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Chapter 269 – Soul Dividing and Blood Soul Incantation

Refining the Mountains and Rivers

    Clouds of fog rose up in the depths of the mountains, where cranes flew and beasts roared. Amidst the fog was a giant manor, partly visible, partly hidden. The location of it was built into the mountains and occupied an area of several thousand acres. Giant stone pavilions winded around the area like forests, dotted with temples, lending it a magnificent atmosphere.

    Between these pavilions and temples was a black cabin. It was completely incompatible in design with its surroundings, like a drop of ink on a white canvas. If one looked carefully, they would discover that the manor and even the surrounding mountain range faintly took this cabin as the core structure.

    Right now, Heavenseek Old Demon was within this cabin. He held a jade slip in his hand, a contemplative look on his face. This jade slip contained information concerning what happened in the Land of Sealed Demons. And, there was another jade slip placed in front of him that had arrived even earlier, one that contained the catastrophic scene of what happened to the Demonic Path High Command’s Mulberry Sky Mountain.

    The Demon Monarch’s final strike had drawn in all the spiritual energy from the surrounding hundred miles. The power and prestige of that strike was like mountains and seas, capable of exterminating all cultivators below the Divine Soul boundary. Qin Yu was formidable, but in the end he wasn’t a Divine Soul.

    Even if he managed to survive the final counterattack of the Demon Monarch through luck, he would absolutely still be severely wounded; Heavenseek Old Demon was sure of this. Unfortunately, everyone at Mulberry Sky Mountain had been killed off so he couldn’t find any witnesses who saw what happened. This caused Heavenseek Old Demon to feel a bit restless within.

    However, what lay before him was undoubtedly his final chance. If Qin Yu managed to recover, then all he could do was spend the rest of his days scurrying about like a stray dog, and the Heavenseek Pavilion he had spent years of hard work establishing would also be eradicated! Most importantly, he didn’t have much time left remaining. If this was the case, he might as well bet everything on one final struggle.

    Heavenseek Old Demon hardened his resolve.

    Two days later, a bleak man stepped into the Northern Dynasty, crossing through the barren wilderness to arrive at the Land of Sealed Demons. His entire being seemed carved from ancient ice, and when he looked at others he emitted a bone-chilling cold. Wherever he passed through, Northern Dynasty cultivators would all retreat, none of them even wanting to approach him.

    This person was clearly a fierce character.

    This bleak man seemed to be familiar with the Land of Sealed Demons. He found a crack in the earth and then leapt in.

    “Who is that person? He doesn’t look familiar.”

    “I have no idea.”

    “Tsktsk, I can tell from a single glance that he’s not someone who’s easy to mess with.”

    “What nonsense, haven’t you even noticed his aura? Just get away and watch from a distance, or you’ll die without knowing how!”

    The bleak man stepped forwards in an underground cave, constantly sweeping his eyes around, extremely cautious of his surroundings. Suddenly, there was a clamor in front of him; it was the sounds of battle and slaughter.

    “I’m the one who found this treasure?”

    “So what if you found it? It’s mine now!”

    “You are seeking death!”

    “Attack, kill him together!”

    Bang –

    Intense power surged within the cave, causing the walls to shake and tremble.

    The bleak man frowned, but he didn’t stop walking. He soon reached the place where five Northern Dynasty cultivators were engaged in fierce battle. As soon as he arrived he instantly attracted everyone’s attention. And, the aura he released caused all of their pupils to shrink.

    “Let’s stop fighting and beat back this person first!”


    The bleak man had clearly been regarded by these people as someone who came to compete for the treasure.

    Bang –

    The five Northern Dynasty cultivators attacked in unison.

    The bleak man’s eyes flashed with a sharp light. He stepped forwards, his figure vanishing from sight.


    “Save me!”

    “Please, forgive me!”

    Pitiful cries echoed out before everything fell silent once more. The bleak man continued walking through, not even glancing at the treasure that fell to the ground.

    The smell of blood filled the air.

    Deep within the Land of Sealed Demons, in a newly carved open cave, Qin Yu opened his eyes. He could feel an aura that belonged to Heavenseek Old Demon. While it was weak, he would never mistake it.

    He really came!

    He stood up and walked out. Since he had waited all this time and Heavenseek Old Demon had arrived, he didn’t want to delay any further.

    In a tunnel, the bleak man’s complexion changed. He turned without hesitation and rushed backwards. What was more astonishing was that his body fell into a mass of shadows and he unexpectedly melted into it, vanishing from sight.

    Bang –

    The ground shattered. A figure shot into the skies. Shined upon by the sun, it revealed the figure of that bleak man.

    Several Northern Dynasty cultivators had stunned expressions. They hadn’t even noticed anything strange around them, so what was this?

    It was at this point that a light voice sounded out. “Since you’ve already come, why leave?”

    The bleak man stiffened. He turned around and glared at Qin Yu, an icy chill in his eyes.

    This was indeed a trap!

    Luckily his master had been discreet.

    Since Qin Yu had attacked, that meant he had seen through his status. Imagining the youth’s terrifying strength, the bleak man’s heart filled with despair, but his expression only became more vicious and ruthless.

    When the several Northern Dynasty cultivators saw Qin Yu, they were startled for a brief moment before being overcome with joy. Wasn’t this the mysterious master who had fled with severe wounds?

    Everyone had turned this place upside down but hadn’t been able to find him. They never imagined he would jump out of his own accord.

    What a happy surprise!

    “Hurry and take him down!”

    “Grab him, we’ll all be rich!”

    The Northern Dynasty cultivators all shouted out as they rushed forwards. In their eyes, Qin Yu was a super fat sheep.

    Unfortunately, the fat sheep in front of them was no longer in the mood to bother with them. He flicked his sleeves and wild waves surged out from nothingness, sending those several people tumbling away.

    Blood gushed out from their noses and they all fell unconscious!

    The bleak man moved. His body shrunk into a ball, his speed unimaginable. He approached Qin Yu in the blink of an eye and then his body spread back out. He held onto a dagger and stabbed at Qin Yu’s eyes.

    The eyes were the most vulnerable parts of the body. Even a body training cultivator would suffer a horrendous fate if their eyes were attacked. The bleak man had once used this move to blind a buddhist cultivator who had reached large success in his body cultivation, and then slowly grinded him to death once he had been blinded.

    But today, he clearly wasn’t so lucky.

    Bang –

    The bleak man was sent flying backwards. He spat out a mouthful of blood and his chest suddenly felt much more relaxed. When he landed he rolled backwards and fell into his shadow, disappearing like a drop of water in a lake.

    Qin Yu coldly sneered. He lifted his foot and smashed downwards, causing the ground to quake. Several hundred feet away, one of the shadows trembled and the bleak man was sent soaring out, vomiting another mouthful of blood.

    “You cannot escape.”

    The bleak man drew in a deep breath. “Then I won’t run.” His voice was hoarse and deep as if he hadn’t spoken for years. Then, rich black light erupted from his body and his entire being transformed into a long black saber that cut forwards.

    The enormous saber potential even surpassed that of the Three Wolf Brothers. It possessed much greater killing intent.

    Qin Yu lifted a hand and a red magic sword appeared. It was like the world’s hottest flame had suddenly ignited into existence. It instantly crushed the black saber, burning it to ashes.

    The bleak man was sent flying backwards, blood spurting out from his nose and mouth. Countless blisters covered his burnt body, as if he had been turned over and over on an open flame.

    “Master will avenge me!” The bleak man lifted his hand, ready to commit suicide.

    Qin Yu lifted his hand and pressed down. The void seemed to become a mountain, suppressing him. “Heavenseek Old Demon, since you’ve already come, why continue hiding?”

    The bleak man’s eyes flashed with panic, but in the next moment his face filled with agonizing pain. His pupils rapidly expanded outwards until his eyes turned pitch black. The bleak man looked up, his expression now serene, and slowly said, “Qin Yu, I never thought that the strength of your soul would reach such a degree. It looks like I underestimated you again.”

    Qin Yu had an icy expression. “Heavenseek Old Demon, this day next year will be the anniversary of your death!”

    He took a step forward and a terrifying aura erupted. The Five Element Swords appeared, shaking and crying, sweeping up spiritual energy.

    Rumble rumble –

    It was like surging rivers and streams!

    “Qin Yu, stop!” You Qi shouted, rapidly flying forwards. “That is only a soul fraction, that is not Heavenseek Demon’s main form!”

    Heavenseek Old Demon’s pitch black eyes fell on her, “Who are you?”

    You Qi had a light expression. “I actually want to know how a mere cultivator from this land of exiles was able to obtain the Soul Dividing Secret Art?”

    Heavenseek Old Demon’s complexion changed. “The Land of Divinity and Demons!”

    You Qi’s lips curled up. “You’re not as stupid as you look.”

    Qin Yu was wrapped in boundless sword intent. He asked, “What is the Soul Dividing Art?”

    You Qi said, “It is a secret art of the demonic path. Only powerhouses at the Divine Soul realm and above can successfully cultivate it. Once they do, they can separate their soul and attach onto other bodies, recreating something similar to having an avatar outside of your main body.”

    Qin Yu’s complexion turned ugly. “So you’re saying that even if I kill him, Heavenseek Old Demon will be fine?”

    You Qi nodded helplessly.

    Heavenseek Old Demon said, “Qin Yu, I never belittled you, so how could I not take precautions today? It won’t be easy for you to kill me.”

    Suddenly, a cruel aura rose up from within his body, like an erupting volcano.

    You Qi lifted her hand and pointed outwards!

    Hum –

    An invisible strength arrived from the void. It covered Heavenseek Old Demon’s mortal body, causing that cruel aura to instantly quiet down.

    You Qi let out a deep breath, her face paling. “Qin Yu, you owe me another favor!”

    Qin Yu quietly said, “You can hold him?”

    You Qi sneered. “If this miss takes action, of course I can easily do it!” She looked at Heavenseek Old Demon. “You delayed as much as possible to prepare your body to self-detonate, but I also required time to prepare this Blood Soul Incantation.”

    As her voice fell, countless blood red runes appeared on the surface of Heavenseek Old Demon’s body. Then, they instantly hid themselves.

    Heavenseek Old Demon’s complexion paled. He coldly sneered, “My Soul Dividing Secret Art has already reached large success, and I have managed to fully separate my soul from my body. So what if you manage to keep me behind? Could a little girl like you have any way of harming me?”

    You Qi sighed in admiration. “Soul Dividing large success, how fierce! It’s true that I don’t have the means to do so, but that doesn’t mean I can’t.” She casually flourished her hand, “Go, send him in.”

    Qin Yu grabbed onto Heavenseek Old Demon and flew deep into the ground, You Qi following close behind.

    All around, the Northern Dynasty cultivators who were drawn here were stunned.

    They saw everything just now with their own eyes. Although it was a bit confusing, they understood the approximate situation.

    The black-robed youth had intentionally lured in his enemy!

    They didn’t know much about Heavenseek Old Demon’s fame, but this name Qin Yu seemed quite familiar.

    Finally, some Northern Dynasty cultivators finally recalled news of the peak battle that had occurred at Immortal Eclipse Valley. Their complexions paled.

    In particular, those that had participated in the great search for him and regretted that they didn’t find anything. All of them stood there in stunned silence.

    Seeing Qin Yu plunge into the Land of Sealed Demons, it was unknown who ran first, but soon, in the blink of an eye, all of the Northern Dynasty cultivators had fled cleanly away.

    What nonsense; if they stayed here, could they be waiting for the inevitable punishment?

    Qin Yu soared into the depths of the earth. After a moment, he appeared right outside a pitch black cave.

    You Qi’s complexion was dignified. ”Toss him in!”

    Qin Yu took a deep breath. “I’m ready.”

    He threw Heavenseek Old Demon inside. Then, he turned and grabbed You Qi, directly detonating the Blood Escape Art and howling away.

    Behind him, after being tossed into the pitch black cave, Heavenseek Old Demon’s wide eyes finally began to reveal fear.