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Chapter 263 – Peak Battle (3)

Refining the Mountains and Rivers

    Qin Yu’s eyebrows tensed and he tried to break through the spatial imprisonment once more. He turned and glanced at Pill Crucible, Jiang Li, Daoist Wang, and the others, an apologetic look on his face. He had originally wanted to rescue them, but with things having come this far, if he stayed any longer not only would he not be able to help them, but he would also fall into peril himself.

    Pill Crucible took a deep breath and said, “Qin Yu, hurry up and flee! There is no need to worry about us! If you can, I ask that you look after the future generations of my Immortal Eclipse Valley! As long as the inheritance of Immortal Eclipse Valley is not destroyed, this brother of yours will be eternally grateful!”

    Jiang Li laughed out loud. “Having been able to witness the transcendent might of the Five Element Swords, I can die with no regrets! Qin Yu, you must live! Because in this world, you are the only one who can avenge me! I will take a step along the road first. In the future, I will personally welcome the Demon Monarch and Heavenseek Old Demon in hell!”

    He possessed absolute confidence in Qin Yu. At the initial Nascent Soul realm he was already able to contend with the peak powers of this world. If he was given just a bit more time, he would surely grow to unimaginable levels. At that time, killing the Demon Monarch and Heavenseek Old Demon wouldn’t be difficult at all.

    Daoist Wang had a sorrowful expression, as if he were still thinking he could be saved. But, how could he say anything at this moment? He could only look at Qin Yu with mourning in his eyes, thinking that even though he had passed down his alchemy talents to Qin Yu in the past, he still wasn’t able to defeat those two old fogies. He still hadn’t lived enough; what could he do!

    The Demon Monarch roared out loud. “You want to leave? You’re staying behind!” He lifted a hand and thrust down. With a loud rumble, heaven and earth spiritual energy boiled over and a black palm crashed downwards.

    Heavenseek Old Demon’s deep black eyes began to shine with faint light. He thrust a finger forwards, and all the Demon Sealing Runes began to radiate light one after another. Then, that imprisonment, that suppressive strength, began to increase as the runes brightened!

    Qin Yu shattered the imprisonment around his once more. He looked up at the falling black palm above him, and although there was helplessness and unwillingness in his eyes, there actually wasn’t any fear or alarm. Since he dared to face these two peak existences and was also aware that they both wanted to kill him, he naturally had a card in his hand. This card might not be able to reverse the tide of battle, but it could at least help him safely withdraw from today’s calamity.

    Now, the time had arrived where he had no choice but to use it.

    Some memories started to resurface in his mind. When Qin Yu inadvertently obtained the inheritance of the Three Blue Fingers, he had been able to galvanize the Boundless Blue Finger at the Golden Core realm. When he obtained his Five Element Golden Cores, he had been able to use the Blue Spirit Finger. Now, after reaching Nascent Soul, he was just barely able to use the third finger.

    The third finger was called Blue Sea. It originated from the same source as the first two fingers, but in terms of the boundary of strength, it was on a completely different level. It represented an incredibly terrifying level of might and energy. Even if he could quicken only a tiny bit of this finger, the power it could erupt with was simply unimaginably terrifying. Because of this, even when he faced the Demon Sealing Art of Heavenseek Old Demon, he was still confident he could withdraw.

    Qin Yu lifted a hand, his complexion earnest and dignified. The image of the third finger appeared in his mind. Then, his aura, the atmosphere he gave off, completely changed.

    The complexions of the Demon Monarch and Heavenseek Old Demon instantly changed. As the two peak characters of the world were also drawn in by this aura, they could immediately feel the change occurring within Qin Yu.

    Everyone could sense that Qin Yu had suddenly become faint and lofty. But, this wasn’t light or ethereal. It was as if he stood high above the heavens, looking upon all he surveyed with disdain. As if he could break apart the heavens and earth by simply lifting his hand.

    Pill Crucible’s face filled with awe. He knew that Qin Yu had to have a card in hand. He already knew how cautious this young junior-apprentice brother of his was.

    Today, as long as Qin Yu managed to flee, although Immortal Eclipse Valley would suffer a major catastrophe, their inheritance would not be severed. In addition to the arrangements they had already made, this would give them a chance to rise back up in the future.

    That was enough.

    As he was thinking this, Pill Crucible suddenly frowned. He noticed that the unparalleled deep pressure emanating from Qin Yu’s body actually stalled for a brief moment. Could he be hesitating? At this time, did he still find it hard to give up on whatever treasure he had?

    This aura that suddenly appeared clearly surpassed Qin Yu’s realm. In Pill Crucible’s opinion, the most likely probability was that he was borrowing the strength of some treasure. And, these sorts of treasures that contained strength surpassing the natural limits were often one-time use items. After expending their strength, they would be thoroughly used up.

    “Qin Yu, hurry and leave! Don’t hesitate!”

    If Pill Crucible noticed this, the Demon Monarch and Heavenseek Old Demon would certainly also notice this. They both clenched their teeth. Qin Yu unexpectedly had the power to escape into the heavens! They could no longer hold back. If he really managed to escape, there would be no end to their troubles in the future!

    The Demon Monarch lifted a hand and tore off one of his fingers. The flesh and blood of that finger fused into the bone, turning into a crimson bone spike. He threw the spike upwards and it floated in the air. Countless howls and roars suddenly sounded out between the heavens and earth and a terrifying figure appeared. Its body was blood red and endless slaughter energy lingered around it. At this time, its eyes were locked onto Qin Yu, its pitch black pupils rapidly condensing.

    This was a supreme supernatural killing art of the Demonic Path – Blood Demon Descent!

    It took the slaughter energy of the blood demon and transformed it into an annihilating light. This light was especially used to destroy the souls of cultivators. After being contaminated with just a little of this light, it would follow them like a maggot, constantly swallowing up their soul to strengthen itself until the cultivator’s soul was destroyed.

    Heavenseek Old Demon raised his hands. His youthful appearance began to rapidly age. His black hair turned gray and wrinkled folds appeared on his skin. Massive liver spots appeared all over him, making him seem as if a thousand years had passed in an instant.

    He thrust out a finger. Demonic light surged on his fingertip. It didn’t diffuse outwards, but compressed inwards, gradually forming an eyeball. The eye was closed and veins bulged on its surface. It was disgustingly bizarre and amazingly fierce.

    Suddenly, the eyeball trembled, as if it would open soon.

    Pill Crucible’s eyes widened and he felt as if he had fallen into an icy lake. Even though he wasn’t the one directly facing them, he could clearly feel the annihilating auras inherent within the supernatural skills of the Demon Monarch and Heavenseek Old Demon.

    This was the true strength of those that existed at the peak of this world. Even if he were in his perfect state, he still didn’t have full confidence that he could block either one of these two attacks. When facing both of them together, even Qin Yu had no possibility of escaping alive.


    Before his voice fell, the darkness in the blood demon’s eyes reached the peak of richness. Then, a beam of light shot out. The eye on the end of Heavenseek Old Demon’s fingertip also opened at this time. It was pale in color, and just a single glance made one’s head feel as if it were splitting open, even as tears ran down their face.

    Pill Crucible froze where he was, unable to react. Whether it was the beam of light or the eyeball’s glaring strength, it was impossible to avoid in time. Even if Qin Yu possessed a great killing treasure in his hands, there was not enough time for him to break free from his imprisonment.

    How could he not be willing to use that treasure? Junior-apprentice brother, oh junior-apprentice brother, you shouldn't be the ignorant type right!?

    Pill Crucible’s heart ached. Beside him, Jiang Li and Daoist Wang also had shocked expressions mixed with disbelief. Who would have thought that Qin Yu’s brief indecision would place him in a desperate situation!

    The Demon Monarch’s lips curved in a smile. Heavenseek Old Demon sighed inwardly. He was forced to use this supernatural skill of his; it would inevitably cause serious damage to Qin Yu’s mortal body.

    But he couldn’t care about these things any longer. He could simply spend some more time and energy in the future to repair it.

    These two peak existences struck out with all their strength, using mighty supernatural abilities that caused great losses to themselves. They were well aware of the power of their attacks, and they looked at Qin Yu with pity.

    But in the next moment, the Demon Monarch and Heavenseek Old Demon stiffened, their eyes popping wide. It was like they saw something completely unbelievable.

    Qin Yu’s figure had disappeared from the Demon Sealing imprisonment. Whether it was the strength of the blood demon or the Ruinous Demon Eye that Heavenseek Old Demon had displayed at the cost of consuming his life, both attacks had struck nothing.

    How was this possible!?

    “You want to kill me? With just you two, it’s far from enough.” A cold voice sounded out from behind. The Demon Monarch spun around and came face-to-face with Qin Yu’s indifferent gaze. “Now, it’s my turn.”

    Hu –

    Qin Yu vanished from sight.

    The Demon Monarch’s eyelids twitched. That unbelievable thought in his mind had become reality. He roared inwardly again and again, and his body tensed.

    He pushed his legs up and soared away. But, he was too slow. The Demon Monarch was struck from behind by a fist. The demonic light on his body violently trembled and his face paled.

    Qin Yu coldly sneered. He turned and vanished once more.

    Space transmission…the power of Divine Soul…

    When a cultivator reached Divine Soul, their soul would transform and they would resonate with the world. They could feel its will and rules, and by borrowing the power of these rules, they could teleport through space within a certain distance.

    Heavenseek Old Demon’s pupils shrank. He could confirm that Qin Yu was absolutely not at the Divine Soul realm, otherwise there would have been no need for him to waste so much time. He could have simply borrowed the power of the heavens and earth to casually kill both him and the Demon Monarch. But even if he wasn’t a Divine Soul, just by grasping the power of teleporting through space, he was in an impregnable position today. He could no longer continue fighting anymore. If he stayed here any longer he might be severely wounded by Qin Yu. There might even be a chance of him perishing here!

    As he saw Qin Yu attack the Demon Monarch, Heavenseek Old Demon turned without hesitation. Then, thunderous heaven and earth spiritual energy wrapped around him and he howled away like a black meteor.

    in the blink of an eye he had vanished from sight.

    The Demon Monarch cursed inwardly. He came to a halting stop and roared out loud. Billowing demonic energy combusted around his body and he crazily shot out of the valley. He actually completely disregarded all the subordinate demonic cultivators of the Demonic Path that were here!

    In a moment, the situation had reversed.

    Qin Yu had broken free from a hopeless situation and then Heavenseek Old Demon and the Demon Monarch both fled one after another. Everyone who witnessed this froze where they were.

    Heavenstar Demon shivered in fear and his complexion paled. He shouted out loud at his underlings to flee. Even the Demon Monarch had run away! If they stayed here, wouldn’t they just be cut apart like vegetables?

    In the blink of an eye, the ominous and threatening waves of demonic cultivators all soared into the skies, vanishing like a retreating tide.

    Hu –

    Qin Yu’s figure appeared. A bit of hesitation appeared in his face, but he eventually locked onto the Demon Monarch. He had always felt a certain degree of dread towards Heavenseek Old Demon in his heart. But, today was a prime opportunity, one he couldn’t miss. If he killed the Demon Monarch, the two of them could no longer join forces and there would no longer be anyone in this world that could pose a threat to him.

    With a step forwards, Qin Yu vanished from sight.

    At this time, everyone within Immortal Eclipse Valley finally regained their senses. They blinked their eyes…


    After a brief silence, cheers sounded out, impacting into the horizon.

    Daoist Wang’s eyes bubbled over with hot tears. He stared at the direction Qin Yu had vanished towards, thinking that his judgment was indeed correct, that he really hadn’t misread him.

    Pill Crucible and Jiang Li were beyond shocked and even now they hadn’t regained their composure. To have the supernatural ability of space transmission, did that mean Qin Yu had touched upon the Divine Soul realm?

    The Demon Monarch stormed forwards. Ever since becoming the ruler of the Demonic Path, he had never been placed in such a distressing situation. As he thought about how he was being chased down by someone who had been nothing but an ant not too long ago, flames began to ignite in his chest and the blood red light in his eyes thickened!

    Suddenly, the Demon Monarch roared out loud. He lifted a hand and slammed backwards. But, he clearly wasn’t able to prevent the strike. He suffered a loss in the collision and he was sent tumbling away, blood spewing from his mouth.

    Qin Yu appeared. He slowly said, “Demon Monarch, since we’ve met today, you shouldn’t leave.”

    The Demon Monarch was enraged. “Qin Yu, you dare to chase me down!?”

    Qin Yu had an indifferent expression. “Not only am I chasing you, I’m going to kill you.”

    Hu –

    His figure vanished.

    After several breaths of time, the Demon Monarch angrily roared and was sent tumbling away once more. His body smashed into the ground and a mountain peak was broken apart by the fall.

    “Qin Yu, you wait! I will surely avenge today’s enmity!”

    Bang –

    Monstrous demonic energy instantly erupted, condensing into 13 black demonic dragons that roared and flew in separate directions.

    Each one had the same aura!

    Qin Yu frowned. His figure flickered and he appeared above the head of a demonic dragon. He smashed down between its eyes.

    Bang –

    The demonic dragon wailed and disintegrated.

    Shua –

    He caught up to another demonic dragon. With a slash of his hand, he severed it in half.

    After ten breaths of time, Qin Yu’s complexion paled. He came to a stop in midair. He had killed seven demonic dragons, but six had escaped.

    The Demon Monarch’s true body was within one of them.

    Unfortunately, he wasn’t a true Divine Soul cultivator and was unable to control the rules. Using his Demon Body to help him teleport through space was his limit.

    However, after being chased down, the Demon Monarch surely suffered grievous losses. He might not be able to recover from his wounds for several years.

    Qin Yu turned and flew back to Immortal Eclipse Valley. Within the great dao base of his dantian sea, the faint traces of blue light around the little blue lamp dissipated and it became silent once more.