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Chapter 265 – Entering the Demonic Path High Command

Refining the Mountains and Rivers

    Within a chamber, Qin Yu sat cross-legged. The Demon God Armor was in his hand and he looked at it with earnest anticipation. He believed that he hadn’t misread You Qi; she definitely didn’t have any intention of harming him. When he obtained the Demon God Armor, he felt a visceral thirst for it. If it was something harmful to him, then with his current soul cultivation it would have been impossible for him not to notice.

    Without needing You Qi to explain much, after he received the Demon God Armor he instinctually understood it and how to refine it. He flicked his finger. His skin cracked apart and a drop of blood flowed out, falling onto the Demon God Armor. Like a sponge, it absorbed all of the blood. The pitch black armor slowly turned blood red, and this blood red started to condense, turning into meridian-like lines that spread outwards, proliferating to every corner of the Demon God Armor.

    Qin Yu’s eyes brightened. He never imagined that refining the Demon God Armor would be so simple. No wonder You Qi had given him a funny look when he said he was going into seclusion.

    Hum –

    Blood red light erupted, submerging the Demon God Armor. The light quickly melted away, flowing into Qin Yu’s body.

    Thump –

    Thump –

    His heartbeat suddenly accelerated. Strong and steady, it was like the beat of a great drum, forcing his blood to roar and charge forwards.

    Black armor suddenly appeared on Qin Yu’s body. It was incomparably soft, similar to liquid in texture. It fit tightly to his body, giving him a dashing look. If he were standing in front of a mirror, he would discover that this armor not only covered his entire body, but even his forehead, face, everything was protected.

    There seemed to be nothing blocking his sight, and it even seemed clearer than before. Qin Yu could feel the terrifying strength in his body as he raised his hand, as if just a casual strike could break mountains and sunder rivers!

    And what was even more astonishing was how potent the defensive capabilities of the Demon God Armor were. Although it seemed weak and delicate in its liquid-like state, it could actually block all incoming attacks.

    If he had the Demon God Armor before, then when facing the Demon Monarch and Heavenseek Old Demon, even if he didn’t use the power of the little blue lamp he would still have had the qualifications to fight them.

    No wonder You Qi had been so confident in herself. To him, this Demon God Armor was superior to any treasure!

    With a thought the Demon God Armor vanished, leaving behind an ordinary black robe. This was also another one of its minor functions: the ability to change shape. Of course, if he wished to display its full prestige and strength, he would need to restore it to its original state.

    Qin Yu stood up and pushed open the door. He walked before You Qi and cupped his hands together. “Thank you very much, Miss You Qi. If there is a chance I will surely thank you again in the future!”

    You Qi originally wanted to taunt him a few more times, but seeing him being so earnest she stammered for a moment and then arrogantly said, “It’s good that you know that. If I have a request in the future, you cannot reject it.”

    Qin Yu nodded. “As long as it’s in my power, I will not refuse.”

    You Qi curled her lips. “How insincere.” She dismissively waved her hand, “Alright, alright, now that you know the function of the Demon God Armor, have you chosen who you want to finish off first?”

    Qin Yu’s eyes flashed with a cold light. “The Demon Monarch.”

    Two days ago he had severely wounded the Demon Monarch, and he was now in a wounded state. If he wanted to kill someone it would naturally be him first.

    Moreover, it was quite easy to locate the Demon Monarch.

    Who didn’t know of the famous Demonic Path High Command, Mulberry Sky Mountain?

    You Qi turned and walked away. “Then what are we waiting for!”

    Qin Yu smiled and followed her.

    One day later.

    At the base of Mulberry Sky Mountain, a man and woman walked nearby. The two of them casually looked up towards the grand mountain peak and the demonic energy that lingered all around the mountainside. Their gazes were calm and fearless.

    Whoosh –

    Whoosh –

    With the sound of breaking air, several Demonic Path High Command cultivators flew out. They savagely shouted, “Who are you? You dare to spy upon my Demonic Path High Command? Do you not want your lives?!”

    You Qi covered her mouth and tittered. “We want lives. We came here because we want your lives.”

    The eyes of the demonic cultivators brightened and some of them began making strange clucking sounds. “What a beautiful girl. If I can enjoy a night with you, how about I give you my life?”

    You Qi’s smile became even more charming. “Is that so? Then, I will accept your life.” She reached out her five slender fingers and grasped forwards.

    Bang –

    The impertinently rude demonic cultivator directly blew apart, his flesh and blood scattering to the ground.

    The complexions of the other demonic cultivators changed.

    “You are seeking death!”

    “You kill my High Command cultivator? You will both die!”

    “Grab them!”

    You Qi shimmied to the side. “I’ll leave the rest to you.”

    Qin Yu stepped forwards. With a flick of his sleeves the void howled, as if invisible waves were surging forwards. In the blink of an eye, several demonic cultivators were drowned within.

    Pa –

    Pa –

    Dark red flowers of blood bloomed.

    Qin Yu strode forwards. Behind him, You Qi’s beautiful eyes flashed. To kill so swiftly and decisively, this little man’s actions were to her taste.

    The Demonic Path High Command began to rapidly boil over. Countless pale demonic cultivators shot into the skies. The Demonic Path had existed for thousands of years, and even during its weakest period it had never been bullied by others within its own High Command. Yet today, someone started freely massacring in their territory. No matter who it was that came, that person had to pay a deep price!

    Beams of demonic light howled forth. The intruder didn’t conceal himself so it was easy to lock onto him.

    “Who is it? Tell me your name!” A Demonic Path Elder said, his eyes shining with killing intent.

    “Qin Yu!” A light voice responded from afar.

    The Demonic Path Elder frowned. He had never heard this name before. But, from the aura he sensed, this person had just entered Nascent Soul. It was likely a junior who didn’t know how vast the heavens and earth were, who had a grudge with the Demonic Path and was impatient to take revenge once he reached Nascent Soul. Although it was true that a Nascent Soul could dominate their own part of the world, at the same time there were massive differences in strength among Nascent Souls.

    “You dare kill my Demonic Path cultivators? Then, I will take your soul and burn it in demonic flames for a hundred years as an example to all those that follow!” With a cold cough the Demonic Path Elder flew forwards. He lifted a hand, his billowing demonic energy forming a giant crimson hand.

    This was another Demonic Path supernatural skill whose ability could not be underestimated. But to the current Qin Yu, it was weak beyond belief. He lifted a hand and punched outwards, without using any skill behind it. Pure magic power rolled forth, smashing into the crimson hand and blowing it apart.

    The power of his fist continued unimpeded, crashing into the chest of that Demonic Path Nascent Soul. That dignified fourth level Nascent Soul pitifully screamed before his chest blew apart. Light flashed and the Nascent Soul flew out, its face filled with hatred and dread!

    But in the blink of an eye, that hatred-filled visage froze. A terrifying divine sense came rumbling down, directly scattering the soul attached to the Nascent Soul. After losing its controller, the Nascent Soul’s eyes turned lax.

    Qin Yu flicked his sleeves. The Nascent Soul was sent flying away. Then, like a bomb, it landed in a group of demonic cultivators and exploded.

    The might of this strike was almost no different from a Nascent Soul self-detonating. Terrifying shockwaves of energy rolled out in all directions. Dozens of demonic cultivators were caught within, their pitiful cries filling the air as they all died where they stood. Even more demonic cultivators were sent shaken and flying away, blood spewing from every orifice of their heads.

    To kill a Nascent Soul cultivator so quickly and even blow up their Nascent Soul, creating a terrifying scene of slaughter, this caused even the cruel and proud demonic cultivators to freeze where they were, fear beginning to rise in their eyes. Compared to this person in front of them, what sort of demonic cultivators were they? They were simply like harmless little white rabbits!

    Finally, someone who participated in the invasion of Immortal Eclipse Valley and witnessed that peak battle which happened there recognized the man who had fought off the Demon Monarch and Heavenseek Old Demon together – it was Qin Yu! Any hint of blood immediately disappeared from his face.

    “Immortal Eclipse Valley’s Qin Yu!”

    “The one who chased down the Demon Monarch!”

    “He’s killed his way to our High Command!”

    Cries of alarm filled the air. Countless demonic cultivators looked on with dread.

    They weren’t like that Demonic Path Elder just now who had been in seclusion for numerous years. They were well aware of recent events. It was no wonder they thought Qin Yu’s name was familiar. Unfortunately, before they could regain their senses, that dignified Demonic Path Elder had already been crushed to pieces.

    Now, after recognizing this person in front of them, it was like a bucket of cold water had been poured over the blazing anger in their hearts, completely extinguishing it.

    The Demon Monarch and Heavenseek Old Demon were existences that stood upon the peak of this world. Yet, both of them had been forced back by Qin Yu and the Demon Monarch had been hunted down and forced to use his forbidden demonic arts to flee into the heavens. How could they possibly hope to resist such a person? The Demonic Path Elder just now had used his bloody death to inform them all that even if a Nascent Soul tried anything, all that awaited them was death.

    While the demonic cultivators were shocked, Qin Yu didn’t stop. He moved forwards and wherever he passed, countless demonic cultivators seemed to be struck by massive weights, all of them seen flying away spouting blood.

    No one dared stop him!

    No one could stop him!

    The prestigious and infamous Mulberry Sky Mountain that had dominated this world for thousands of years finally began to shiver beneath Qin Yu’s assault.

    “Run away!”


    The demonic cultivators that flew out from Mulberry Sky Mountain flew back in at an even faster speed, all of them looking like beaten stray dogs.

    Suddenly, a strange sound began to ring between the heavens and earth. Countless pan-sized demonic runes appeared in the air around Mulberry Sky Mountain, all of them releasing light as if they were rising black suns. Then, the light that these demonic runes emitted began to extend outwards and fuse together, transforming into a giant super demonic array that completely blocked out the inside and outside!

    The Demonic Path had been based here for thousands of years and possessed a long line of inheritance; how could they not have any means to deal with rough times? After this Heavenly Demon Array was constructed, it was further enhanced by generations of Demon Monarchs. And today was the first time that it had ever been used. But, no one doubted its might. Even if it faced a Divine Soul realm super powerhouse, it could still resist for a moment.

    The demonic cultivators that fled into Mulberry Sky Mountain were finally able to relax and breathe sighs of relief. They looked at the person outside and there was less fear on their faces. They thought that even if this person had horrifying skills, it didn’t matter if he couldn’t break into Mulberry Sky Mountain.

    As for the demonic cultivators that couldn’t flee in time and were trapped outside, they all widened their eyes. Some of them cursed out loud and some of them started to cry in fear. If Qin Yu couldn’t enter Mulberry Sky Mountain he would surely try to vent his anger on them. At that time, they would all die.

    “The High Command has given up on us!”

    “Run away somewhere else. If we stay behind all that remains is death!”

    “Run in separate directions, we might be able to live!”

    Demonic cultivators fled in all directions.

    They were all stricken with panic. But they soon discovered that Qin Yu, who killed without batting an eyelash, actually didn’t chase after them.

    It was clear his only goal was Mulberry Sky Mountain. This caused the fleeing demonic cultivators to cry with joy!

    Qin Yu frowned; this was the situation he was worried about the most. Immortal Eclipse Valley had the Five Element Sword Array protecting them. As for the Demonic Path High Command, they possessed an even longer and more glorious inheritance, so how could they not have something similar?

    This was a terrifying demonic array. Even probing it with his senses caused his heartbeat to quicken. It was clear that it possessed a heaven-shocking amount of energy.

    At this time, You Qi walked forwards. She groaned. “Humph humph, this is nothing but an incomplete Heavenly Demon Array. If someone were to beg me to help them, maybe I would.”

    She had an unhurried expression, like a great aunt waiting for someone to bow their head.

    Qin Yu said, “If I can’t kill the Demon Monarch, I won’t leave.”

    You Qi’s face darkened. She clenched her teeth. “You bastard, would it kill you to say something good!”

    Qin Yu shook his head. “I can’t. But, I think that if you have some plan, it's best if you hurry up. Otherwise if the Demon Monarch escapes, finding him will be much harder.”

    This was exasperating.

    You Qi wished she could take a bite out of him. She stamped her feet and walked away.

    Qin Yu quietly waited where he was.

    A moment later, beneath the panicked gazes of the countless demonic cultivators within, a small Qin Yu-sized section of the Heavenly Demon Array that protected the High Command quietly vanished.

    He stepped inside!