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Chapter 267 – No More Nascent Souls

Refining the Mountains and Rivers

    Vast tracts of the mountain forest began to collapse inwards. The buildings on the ground were all destroyed as a terrifying energy wreaked havoc like a demonic dragon.

    Whoosh –

    Whoosh –

    A black figure and a blood red figure shot out from the shattered earth, facing each other in the void. The air was so thick that it seemed solid.

    The Demon Monarch’s dreadful aura was like a great stone falling into a lake, stirring up endless heaven and earth spiritual energy that roared amidst howling winds.

    All living beings within a thousand miles could feel this annihilating strength and revealed looks of panic.

    Across from him, Qin Yu’s complexion was pale white but his back remained tall and straight. The Five Element Swords hummed around him, their auras so sharp it seemed they could tear open the world.

    At this time, the destruction below was still continuing. Looking from above, it was a massive pit that was widening without end, like a giant monster opening its gaping maw and swallowing up everything in the surroundings.

    This was the result of their collision down below. It surpassed the limits of strength, causing the underground space to break down and resulting in this sight.

    The Demon Monarch lifted his hand. Blood red light condensed in his palm and then a dazzling light erupted, like a blood sun had descended upon the world.

    With a forward thrust, the blood sun arrived. It was an incomparably terrifying strength that was enough to destroy everything.

    Qin Yu frowned. He stepped back and his figure instantly vanished.

    At this time, the blood sun exploded. That rich blood red light pierced through the world in an instant.


    “My eyes!”

    Through Mulberry Sky Mountain, the small number of surviving demonic cultivators all fell to the ground. They cried in pain as they covered their eyes, blood flowing out between the seams of their fingers.

    Space was pierced through. Black hole after black hole appeared and Qin Yu was forced out. He had no choice but to directly face this blood red light. His figure flew back, his face several degrees paler than before.

    The Demon Monarch roared, “Qin Yu, you will die today!” He strode forwards like a human-shaped beast. Spiritual strength surged around him, seething like boiling water. He lifted a hand and pressed down, “Blood Demon Descent!”

    The blood demon phantom appeared once more. Compared to before it was far more realistic, as if it were formed from true flesh and blood. It opened its mouth and cruelly roared. A rich pitch black light started to gather in its eyes. Then, at a mind-boggling speed, it finished.

    Hu –

    The beam of light shot out!

    Qin Yu’s heart raced. He looked up at the pitch black beam of light shooting towards him and his divine sense was pushed to the extreme. Then, that lightning fast strike became incomparably slow in his vision.

    He lifted a hand and pointed a finger!

    Winds and clouds were whipped into existence. They swept up the surrounding heaven and earth spiritual energy, rapidly fusing into the finger as it collided with the black beam.

    In terms of power, this finger was far from being able to compare with the Demon Monarch’s Blood Demon Descent in his current state. The moment they touched, the finger fiercely trembled and cracks covered its surface.

    As Qin Yu pushed his divine sense to its limits, everything seemed to have slowed to an agonizing crawl. In addition, in the eyes of a bystander, the process of this collision occurred almost instantly as the finger directly collapsed.

    But even though this finger collapsed at first strike, when it did break down, it dragged that pitch black beam down with it, both of them vanishing from sight.

    Because this was the first of the Blue Fingers, Boundless Blue Finger.

    A finger that perished with its enemy!

    Unless the level of strength surpassed the limits of the Boundless Blue Finger and destroyed the will contained within it, then it was impossible to escape ‘perishing together’.

    The Demon Monarch revealed a flustered look. He didn’t have any time left remaining. The only reason he didn’t hesitate to step beyond redemption was all in order to ensure he killed Qin Yu today and vent the resentment in his heart. He raised both arms, his terrifying aura shooting up into the skies, straight to the heavens. Then, this clear and sunny day darkened and stars appeared up above.

    Reverse yin and yang, stars appearing in the day!

    When Qin Yu successfully cultivated his Demon Body, this scene had been witnessed once before. But today’s reversal of yin and yang occurred because the Demon Monarch was using his transcendent cultivation to launch a sure-kill supernatural skill.

    A demonic image appeared beneath the curtain of night. It was 1000 feet tall with a horn atop its head. Then, silvery light began to shine between those stars up above, as if a moon was sprinkling down its silvery brilliance. Like fluttering snow, that brilliance gathered downwards, condensing into a silver lance.

    The lance was as thick as a tree. A distant perception locked onto Qin Yu, causing his heart to violently contract. A feeling of endless crisis rose within him. He was sure that the strength of this strike was enough to kill him!

    Whoosh –

    The demonic image shot out the lance. Wherever the lance passed, space disintegrated. Countless black cracks followed in its wake, like a giant mouth smiling wide without any scruples. It crossed through the horizon, carrying with it a destructive aura, as if nothing in this world could hope to compete with it.

    Qin Yu didn’t hesitate. He lifted a hand towards the silver lance and thrust a finger forward.

    Within his dantian sea, the Five Element Nascent Souls that glowed with divine light suddenly darkened.

    In his soul space, the light in his soul’s eyes were nearly extinguished.

    A transparent finger flew out to greet the lance. It was like water, the surface of it quietly trembling.

    Even a gust of wind seemed to shake it, as if there wasn’t anything formidable about it.

    But this finger was the third of the Blue Fingers – Blue Sea!

    In the blink of an eye, the Blue Sea Finger touched upon the silver lance. It fluctuated, and its main form that seemed as if it would break apart at any time suddenly emitted a rainbow-like brilliance.

    Between the heavens and earth, wild winds whipped into existence. Some sort of invisible will descended upon the silver lance. The silver lance possessed an endlessly sharp strength and an impossibly prestigious energy, as if it could pierce through mountains and rivers. But beneath this will, it could only be melted away and extinguished.

    Below the curtain of night, a severe light suddenly shined in the eyes of the demonic image, as if it were a puppet that had gained sentience. Then it lifted a hand. As its arm moved, inexhaustible waves rose up in the world. Immense spiritual strength from the surrounding hundred miles gathered along with this arm. The ancient forests around Mulberry Sky Mountain were all lifted up into the air where they were then crushed into powder.

    Qin Yu’s body was as stiff as iron. At this time, his body was suppressed by an invisible strength. Even with his current cultivation, he still wasn’t able to move in the least. Within his dantian sea, the little blue lamp in his great dao base shined with a dim blue light, but he actually wasn’t able to activate his space transmission.

    It was like this entire world was locked down by that invisible strength!

    However, before that demonic image could complete its arm movement, it froze in place. Then, as if it were formed from bubbles, it began to blow away.

    The spiritual energy that was wildly gathered from the surrounding hundred miles was like a tsunami that had yet to take shape. That energy diverged, flooding outwards.

    Even so, the impact strength of that collapsing spiritual strength could smash any Nascent Soul cultivator to bits!

    Rumble rumble –

    Half of the entire Mulberry Sky Mountain was destroyed by that collapsing spiritual strength. It was like a sword from the heavens had slashed down, eliminating half of the entire Demonic Path High Command.

    The Demon Monarch’s aura began to drop at a precipitous speed. That demonic image’s final strike had exhausted the entirety of his strength; his life had reached its end. But, his eyes remained wide open, unwillingness flooding his dark eyes. Although he was destined to die here, he wanted to see Qin Yu’s pitiful ending for himself.

    If he faced the impact of this collapsing spiritual strength directly, then no matter how amazing his methods were, it would be difficult for him to escape this calamity unscathed.

    Rumble rumble –

    After demolishing the earth, the terrifying spiritual strength slowly scattered out and the land returned to serenity. The ancient trees were all turned dust that sprinkled downwards.

    Then, a black armored figure gradually appeared.

    The Demon Monarch’s eyes popped open in surprise. The last rays of light in his eyes extinguished themselves.

    The Demon Monarch had fallen!

    Bang –

    His body blew apart. Endless blood spewed out, turning into a 100 foot blood pond in the air. All of the blood that the Demon Monarch swallowed was released after his death.

    Beneath his black armor, Qin Yu suddenly felt an extremely strong desire. After his body was severely wounded, it was simply impossible to resist that intense yearning.

    Hu –

    Black light flashed. Qin Yu submerged himself into that blood pond. The 100 foot blood pond immediately started to seethe in excitement!

    You Qi flew in from the distance, a surprised expression on her face. “He actually managed to summon the will of a demonic path elder from the Land of Divinity and Demons. Luckily, the Demon Monarch had expended all of his strength already, otherwise even if Qin Yu had six arms and three legs, his soul and body would still have been erased beneath that attack.”

    As she rejoiced inwardly, there was still a bit of worry in her eyes. Qin Yu had managed to escape calamity today, but from that demonic image’s final actions, it was clear that the demonic path elder had developed killing intent. It was hard to move such a character, but once they were moved, their thoughts wouldn’t ever change.

    Qin Yu hadn’t even stepped into the Land of Divinity and Demons, but amongst the demonic path supreme elders, one of them had already decided to kill him. How could she not worry about this? Qin Yu was the one she had chosen after all…

    You Qi sighed and suppressed these thoughts.

    Qin Yu may have been born in this land of exiles, but he was the person with the greatest destiny she had ever seen in her entire life. In the Land of Sealed Demons, finding the bones of that earth demon beast was more than enough proof, and this blood pond only reinforced that. Although he didn’t die today and although his Demon Body was strong, his injuries would be extremely heavy after being struck by that collapsing spiritual energy. But with the strength of this blood pond, recovering from his wound should be easy; his Demon Body would even profit from this. There was also a chance that he would obtain other harvests from the Demonic Path’s inheritance demon blood.

    If it weren’t for this, how could she easily invest so much to refine the Demon God Armor for Qin Yu? He was the one she had chosen. Someone with such a great destiny had inherent good fortune and lucky chances. They wouldn’t lose their life so easily!

    Gurgle –

    Gurgle –

    The inheritance demon blood boiled up and giant bubbles formed. The rich smell of blood filled the air and wafted into the noses of demonic path cultivators. To them, this was the most mesmerizing scent in the world.

    From the half of Mulberry Sky Mountain that was left intact, the surviving demonic cultivators all revealed burning hot gazes. In particular, the nine demonically transformed Nascent Souls. Indecision appeared on their faces, gradually followed by cruelty.

    The demonic transformation had been interrupted, but their foundations had been injured; it was inevitable that their cultivations would drastically fall. What was even more terrifying was that there wouldn’t be any chance of them ever advancing again in the future.

    But now, right in front of them, was a chance for them to repair their foundation and even step beyond that.

    Inheritance demon blood!

    As Nascent Souls, they were all high level characters within the Demonic Path High Command, so they naturally knew of its effects. All previous Demon Monarchs died in meditation within, and their cultivation and supernatural skills all remained in that demon blood.

    Qin Yu was extremely fierce, so strong that he outstripped all expectations. But, the last strike of the Demon Monarch’s summoned demonic image was truly heaven-shaking. Qin Yu was absolutely severely wounded. The nine great demonic path Nascent Souls were absolutely sure of this.

    Then…why not!

    You Qi’s eyes flashed. She swept her gaze around. “You should all consider this clearly. Qin Yu has agreed to spare you from death, but that opportunity only comes once.”

    The demonic path Nascent Souls hesitated.

    “Humph! Qin Yu cannot even defend himself; how can he possibly deal with us?” A demonic path Nascent Soul coldly responded. “If we don’t attack now, we will regret this for the rest of our lives!”

    “That’s right, this is a heaven-sent opportunity. It would be a sin to not take it!”

    “Kill Qin Yu! Take revenge for the dead cultivators of my Demonic Path!”

    Bang –

    Bang –

    Nine demonic path Nascent Souls flew into the air. They kept their eyes glued to the blood pond, greed in their faces.

    You Qi’s eyes flashed with mocking disdain. Since these people wanted to die, why stop them?


    Just as this demonic path Nascent Soul spoke, he froze in place. In the next moment, awareness fled from his eyes.

    Bang –

    He crashed to the ground.

    The other eight demonic path Nascent Souls all paled. Without any hesitation, they turned and fled.

    “Since you have all decided to abandon my forgiveness, then you can join your companion in hell.” An icy cold voice rose up from the blood bond.

    Bang –

    Bang –

    Scream followed by scream. Then, the last person died in fear.

    After today, there were no more Nascent Souls at the Demonic Path High Command, Mulberry Sky Mountain!