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Chapter 271 – The Land of Divinity and Demons

Refining the Mountains and Rivers

    Five colors, seven colors, nine colors, all hues of colors bloomed around, colliding, fusing, melting together, as if this were the worlds most bumpy kaleidoscope road. A tearing strength covered Qin Yu, and even with his Demon Body he still felt a stabbing pain all over. Luckily, a protective layer of light covered him, otherwise he didnt doubt that these bright and varied colors would instantly smash him to pieces.

    He turned around and saw You Qis pallid complexion. But, during the transmission process, she didnt dare to use any strength to defend herself, because if she somehow interfered with the transmission, even she had no idea what would happen.

    As if sensing Qin Yus gaze, she looked up and glared at him. What are you staring at? Why dont you hurry up and hug me? Its not like you havent done it before. Stop trying to pretend as if you're some chivalrous gentleman.

    Qin Yu had a helpless expression. From the tone of her words, she seemed to be implying that he always had these sorts of perverted thoughts in his mind. He was innocent here! However, at this time, he could only pull her into his chest. Her warm and soft figure was swept into his arms and her light scent drifted into his nose…although he didnt want to admit it, whether it was physically or mentally, she could be called perfect.

    You Qi lowered her head and pressed it against Qin Yus chest, listening to his strong heartbeat and feeling the warmth emanating from his body. She smiled.

    The transmission process continued for a long time. Just as Qin Yu was beginning to suspect that a problem had occurred somewhere, the multihued colors began to rapidly fade away and a bright light appeared before him.

    You Qi pushed herself off his chest. She happily said, Weve arrived.

    Hu –

    Their field of vision suddenly brightened and that dazzling light shined upon them, causing pain in Qin Yus eyes. He couldnt help but narrow his eyes, and after a faint moment of dizziness he finally saw his surroundings.

    This was an incomparably massive square. It was paved with some sort of blue stone. There were dozens of transmissions arrays in the square, all of them placed together in a dense formation. He and You Qi happened to be on one of these arrays.

    All around, crystalline signboards were displaying a variety of images. There was beautiful scenery, there was battle and slaughter, there were the roars of raging rivers, and much more. But at this time a clear and gentle voice entered Qin Yus ears.

    Welcome to the Land of Divinity and Demons.

    As he was startled he heard a loud rumble, like brewing thunder. He looked up to see a strange and massive ferocious bird covered in golden scales. Beneath the bright moonlight it was like a flaming meteor as it smashed against an invisible barrier.

    Radiant divine light erupted in tremendous waves. With that point as the epicenter, those waves spread throughout the entire city. The strength of this collision was enough to sever a hundred rivers. But, as it spread, it was actually gradually eased and erased by the invisible barrier, before it finally disappeared. It was unexpectedly not able to cause even the tiniest bit of damage to the city.

    Qin Yu stiffened, his pupils violently shrinking, his heart filled with panic! When he saw the strange bird, he felt that it had seen him too. With just a single glance, it was as if he had fallen into an icy lake, unable to produce a single thought. Although he didnt know how horrifying the strength within that seemingly useless strike was, Qin Yu didnt doubt that this single strike was enough to grind a thousand of him into dust!

    An icy cold shout sounded in his ears. Where do you two come from?

    Qin Yu regained his composure. He could see several soldiers outside the transmission array, each one of them with cold and humorless eyes. This sight also made his heart skip a beat. Amongst the several soldiers, the one with the lowest cultivation was at the sixth level of Golden Core. As for the one who shouted at him, he was a Nascent Soul realm cultivator. Although he was only at the middle Nascent Soul realm, Qin Yu actually felt a threat from him!

    You Qi hurriedly said, We are from the You Family, coming from the land of exiles. Ive already notified my family and they will soon be sending someone over to receive us. She looked up at the strange bird which had just flown away. Her expression was dignified. Has the assault from the monster beasts started again?

    The captain of the soldiers clearly relaxed as he heard You Qi speak. He nodded. Things havent been peaceful lately. There are always bound to be fellows at the Beast King step appearing. Since you are You Family cultivators, you should know the rules.

    You Qi nodded. We will stay in the waiting area and wait for the family to pick us up.

    The captain waved his hand. One of his subordinates moved forwards and led You Qi and Qin Yu away.

    Wait here, dont move around needlessly. With a quick reminder, the soldier turned and hurried away.

    Qin Yus eyes kept sweeping around, taking in his surroundings. It was only now that he slowly looked away. Although his expression was calm, his heart was in tumult.

    The Land of Divinity and Demons…this was the Land of Divinity and Demons…

    That terrifying strange birds casual strike was enough to kill a thousand copies of him. In that square, there were over a dozen Nascent Soul level soldiers. And faintly hidden beneath all of this were two terrifying auras. Even with Qin Yus current cultivation, he still felt dread towards them. It was clear they were the powerhouses protecting this square.

    And, this was only within a mere square. The city all around was so vast that he couldnt see where the boundary was. Let alone the human cities of the Southern Empire or Northern Dynasty, not even the sea races capital city in the sea region could compare with the city he was now in!

    You Qi could keenly feel Qin Yus silence and easily understood what he was thinking. She said in a gentle voice, Dont belittle yourself. The Land of Divinity and Demons does have countless powerhouses, but the richness of the heaven and earth spiritual strength here cannot be compared with the land of exiles. For you to have your current achievements as someone born in the land of exiles, even if placed in the Land of Divinity and Demons, that is still a dazzling achievement.

    Qin Yus heart warmed. He nodded, Im fine.

    Like You Qi said, the heaven and earth spiritual strength in the Land of Divinity and Demons had reached an inconceivable height. The only time Qin Yu had ever seen something comparable was perhaps in Immortal Eclipse Valley, in the domain formed by the Radiant Red Wood. If someone lived in this type of environment all year along, it would be hard for their cultivation to not rise by leaps and bounds.

    But it was exactly because of this that Qin Yu was even more aware of how so many terrifying powerhouses could be born in the Land of Divinity and Demons.

    A vast and endless world, extremely rich heaven and earth spiritual strength, a trillion years of accumulation…it was no wonder that You Qi had given him such a weird expression when he said he might be able to become a sword dao grandmaster here.

    Now, even Qin Yu felt he had been too arrogant in his thinking!

    There were several transmission arrays in the waiting area. Besides You Qi and Qin Yu, there were six more cultivators waiting. Suddenly, one of the cultivators turned pale white and emitted a pained roar. His body rapidly grew and sharp claws emerged from his hands and feet. His face stretched out and long and fierce fangs shot out from his mouth. A bloodthirsty light gleamed in his eyes. He was unexpectedly a great wolf that stood on two feet.

    Roar –

    This was clearly a cultivator that transformed into a monster beast. He howled and rushed towards a transmission array.

    Stop it!

    Kill it!

    The closest squad of soldiers all drew their swords and cut forwards.

    Bang –

    Ruthless sword intents carried with them dreadful killing focus. They condensed into bolts of white light that cut down without mercy! The great wolf cried out in pain as it was sent flying back by the sword lights. But, what was terrifying was that even such potent sword light was only able to tear a gash in his waist. Moreover, the wound wriggled and crept, as if the flesh was rapidly regenerating.

    Seeing that it could no longer destroy the transmission array, the great wolfs bloodthirsty eyes locked onto the several people around it. Its legs bent down and then thrust forwards, throwing itself ahead like a bolt of lightning.


    There was a pitiful scream. The cultivator closest to the great wolf had been bitten in half. Its saliva seemed to contain some sort of dangerous poison. The late Golden Core realm cultivator cried several times as his body turned black and he thoroughly died.

    Hu –

    The great wolf didnt stop. It rushed towards the next person and in the blink of an eye two female cultivators were torn to pieces. One of them was a young girl whose eyes were still wide and full of fear and unwillingness. She never imagined that she would die so soon after she arrived in the Land of Divinity and Demons.

    The great wolf panted for breath. Its eyes quickly swept around. Everyone else remaining was at the Nascent Soul realm. The one with the weakest aura was a youth wearing black robes.

    It could eliminate him first and then slaughter the woman beside him. Finally, it could self-detonate. That would be more than enough kills! The great wolf leapt up into the air, savagery in its eyes, as if it could already see the young mans head bitten off. But, there was something that left it a bit puzzled: why wasnt he afraid?

    Bang –

    Blinding sword light erupted. White, black, blue, red, yellow, a vortex of colors surrounded the great wolf and then countless sword shadows submerged it.

    Miserably howls echoed out. The great wolf wanted to escape, but it was unable to free itself from the five-colored vortex. Slowly, its voice faded away before completely vanishing.

    Qin Yu flicked his sleeves and the Five Element Swords disappeared. The great wolfs corpse toppled to the ground. Its body was crisscrossed with cuts and one of its eyes had been chopped up. The remaining eye was filled with pain and despair.

    A squad of soldiers rushed over and inspected the corpse. After determining that it was dead, one of the soldiers cupped his hands and said, Thank you for assisting us fellow daoist. May I ask where you come from and whether you would want to join the Southern Overwatch Pass Army?

    Qin Yu was startled.

    You Qi said, Reporting to captain, fellow daoist Qin is a talent that my You Family discovered in the land of exiles. He is temporarily unable to assist the army.

    The soldiers eyes brightened. Land of exiles? He looked at Qin Yu, a bit more appreciation in his eyes. In that land that was barren of heaven and earth spiritual energy, if someone could cultivate to such heights, it could be imagined that they possessed considerable talent. After arriving at the Land of Divinity and Demons, they were bound to soar into the skies.

    The You Family is fortunate! The person cupped their hands together. Fellow daoist Qin, I am Officer Tianyun from the Southern Overwatch Pass Tiger Howl Troop. You did a great favor in helping me today, so if you have anything you need in the future, feel free to look for me.

    He turned and led his subordinates away.

    The several surrounding people looked at Qin Yu with envy.

    A moment later, cultivators from the You Family arrived. It was obvious they had somehow learnt of what just happened, so they were extremely polite and kind to Qin Yu.

    Fellow daoist came from so far, you are sure to be tired. Please come back with us and rest for several days. The cultivator who spoke was named You Han. According to their blood relationship, he was You Qis cousin. But, from the way the two nodded at each other, they werent very well acquainted.

    As a new arrival, he naturally listened to others. Qin Yu nodded, not saying much.

    With the You Family members leading the way, they soon left the square. After leaving the area that had been blocked off by the soldiers, they finally saw carriages paused on the side of the road. At first glance, they were incredibly decorated. There were rows upon rows of constructions on them that flashed with neon lights, nearly blinding to the eyes.

    Fellow daoist Qin, please. You Han smiled as he spoke.

    The carriage didnt have any reins so it naturally didnt need to be pulled by any mounts. The lines of the array formations engraved into it began to flash. Qin Yu knew that before entering the You Family, You Han would need to question You Qi. So, he simply entered the carriage whereupon the door closed behind him.

    When the door closed, he couldnt hear any sound from the outside. A faint fragrance filled the air, lifting the spirit. He looked around. Everything within the carriage was meticulously crafted. The table in front of him, the soft fur he sat on, even the art that decorated the walls was pleasing to the eyes. And, a gentle singing voice came from somewhere, adding several degrees of enjoyment and luxury to everything.

    Soon, the carriage gently shook and began to move forwards. There was no noise at all. If it werent for the rapidly blurring scenery, it would be hard to tell they were moving at high speed.

    Qin Yu revealed a look of praise. The Land of Divinity and Demons not only had an extremely high standard of cultivation, but all sorts of things were developed here that he had never heard of. But soon, he looked away from these novel things and a thoughtful look entered his eyes.

    The You Family pardoned You Qi and brought him to the Land of Divinity and Demons. It was clear that they had something they wanted from him. In this world, there was no such thing as kindness or benefits that came without strings attached.

    Although his knowledge was limited, Qin Yu intuitively felt that this was related to his Demon Body. Initially, the reason You Qi changed her attitude towards him was also because of the Demon Body. Moreover, she had mentioned that the Demon Body held a great significance for the demonic path.

    If this were true, then he shouldnt be in danger.

    Outside the window, the scenery flashed by faster and faster. The You Family carriages seemed to be entering a high-speed mode. Even so, the ride continued for over an hour before they finally reached the area of the You Family.

    The carriages stopped. Qin Yu opened the door and stepped out.

    This was a quiet and peaceful residential area. The streets were straight and wide, and trees and flowers adorned both sides. Sunlight sprinkled down from above, the columns of mottled light illuminating the road.

    The You Familys doors opened. Several cultivators were waiting behind with smiles. At this time, one of them stepped forwards. I presume you are fellow daoist Qin Yu? This is our first time meeting. I am You Yuanming, You Qis uncle.

    For the first time, You Qi revealed a look of excitement. She respectfully bowed, Greetings, uncle!

    With that, Qin Yu knew just how credible this person was in contrast. He cupped his hands together, Qin Yu greets senior. Calling this person senior was not an exaggeration. You Yuanmings aura gently fluctuated, vaguely blending in with the world. Although he was restraining his aura, he still emitted a light pressure.

    He was a Divine Soul realm cultivator!

    Ever since Qin Yu entered the Land of Divinity and Demons, this was the first Divine Soul he had seen. As expected, his aura was as deep as the sea and his strength was unfathomable.

    You Yuanming smiled and nodded. Fellow daoist Qin Yu, with your status, you can automatically be promoted one rank in the demonic path. It's fine if we speak to each other as equals. He nodded at You Qi. You did very well this time. The clan has already written off what happened. Make sure you are more careful in the future and dont make any more mistakes.

    You Qi respectfully bowed, Yes, uncle.

    You Yuanming grabbed onto Qin Yus arm. Come, the banquet is being prepared. The Patriarch is already impatient to see you. Wash yourself first.

    With this, Qin Yu was truly flattered.

    A Divine Soul realm cultivator had personally come to greet him. The You Family had arranged a great feast with the Patriarch personally attending. Thinking about it, the powerhouses of the clan were probably coming too.

    This treatment was far beyond what he had imagined!

    The You Family residence was summed up in a single word: large.

    This wasnt a normal kind of large. Qin Yu felt that if he used an entire day and tried to walk from one end to another, he still wouldnt make it out.

    Luckily, there seemed to be several exquisite array formations arranged throughout the grounds. Although some places were extremely far away, he could arrive in just several steps.

    Qin Yus living quarters was an extremely beautiful courtyard. The maids and servants had already been arranged.

    You Yuanming smiled. Fellow daoist Qin, if you please. I will bring You Qi away first and then we will come to see you again.

    As he spoke, he turned and left.

    You Qi gave Qin Yu a reassuring look and then left.

    We greet the lord! In the courtyard, 12 maids and 12 servants all knelt together.

    Qin Yu waved his hand. Rise.

    After sending away the maids that tried to help take his clothes off, Qin Yu lay down in a bathtub carved from a single block of jade. He looked at the smooth wall across from him and the video that was being broadcast on its surface. It seemed to be narrating some sort of story. This was also something Qin Yu had never heard of or thought of before.

    It seemed he would need to spend some time in this Land of Divinity and Demons before he could adapt to it.