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Chapter 262 – Peak Battle (2)

Refining the Mountains and Rivers

    Qin Yu had a dignified expression. After breaking through to Nascent Soul, he indeed gained the qualifications to fight against the peak powers of this world. But, he still hadn’t been able to confirm this. As for those at the level of the Demon Monarch and Heavenseek Old Demon, they were characters that had existed for hundreds of years. Whether it was in terms of cultivation or abilities, they were transcendent. Even Qin Yu didn’t dare to underestimate them in the least.

    Facing the Demon Monarch’s fist, Qin Yu took a deep breath. As his chest puffed out, he seemed to hear the blood flowing rapidly in his body like, accompanied by the tempo of a beating drum. He thought back to the time when he first entered Immortal Eclipse Valley and saw the Demon Monarch while he was beneath the domain of the Radiant Red Wood, and then he thought back to the sea region where he had been forced to flee in distress. After bitterly cultivating for all this time, he was finally able to face this person that stood upon the peak of power.

    A burst of valor and pride rose in his heart. His eyes brightened like stars. Facing the Demon Monarch, he needed to be careful. But, there was no longer any need to feel dread or fear.

    He raised his hands and an earth yellow light flowed between his fingers. That yellow light was slow but possessed an endlessly deep aura, as if a mountain was being held in his hand.

    Bang –

    It was like the heavens were being shattered, like the earth had been sundered. The terrifying sound caused countless Demonic Path and Immortal Eclipse Valley cultivators to cry out in alarm and fall to the ground, blood seeping from their ears. Terrifying shockwaves of strength swept out like a growing hurricane, tearing apart the ground and causing endless cracks to appear.

    “Draw back!” Pill Crucible shouted out. He flicked his sleeves and magic power swept around him, protecting the disciples behind him. Otherwise, if these shockwaves struck them, even if they didn’t die they would be severely wounded.

    He looked up towards the center of the battlefield; the spatial distortions were becoming increasingly fierce and more cracks were appearing. But, Qin Yu still stood tall and straight. He had broken out of Heavenseek Old Demon’s imprisonment and forcefully struck away the Demon Monarch’s fist without taking a single step back. Just the strength he displayed from this proved that his performance was more powerful than theirs.

    Jiang Li’s pale face flushed red with blood. He whispered, “Five Element Swords, this is the power of the Five Element Swords…as a swordsman, to be able to watch this sword shine bright in the world, I can die with no regrets…”

    Daoist Wang rolled his eyes. “Can you say something better sounding? Die? Who wants to die? We can live! And our lives will only get better and better!”

    Jiang Li lightly said, “Qin Yu broke into Nascent Soul so he has the qualifications to fight against the Demon Monarch and Heavenseek Old Demon. But, what he faces today is the both of them.”

    Daoist Wang’s expression stiffened. He obstinately twisted his lips. “So what?”

    Pill Crucible glanced at him. “It’s nothing, it just means Qin Yu must escape.” He sighed. “These are characters that stand upon the peak of this world, overwhelming everything around them. How could they be so easy to deal with? Although I have reached the limits of Nascent Soul, compared to the Demon Monarch and Heavenseek Old Demon, I am still inferior. They are the ones that truly stand atop the peak of this world. No matter how formidable Qin Yu is, he has just entered this realm. If he truly desperately fights these people, he will definitely be injured. But, if he wanted to leave, the Demon Monarch and Heavenseek Old Demon would likely be unable to hold him back.”

    Jiang Li eerily sighed. “Within the Southern Empire and Northern Empire, today’s battle can be called the greatest of the century. After being able to watch such a high level of battle with my own eyes before I die, I can die in peace.”

    Daoist Wang might not believe just Jiang Li, and he might not believe just Pill Crucible, but when the two of them spoke the same thing together, his complexion started to pale. He struggled with the unwillingness rising in his voice, “Do you mean that Qin Yu has no chance of winning today?”

    Jiang Li paused for a moment. “There is basically no chance.”

    Pill Crucible nodded. “Although I have lived for hundreds of years, to be honest, I wouldn’t be tired of living for several hundred more. But, even though I acknowledge that Qin Yu is strong and always manages to do things that are beyond anyone’s expectations, the ones he faces today are the Demon Monarch and Heavenseek Old Demon, the two greatest figures of the demonic path. If they join together, there is no one below Divine Soul that can defeat them. The only exception is if Qin Yu makes another breakthrough and reaches a realm comparable to Divine Soul.”

    This made everything clear. Daoist Wang put on a sad face. He thought he would be able to continue living, but though he had guessed the beginning, he hadn’t been able to guess the end.

    If Jiang Li and Pill Crucible could see this, then the Demon Monarch and Heavenseek Old Demon could also see it. They weren’t worried that they couldn’t kill Qin Yu, only that he would run away.

    Thus, the Demon Monarch didn’t care that Heavenseek Old Demon had showed his powerlessness, because he knew just how fierce this old demon actually was. If he made up his mind to seize Qin Yu’s body, then he absolutely wouldn’t give Qin Yu the chance to retreat today. Right now, although he was silent, he was certainly setting up an inescapable net for Qin Yu to fall into. Then, he would be able to kill him.

    The Demon Monarch was well aware that there was something on Qin Yu’s body that Heavenseek Old Demon desired. But, the Saint Furnace was related to his turning point in breaking into the Divine Soul realm; he absolutely could not lose it.

    Now that his fist failed, the Demon Monarch changed the fist to a palm and thrust down. With loud rumbling, heaven and earth spiritual strength surged, and the phantom of a black mountain appeared. On the summit of the mountain was a large monument. The inscription on its surface was blurred, but through the large brush strokes, one could vaguely make out that it read ‘Blood Burial’.

    The Demonic Path’s eminent supernatural skill – Blood Burial Mountain.

    Like a falling mountain, it was able to suppress the blood within a person’s body, causing their blood to corrupt and decay. No matter how monstrous a person’s cultivation was, if their blood was ruined their body would die with it.

    Qin Yu’s heart violently shrank, and his heartbeat began to slow down. It was like an invisible strength had wrapped around his heart, causing every contraction to be incomparably difficult.

    Faint traces of ash white began to appear within his blood. Qin Yu recognized this as a power similar to the curse within the Land of Sealed Demons; its aura was nearly exactly the same. The only difference was that the curse from the Land of Sealed Demons was somewhat gentle, and the curse from this Blood Burial Mountain was incredibly tyrannical; it wanted to take the life of others as soon as it appeared.

    Within his dantian, the little blue lamp emitted a faint blue light. After absorbing an endless amount of tribulation thunder and fusing into Qin Yu’s great dao base, a change seemed to happen to it. Even during the daytime it could display a portion of its powers.

    For instance, the power of this curse. Before this curse power could cause any harm to Qin Yu, it was expelled from his blood, chased all the way down his arm where it supplemented the index finger of his right hand.

    The Demon Monarch frowned. The power of Blood Burial Mountain couldn’t be considered too high, but it was actually incredibly difficult to deal with. His original intent was to use this supernatural skill to entangle Qin Yu and weaken him as much as possible before he displayed his final killing blow.

    But now, it seemed that the power of Blood Burial Mountain could only cause Qin Yu to pause for a moment, before having no effect at all. It was likely that Qin Yu had some sort of treasure on his body that could resist the power of curses.

    Qin Yu lifted a hand, forming a sword with his fingers. A red line of fire appeared, slashing across the surface of the mountain and instantly cutting through it.

    Hu –

    Blazing flames rose up, sizzling and burning, swallowing everything and turning it to ash.

    Qin Yu glanced at Heavenseek Old Demon. Compared to the Demon Monarch who was filled with endless momentum and stirred up storms by raising his hand, he dreaded this silent old demon even more.

    In the past, while Qin Yu hadn’t broken into Nascent Soul, the strength of his soul actually far surpassed that of a common Nascent Soul. Even so, he still hadn’t been able to discover Heavenseek Old Demon’s Soul Sending Art. If it weren’t for Spirity’s keen senses, he feared he would have already fallen into Heavenseek Old Demon’s plans. The consequences would have been unimaginable.

    If Heavenseek Old Demon was silent now, that likely indicated he was preparing something in secret.

    Qin Yu’s pupils shrank. While he did dread the killing move that Heavenseek Old Demon was preparing, this also gave Qin Yu a similar opportunity. As long as he could defeat the Demon Monarch before that killing move appeared, the result of today’s war would become far more uncertain.

    Bang –

    Within his dantian sea, the Five Element Nascent Souls released a glorious halo of light. White, black, blue, red, yellow – five colors blended together as one. Then, he lifted his hand and spread his fingers, cutting down at the Demon Monarch.

    The Five Element Swords formed from the Five Element Sword Diagram were more than just five potent magic swords. The five elements both enhanced and constrained each other. When the power of the five elements fused into a single form, it could turn into a terrifying sword array.

    The principle behind this was similar to the great Five Element Sword Array that protected Immortal Eclipse Valley. But Immortal Eclipse Valley ultimately used an array formation to galvanize this. It was inferior to Qin Yu who possessed the Five Element Nascent Souls, perfectly fusing their powers in his heart.

    Bang –

    Bang –

    The Five Element Swords howled out. Five divine colors wildly swirled, surrounding the Demon Monarch. Countless sword phantoms appeared, each one shining with five divine lights, all of them slashing down.

    The Demon Monarch’s complexion changed. With a loud roar, the demon shadow lowered itself, integrating directly into his body. Then, black demonic energy rose up around him, as if a helmet and armor wreathed his body.

    Sword phantoms slashed down on the demonic energy, emitting heaven-shaking rings. Ripples appeared all over, causing the armor of demonic energy to tremble and become unsteady.

    The Demon Monarch was secretly shocked. This demonic energy was another one of the Demonic Path’s eminent supernatural skills, named the Heavenly Demon Armor. Its defensive power was extremely potent, and not even a normal late Nascent Soul cultivator would be able to shake it in an all-out attack. But now, beneath the wild bombardment from the Five Element Swords, it actually seemed as if it would collapse soon.

    What a horrifying offensive power!

    The Demon Monarch lifted his hand, his fingers forming a rune in the void. With a loud rumble, a tremendous amount of spiritual strength began to crazily flow into this rune. It suddenly emitted an endless amount of light.

    He slapped his chest and the rune fell upon the demonic energy. He reared his head back and roared, “Suppress!” The surface of the Heavenly Demon Armor shivered and rapidly dissipated. In a moment, all that was left were faintly flowing ripples.

    Qin Yu sighed inwardly. Someone like the Demon Monarch who had lived for so long really had countless methods and cards in their hands. He had rapidly risen to his current cultivation today, but when comparing their backgrounds, he was still lacking.

    But so what? Even when he wasn’t at the Nascent Soul realm he had been able to kill the Whale Sovereign. While he had drawn support from outside strengths, his current cultivation far surpassed what it had been in the past.

    Within his soul space, Qin Yu’s soul lifted its hand. Spirit’s body transformed into a flow of light, fusing into him. Then, a little seven-colored rainbow sword appeared in his soul’s hand, its brilliance blinding.

    Shua –

    His soul waved its hand and the little rainbow sword instantly vanished. In the next moment it flew out from between Qin Yu’s eyebrows, cutting straight towards the Demon Monarch.

    “Soul Slaughter!” The Demon Monarch’s complexion greatly changed. He roared out loud and raised his hands. From between his eyebrows, demon runes appeared. They erupted with light that shot into the air, forming layer upon layer that seemed like a great net.

    At the same time, he thrust out his hands. Remnant souls began to appear within the overwhelming demonic energy. They weren’t able to resist the rainbow sword and were instantly pierced through. But, they were able to consume a bit of its strength. The rainbow sword darkened a little and its speed also fell.

    Puff –

    Like a sword stabbing into a roll of cloth, the little rainbow sword cut into the nets of demonic energy. Seven-colored light collided with pitch black light. The suppressing aura from the confrontation of souls caused the souls of countless people to shiver.

    The little rainbow sword was one of a Partner Soul’s supernatural abilities. It was condensed from the power of the soul and was named [Soul Cutter], especially used to shatter the souls of other cultivators. From the day he obtained the Partner Soul, it was only after breaking into Nascent Soul and the strength of his soul drastically rising that he was barely able to condense this sword. Now that he had used it today, it would take several months before he could produce another.

    Qin Yu stepped forwards, sharp light as bright as a star flashing in his eyes. “Cut again!”

    Soul Cutter shined with glorious light and began to burn. Those seven-hued flames seemed to possess a special power to destroy souls. After the demonic nets touched these flames they ignited and burned, and started to be cut apart!

    The Demon Monarch roared in pain. When that blazing rainbow light disappeared, there was a bright red bloodstain left between his eyes, as if it were a third eye. The burning Soul Cutter had broken the Demon Monarch’s defenses, but completely beyond Qin Yu’s expectations, the Demon Monarch had used his mortal body to resist most of the attack.

    Flesh and blood should be unable to resist or influence Soul Slaughter Arts in any way. But, the Demon Monarch’s body had clearly practiced some sort of secret technique that allowed him to achieve this.

    Soul Cutter pierced through the Demon Monarch’s mortal body, diving straight into his soul space. Then, another surprise occurred. Within the Demon Monarch’s soul space, there were countless black nets woven all around. Even though Soul Cutter burned all its strength, it wasn’t able to break past them.

    Qin Yu sighed inwardly. If someone like the Demon Monarch was easily killed by him then he wouldn’t have had the qualifications to be called someone who stood upon the peak of this world.

    “Heavenseek Demon, if you aren’t going to make your move now, then when!?” The Demon Monarch crazily roared. His eyes started to turn blood red and fill with savagery. He never imagined he would be injured by Qin Yu here. If he hadn’t studied ancient Demonic Path techniques long ago, gaining a formidable resistance to Soul Slaughter Arts, he might have perished here!

    Not too far away, Heavenseek Old Demon looked up. His eyes were pure black without any color. They were like two vortexes, swirling to unfathomable depths.

    “Qin Yu, you escaped one calamity, but I wonder whether you can escape today?

    “Demon Sealing, Imprison the World!”

    Hum –

    As his voice fell, countless giant demonic runes appeared in the world. They floated in the air, each one emitting an aura that suppressed all. Then these demonic runes fused together, causing this suppressive aura to rise to unimaginable heights.

    Even space seemed to freeze solid!

    Endless suppressive strength submerged Qin Yu. He roared out loud and erupted with strength, shattering the spatial bindings around him. Not too far away, several demon runes disintegrated. But, what left one drowning in despair was that these demon runes reformed after a few breaths of time.

    Heavenseek Old Demon lightly said, “It is useless. Within the Demon Sealing, unless you can destroy all the demonic runes simultaneously, you will never be able to break free.” His pitch black eyes became even deeper. “Qin Yu, I will take your mortal body!”