale complexion. He had once planted his demon soul in this person and tried to swallow him up, so how could he not know whose aura this was?

    Qin Yu, it was Qin Yu!

    As he felt that overwhelming sword potential and that aura which seemed as if it could cut apart all of existence, Heavenseek Old Demon felt his heart and liver shaking.

    All of this should have been his! It was Pill Crucible! It was Immortal Eclipse Valley! If not for them, how could things have reached this stage!?

    The Demon Monarch glanced to the side. He calmly asked, “Heavenseek Demon, do you recognize that person?”

    Heavenseek Old Demon’s lips twitched. He said without expression, “Demon Monarch, you shouldn’t be a stranger to him either.”

    As they spoke, the call of the sword became even heavier. It blew forth like rumbling thunder, like an incoming hurricane.

    Pill Crucible looked on with confusion. As the master of Immortal Eclipse Valley, he naturally knew how deep their background was and all the other minor details. Although they were on good terms with many powerhouses, with the Demon Monarch and Heavenseek Old Demon joining forces, who would dare try to stop them?

    So, just who would have arrived at this time?

    Daoist Wang licked his lips, quietly saying, “Valley Master, it’s amazing that you’re still calm; you look so tranquil right now. But, none of this matters. What is important is that we have another chance now. Ah, but I really don’t know just who came.”

    Jiang Li’s eyes flashed with dazzling brilliance. As he heard them speak, he suddenly smiled. “You will soon find out.” He sighed, joy and excitement on his face.

    Daoist Wang rolled his eyes. He hurriedly said, “Just what game are you trying to play? Hurry up and say who it is!”

    Jiang Li smiled. “He’s already here.”

    Whoosh –

    The sword shadow came soaring forth from the skies, stopping above Immortal Eclipse Valley. The sound of sonic shockwaves erupted in all directions. Sword light rapidly gathered to reveal a black-robed figure. His eyes swept across the ruins of Immortal Eclipse Valley and his frowning eyes filled with rising killing intent.

    Pill Crucible’s eyes widened. “Qin Yu!”

    Eclipse Lenqing and Eclipse Wuji both had looks as if they were seeing a ghost.

    Daoist Wang’s lips twitched. Nascent Soul…he was absolutely at Nascent Soul…he knew of Qin Yu’s special strengths, so he also knew how terrifying it was that he was at Nascent Soul!

    Even the initial realm would be enough for him to roam through the world wild and free, looking down with disdain upon all others. Emotions began to surge up within him and he couldn’t help but laugh and smile. He glanced toward the smiling Jiang Li and finally realized why that old fogy was so happy.

    Qin Yu’s Five Element Sword Diagram could reluctantly be considered as having been taught and passed down by him. But, why are you the only one that should be happy? Aren’t his alchemy skills also partially due to me? What? You are saying that what Qin Yu is using now is his sword dao skills? Peh! Without the support of pills, do you think he would have reached Nascent Soul in such a short period of time!?

    If he hadn’t reached Nascent Soul then your sword dao skills would mean nothing but a fart!

    Thinking of this, Daoist Wang’s chest immediately rose in righteousness. A smile also rose on his face, as if he was saying that an old man like him was happy that one of his descendants was finally showing some skills.

    Bang –

    A horrifying aura shot into the skies, nearly turning over the entire temple. The Demon Monarch’s expression was like hard iron. He roared out, “Junior, return my most precious object to me!”

    He lifted his hand and pressed down. Boundless demonic energy gushed out into the void, forming a demonic arm that came crashing down.

    Qin Yu flicked his sleeves. Sword shadows cut out, colliding with the demon arm in the blink of an eye.

    Everything was peaceful for a moment. Then, in the next moment, that peace was smashed apart by a thunderous explosion.

    Terrifying shockwaves erupted outwards. The entire temple was blasted and lifted upwards, and then smashed apart in the air by the horrifying amounts of energy.

    And what was most terrifying was that where the sword shadow and demonic arm met, there were cracks in space. The pitch black cracks were like a vicious beast opening its jaws wide.

    This indicated that the strength of their battle had surpassed the limits of this world, reaching a whole new level.

    Breaking space was something that only Divine Souls could accomplish!

    Heavenstar Demon was forced back step after step before he was finally able to resist the strength of the shockwave. His eyes widened and his face filled with disbelief. Not too long ago, he saw Qin Yu at the Gold Noble Family. Although he had been strong at the time, he believed he could still fight him with his hidden card.

    But after a mere month or so, a length of time that was only a short period of seclusion to a high level cultivator, Qin Yu’s strength had actually risen so drastically and experienced such heaven-shaking changes! If he didn’t see it with his own eyes then even if he was beaten to death he would never have believed that Qin Yu and the Demon Monarch would be equally matched in battle. This was the reality placed before him!

    Xu Ao’s wounds were heavy. Unable to dodge, he was struck by the shockwaves and blood gushed out from his nose and mouth as he tumbled back along the ground. But at this time, he couldn’t even care about the pain that wracked his body. He looked straight at Qin Yu, his eyes full of shock.

    The past seemed to replay in front of his eyes. He never had much of a favorable impression towards this Junior Uncle of his. Even after the pill tribulation arrived and he was shocked and awed, his admiration towards Qin Yu remained firmly in terms of alchemy only. At that time, he was still confident in his own cultivation. But now, all of that self-confidence was crushed to pieces. His Junior Uncle had already reached a level of strength so great that he could contend directly with the Demon Monarch.

    And it wasn’t just Xu Ao. At this time, all cultivators who knew Qin Yu were left dumbfounded. When cultivators cultivated, it was like swimming against the stream. They would grow stronger as time passed. But, the speed at which he grew stronger was just too quick. No, it was so quick that it was completely bizarre; there was no justice to this at all!

    Heavenseek Old Demon’s heart dripped blood.

    Out of everyone present, only he was completely clear on why Qin Yu was so strong.

    [Demon Body] – It was the highest body cultivation method within the demonic path. In the rumors, it represented the path to heaven. It possessed an extremely special significance within the lineage of the demonic path.

    [Five Element Sword Diagram] – This was the greatest trap cultivation law formula in the world. Within history, it had ruined countless cultivation geniuses. But once successfully cultivated, the harvests were so great that they were unimaginable. For instance, five Nascent Souls; for instance, gathering five elements as one; for instance, Five Element Swords.

    [Partner Soul] – Extremely rare, so rare that it barely appeared in the ancient texts. It was a legendary treasure, and although its exact attributes weren’t known, anyone that possessed a Partner Soul in the past was bound to be an absolute powerhouse of their era.

    Of these three strengths, if a person were to obtain just a single one, then they could be said to possess a dreadful destiny, bound to be the greatest powerhouse of their generation. Much less, these three strengths were now gathered into one person.

    In the eyes of Heavenseek Old Demon, Qin Yu’s body had exceeded the limits of perfection and had risen to an unimaginable level. If he could obtain it, he was confident he could break into Divine Soul in the shortest time possible. He believed he could even cross space to enter the Land of Divinity and Demons. Beneath that vast starry skies, he could become one of the most dazzling existences…

    Of course, all of those dreams had turned to fading shadows…

    But there was still the word ‘shadows’ there. If he could see them, that meant there still might be an opportunity. If he waited any longer, then with Qin Yu’s formidable background, he would soon rise to an inconceivable level in a short period of time. At that time, much less hunting Qin Yu down and seizing his body, it would be difficult for him to maintain his own life!

    Today was the perfect time.

    Qin Yu had just broken into Nascent Soul so he shouldn’t have a full grasp of his strength. And more importantly, the Demon Monarch was here. If he were to battle alone then Heavenseek Old Demon didn’t have full confidence he could win. But, if the two of them joined together, they might succeed.

    His eyes surged with killing intent. Heavenseek Old Demon stepped forwards and coldly said, “Demon Monarch, you and I will join forces to kill Qin Yu. I only want his mortal body; you can take everything else.”

    The Demon Monarch responded without hesitation, “Good! I agree!”

    With a few words, these two demonic path super powerhouses had reached an agreement.

    Heavenseek Old Demon lifted his hand and touched between his eyebrows. Black demonic light surged out, condensing into countless patterns in the void. One could clearly feel that it was a powerful binding contract.

    The Demon Monarch’s eyes flashed. He lifted his hand and thrust his own aura into the patterns. Flames ignited and burned the contract to ashes. Then, invisible chains fell upon their souls.

    Heavenseek Old Demon’s heart filled with resolve. He opened his mouth and said, “Let’s fight!”

    He lifted his hand and pressed down. The surrounding air instantly froze solid and a terrifying chill gave birth to black snowflakes that fluttered downwards. These snowflakes each contained a coldness that was capable of freezing rivers to ice. They sprinkled down, submerging Qin Yu within. But, this wasn’t the end. He tapped his finger in the void and the black snowflakes began to emit black light.

    This black light drilled straight to the heart. It caused an instinctual fear to grow within the depths of one’s soul.

    Kacha –

    Kacha –

    This was the air itself freezing!

    The Demon Monarch stepped forwards. One step after another, slowly, gradually, his aura rose without end. Billowing demonic energy rushed forth from every pore in his body, gathering above his head and turning into a terrifying demon shadow. Its blood red eyes only contained slaughter and killing intent. It locked onto Qin Yu, roaring and screeching.

    Without words, the two demonic path super powerhouses had instantly achieved a tacit understanding.

    Heavenseek Old Demon would imprison Qin Yu and the Demon Monarch would land the killing blow.

    In a moment, the two attacked with all their strength, not holding anything back.

    This was their caution. It also represented their fear of Qin Yu.

    Within the entire world, there were only a scant few people who could have the Demon Monarch and Heavenseek Old Demon treat them so seriously.

    Pill Crucible’s complexion changed. “Qin Yu, be careful! That ice cold strength has the effect of freezing the soul!”

    Before this, in a situation where he wasn’t able to prevent it, he had already suffered a great loss from this ability. If it weren’t for a life-saving card he would have already been killed by the two of them.

    Black mist suddenly appeared within Qin Yu’s soul space. A terrifying chill erupted.

    In an instant, Qin Yu felt as if his soul was going to freeze solid.

    But at this time, Spirity opened her eyes. Her hands formed law formulas and the starlight above her head began to burn.

    Surging flames flowed forth as if caught in wild winds, directly sweeping away the ice coldness that invaded his soul.

    Within Qin Yu’s chest, his heartbeat began to quicken. Bang, bang, it was like the beat of a great drum, causing blood to crazily surge in his body.

    Piki paka –

    His bones shook and cried. Qin Yu’s body moved and space thundered around him, completely shattering the stagnant space in a small area surrounding him.

    And at this time, the Demon Monarch had already arrived. He lifted a hand and punched forwards.

    Above his head the demon shadow moved with him, causing the entire world to shake and roar. Endless heaven and earth spiritual strength rumbled amidst this roar, fusing into the fist. Before it fell, space already started to shake. Within the blurriness, what it contained was a terrifying strength capable of smashing mountains to powder!