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Chapter 268 – Lure And Kill

Refining the Mountains and Rivers

    Suddenly, the tumbling blood pool quieted down. An inexplicable chill filled the air, freezing it over in an instant. Then, with loud cracking sounds, the blood pond broke apart, shattering into countless pieces.

    Qin Yu’s closed eyes flashed open, a brilliant light glowing within them. Deep within his pupils, there was a trace of blood red that faintly appeared before vanishing in a few breaths of time.

    You Qi sighed inwardly. Indeed, the power of this demon blood had not only helped heal his wounds but the aura of the Demon Body had also become stronger. Moreover, the trace of red within Qin Yu’s eyes hadn’t escaped her notice. It was clear he had obtained other harvests after plundering the strength of the inherited demon blood.

    Qin Yu opened his mouth and said, “I think that right now is the best chance to kill Heavenseek Old Demon.”

    You Qi’s eyes flashed. “You mean you want to lure and kill him?”

    Qin Yu said in a low voice, “That’s right! Heavenseek Old Demon isn’t the Demon Monarch; it will be very difficult for us to find where he is hidden. Unless he reveals his presence on his own initiative, it will be hard to kill him. Today, news of the battle where the Demon Monarch died will spread throughout the world. The Demon Monarch’s final strike with the demonic image will also be spoken of. The energy behind that terrifying attack was endless, so it will be natural to assume that I was heavily wounded.”

    You Qi’s eyes lit up in praise. “If you want to lure him out and kill him, I suggest you choose the Land of Sealed Demons to be the grave of Heavenseek Old Demon.”

    Qin Yu frowned. “Not too long ago when I broke into Nascent Soul, I broke through the seals of the Land of Sealed Demons and killed Bluecloud Demon there. I fear that place is useless now.”

    “You killed Bluecloud Demon?” You Qi curled her lips. “I was also thinking of capturing him and making him suffer to pay for the enmity of the past!”

    After a pause she continued, “What you broke was only the power of sealing within the Land of Sealed Demons. You have not shaken its foundational strength, otherwise, let alone breaking into Nascent Soul, you would have been ground into powder by now.”

    Suddenly, You Qi seemed to realize something. She eyed Qin Yu, saying, “Did you say that you crossed Nascent Soul heavenly tribulation in the Land of Sealed Demons?”

    Qin Yu’s heart skipped a beat. He maintained his calm and said, “That’s right.”

    You Qi’s teeth seemed to itch. “And you didn’t feel that the heavenly tribulation was different?”

    Qin Yu nodded. “It seemed a bit stronger than usual. But I prepared myself for that, so I crossed it quite smoothly.”

    That was a confirmation!

    You Qi’s look towards Qin Yu immediately changed. In this land of exiles, no one was clearer than her on how terrifying the Land of Sealed Demons was. If he could cross tribulation there and still jump around alive here…then there was definitely some secret on his body that she hadn’t yet detected! She suddenly realized that if Qin Yu intentionally revealed this to her today, it was likely to serve as some sort of warning to her.

    This fellow, even though he described it so beautifully, he still wasn’t too assured in the bottom of his heart.


    Qin Yu looked at You Qi’s expression and knew she had correctly guessed his thoughts. Though he felt a bit guilty, his complexion didn’t change. He knew almost nothing about the Land of Divinity and Demons, so he naturally wanted to do everything in his power to keep himself as safe as possible.

    “Miss You Qi, according to your words, it seems there is some terrifying strength within the Land of Sealed Demons that I don’t know about.”

    You Qi coldly sneered. “Are you afraid that I’ll harm you too?”

    Qin Yu cupped his hands together. “There is nothing I can do about it. I ask for your understanding.”

    Seeing his sincerity, the anger in You Qi’s heart dispersed a little. She impatiently waved her hand. “You figure out how to draw him in. I will have a way to help you kill him.”

    Qin Yu smiled. “Thank you, Miss You Qi.” After a moment of hesitation, a trace of ruthlessness flashed in his eyes. Boundless divine sense broke free from his body, sweeping across the entire Mulberry Sky Mountain.

    On the mountain, the very small number of surviving demonic cultivators suddenly froze, their faces paling.

    Then, one by one, the light was extinguished from their eyes and their bodies slumped to the ground. Their souls were twisted into pieces!

    You Qi had a look of surprise. This didn’t seem to be Qin Yu’s normal style of doing things.

    Qin Yu said, “In this world, there are too many people I care about. If I can ensure their safety, I don’t mind staining myself with blood.”

    Whoosh –

    He shot into the skies.

    A brilliant light flashed in You Qi’s eyes. She followed close behind.


    The existence of the Land of Sealed Demons was unknown to the cultivators of the Northern Dynasty. But, throughout the years, all sorts of rumors had been spread out, causing many people to believe that in this vast and barren wilderness, there was surely an enormous secret hiding somewhere.

    But in the eyes of cultivators, secrets were inevitably linked to treasures and lucky chances. So when that heavenly tribulation arrived that was ten times stronger than normal, the Land of Sealed Demons soon became a lively destination. The power of the curse was horrifying, but when contrasted with the potentially bright future awaiting them, this was enough motivation for some people to brave the risks.

    And what was even more amazing was that there really were cultivators who dug about and ventured in all directions around and around, and somehow managed to find caves with treasures within. There were even rumors that ancient inheritances of supernatural skills were found, all of them extremely formidable. This only served to stimulate the adventurous mood of the searching cultivators.

    It was amidst this chaos that Qin Yu returned to the Land of Sealed Demons for a third time. The Demon God Armor had already reverted to ordinary black robes on his body. His face was pale and even a bit weary.

    If there were cultivators that dared to risk their lives and come here looking for their own lucky chance, then even ignoring their cultivation, their eyesight was usually a bit sharper than normal. To them, Qin Yu was definitely injured, and his injuries were extremely serious. More importantly, he still seemed calm and comfortable. If he dared to come here in this state, then unless he was dumb or suicidal, there was surely something he was relying upon.

    Looking at Qin Yu’s stance, the latter was more likely.

    The eyes of many cultivators lit up.

    None of the people that dared to risk being contaminated by the curse and come here were good or kind-hearted individuals. After a short period of hesitation, a grim and ominous light flashed in many of their eyes. Yes, Qin Yu might be a tricky opponent, but once they succeeded in bringing him down, the harvests were bound to be incredible. It was hard to imagine what sort of treasures would be found on the body of this suspected great individual.

    The first to attack was a skinny old man. He erupted from the ground and attacked without any warning at all. It was unknown when he had hidden there, but what was most essential was that before he attacked, no one detected anything wrong.

    This point alone caused most of the cultivators around here to drip with a cold sweat, because if this skinny old man wanted to, he could easily kill any one of them.

    It was obvious that this common-looking old man was a fierce character.

    As people cried out in alarm and praise, before they could utter a single word, their breaths were caught in their throat. Their eyes widened, nearly falling out from their heads.

    They saw the black-robed youth flick his sleeve and the skinny old man was sent flying to the side. He landed on the ground, his breathing having come to an end.

    Such a fierce person had died just like that, without any splash at all. But upon further inspection, that black-robed youth’s face had become several degrees paler than before.

    Was he completely exhausted? On the edge of collapse?

    Many cultivators had racing thoughts, but none of them dared to strike him again.

    Even an extremely deadly assassin like that old man had been casually killed with a single strike. If it were anyone else, the result would be the same.

    Those that attacked first had a high chance of death. Only by following at the end would they have the possibility of eating some meat.

    But with so many people here, there were bound to be some with different considerations. And while following in the rear might be safer, there was also a chance that they wouldn’t receive even a spoon of soup.

    More people attacked.

    “The Three Wolf Brothers!” A Northern Dynasty cultivator shouted out loud.

    In the blink of an eye, the faces of many onlookers filled with dread.

    The Three Wolf Brothers were indeed born from the same mother, it was just that their appearances were different. But, each one had a cunning light in their eyes.

    In terms of cultivation, the three of them could only be considered at the middle levels. However, the most terrifying thing about them was that they had once killed a cultivator far more powerful than they were.

    In the rumors, the Three Wolf Brothers had even killed a Nascent Soul realm super powerhouse. The long mountain-splitting saber in the hands of the oldest brother was the spoils from that battle, and its might was dreadful.

    “Fellow daoist, us brothers only seek wealth. If you can give enough to satisfy us, we will turn and leave.” The third brother said with a smile, his expression sincere. But before he finished speaking, he had already started attacking. His hand flashed forwards, scattering powder, and he definitely wasn’t throwing out chalk powder.

    A rich stench filled the surrounding area. Many Northern Dynasty cultivators revealed looks of panic and horror. “Corrupt Corpse Powder!”

    Hualala –

    Countless cultivators drew back all around Qin Yu, causing the area around him to suddenly become vacant.

    What nonsense, in the rumors this was the vicious poison extracted from the body oils of corpses that were being refined by corpse refiners. They were especially used to destroy the mortal bodies of cultivators. Once the toxins touched a person’s body, the poison would circulate through them and it wouldn’t be long before their body burst apart like a gooey bubble.

    Many Northern Dynasty cultivators sighed with emotion. They were indeed ruthless enough to be known as the Three Wolf Brothers, trying to take one’s life with the first attack. The key point was that they approached you with bright smiles beforehand and then tried to kill you in the next moment. The sudden switch in attitude was preposterous.

    The second of the three brothers was silent and sullen. But when he attacked, others realized why he was the most ferocious.

    An eerie yellow light covered his entire body. He rushed into the Corrupt Corpse Powder without any fear, and then brandishing a long black spiked ruler, he slashed at Qin Yu’s head.

    More people felt their backs drenched with sweat.

    Bang –

    With the Corrupt Corpse Powder blocking their line of sight, people weren’t able to see exactly what was happening. They heard a loud explosion and then saw a figure flying backwards.


    A sad cry echoed out. The Corrupt Corpse Powder rapidly vanished, forcefully pressed down on the body of the person who had been sent flying backwards. As the person landed on the ground, they squealed in horror and started wildly scratching at their body, causing blood to drip all over. In several breaths of time, the blood started to turn black and a horrendous smell filled the air.

    Old Three shouted out in misery, “Second Brother!”

    He rushed forwards, but, before he could take out the antidote, his entire body stiffened. Then, like a wooden log, he fell onto the body of his second older brother.

    That smelly black blood covered his face. His body started to twitch and his eyes nearly cracked open, but no voice came from his mouth.

    The second brother howled in pain and the third brother was completely silent. Both of them had fallen to the ground together and their bodies were rapidly rotting away. This scene caused a tingle to spread on the scalps of all those watching.

    The oldest of the Wolf Brothers felt his eyes turn red with rage. The three brothers were known for being cruel and vicious, but they were actually extremely close with each other. If it weren’t for that, they would have been killed countless times already. The oldest wolf brother roared out loud. Brilliant light erupted from the mountain-splitting saber in his hand, then, it flashed forwards like a bolt of white light instantly piercing through space.

    No one could have imagined that of the three deceitful and savage Wolf Brothers, one of them actually cultivated such a pure and powerful saber dao.

    The power of this saber could even be said to be at the Grandmaster realm!

    Bang –

    The saber light shattered. The long saber cracked apart. The cracks spread upwards, finally spreading up the arms of the wielder.

    Puff –

    The oldest wolf brother fell to the ground in a pile of minced meat!

    From start to finish, it took less than ten breaths of time for the Northern Dynasty’s infamous Three Wolf Brothers to all die horrendous deaths.

    This sight finally shook all those present. No one dared to attack again. They only watched with wide eyes full of astonishment as that black-robed youth gradually walked into the Land of Sealed Demons and vanished from sight.

    An hour later, someone a bit more bold arrived at the place where Qin Yu had disappeared. He saw the bloodstains on the ground and his eyes brightened.

    A day later, no matter how the cultivators of the Northern Dynasty searched and turned the land upside down, they couldn’t find a trace of that black-robed youth. None of them regretted it.