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Chapter 275 – Seal

Refining the Mountains and Rivers

    You Qi’s heart shrank. Qin Yu had finally taken action! She shouted out loud, “Everyone, follow me! Do everything in your power to capture Qin Yu!”

    Whoosh –

    She was the first to run out.

    Behind her, the stunned cultivators of the You Family followed in a panic. Each one of them had fear hidden deep in their eyes. Qin Yu had fled…Qin Yu had actually fled…if any problems occurred, their family wouldn’t show any mercy to them.

    You Qi’s panicked actions were normal in their opinion. If Qin Yu ran away, she would be the first to be punished. Thus during this time, no one discovered that when You Qi ran out and started to search, there were inevitably some areas that were glossed over during the chaos.

    Qin Yu lay prone on the ground. If it weren’t for the slight rise and fall of his chest, one would think he was a corpse, indistinguishable from the stones and leaves of the forest around him. Within his chest, his heartbeat slowed down to the lowest speed possible, only beating once in a long time. He listened to the confusion and noise all around him, his senses sharp and his eyes bright.

    Suddenly, Qin Yu used some effort to move his hands and swung his feet a little. He crawled on the ground, crossing a hundred feet in the blink of an eye to hide in a bush of thorns. In the next moment, a You Family cultivator appeared where he had been hiding. The You Family cultivator looked around with a pale expression, and after not finding anything, walked away.

    And the moment he left, when he crushed against the branches and leaves and made sounds, Qin Yu also moved at this time. He passed through the underbrush, rapidly approaching the mountain summit.

    If he could escape from the Eastern Suburb Mountain and mix into the vast and endless tides of people within the Southern Overwatch Pass, then even if the You Family were formidable, it still wouldn’t be easy for them to find Qin Yu. But, if he could think of this, so could the You Family. Right now there were already innumerable people gathered at the base of the mountain, waiting for him to walk into their trap.

    If he moved towards the summit, that would actually be going the opposite to the direction of escape. But, although he wouldn’t be able to withdraw for some time, he could wait for other opportunities.

    Suddenly, Qin Yu stiffened. His entire body pasted close to the ground and even his weak breathing came to a stop. In the next moment, a boundless divine sense swept out. It was like an invisible knife was being scraped across the surface of his skin, leaving goosebumps all over him. He felt as if a peerless vicious beast had locked onto him and he would die in the next moment.

    The divine sense swept back and forth several times. Qin Yu remained motionless, and after a long time, it slowly withdrew. His eyes flashed and he remained still on the ground. After several breaths of time, another colossal divine sense arrived. If he had moved even the tiniest bit from where he had been a moment ago, he would have been discovered.

    The second divine sense didn’t stay for long. It swept over the area and then left.

    Qin Yu’s feet moved and he hurried away.

    You Xiuxiu’s expression was dark and gloomy. “You can’t find him? How can you not find him?” She glared at You Qi. “Your men are like headless flies! Could it be that you are intentionally exposing flaws so that Qin Yu can run away?”

    Many You Family cultivators froze. As they thought of the chaotic scene just now, their eyes dimmed and they looked at You Qi with surprise.

    You Qi was enraged. She coldly said, “You Xiuxiu, stop making baseless accusations. You were the one accompanying Qin Yu just now, and you lost him even when he was right in front of you! You are the one that’s suspicious here!” She clenched her teeth. “That’s right, the Patriarch gave me powers to handle this matter and I will not be forgiven if Qin Yu manages to escape, but you won’t be any better off either!”

    Everyone remembered that these two were on poor terms, and attacking each other was normal. Their suspicion towards You Qi lessened a great deal.

    “Shut up!” A You Family master arrived, stepping through the void. “What time is it for you to be arguing here!? All of you scatter! Do everything you can to capture Qin Yu before rumors start spreading!”


    You Qi and the others all bowed, but a strange color flashed in her eyes. It was about time for the arrangements she made to begin. She hoped that it would be enough to disturb the You Family’s plans.


    Within the Southern Overwatch Pass, it was unknown where the rumors began, but it was said that the You Family had plotted to steal the treasure of others. They had been seen through and now a large-scale manhunt had begun. That treasure was said to be incomparably mystical. It possessed many mysterious and strange powers and could help a cultivator cultivate. Its power was unimaginable.

    In ordinary times, everyone had already heard these types of random rumors on far too many occasions so they simply wouldn’t care. This time wasn’t an exception either. Most cultivators simply smiled as they listened. But soon, as a massive amount of You Family cultivators gathered at the Eastern Suburb Mountain and even You Family masters appeared, the cultivators that took these rumors as a joke began to reveal a bit of earnestness.

    They didn’t believe that such critical news would be easily leaked by the You Family. But, they did learn that the You Family was attempting to capture someone.

    After a short period of hesitation, the cultivators from all over weren’t in a hurry to take action. First, they attempted to probe. Several cultivators tried to enter the base of the Eastern Suburb Mountain but were forcefully denied by the You Family cultivators. Slowly, an undercurrent began to flow through the Southern Overwatch Pass.

    Within the Southern Overwatch Pass, the You Family’s strength couldn’t be underestimated. Their influence was intertwined all over. But, there were actually a considerable number of factions that were hostile to them, or who didn’t care much about their power and could stand on even ground with them. Finally, the number one influence of the city took action. After a violent conflict with the cultivators of the You Family at the base of the Eastern Suburb Mountain, they managed to break through the blockade and rush in.

    And this collision between forces made all the onlookers finally come to a decision. If the You Family was so cautious, not even hesitating to attack others to block off the Eastern Suburb Mountain, then there was something suspect occuring.

    Or, could it be that the You Family really was trying to steal some powerful treasure?

    Whoosh –

    Whoosh –

    Speed cars howled forth, gathering at the base of the Eastern Suburb Mountain. Cultivator after cultivator stepped out, many of whom were reputable masters within the Southern Overwatch Pass.

    The You Family’s back was pushed to the wall!

    With so many people representing so many different influences, it was impossible for the You Family to keep them all out.

    You Yuanwu had a dark expression. Everything that occurred so far had gone completely beyond his expectations. He never thought that his You Family would be played so thoroughly by this junior.

    “You trash! With so many people you can’t even look after a mere Nascent Soul!?”

    “Talking about these things is useless. There is all sorts of news spreading out and numerous influences are moving. The situation is worsening!”

    “Masters from all over have appeared at the base of the Eastern Suburb Mountain. It won’t be long before they start investigating.”

    Within the main hall, many high level You Family members had ugly complexions. As they thought of Qin Yu, they gnashed their teeth. What a sly and deceitful boy. He had actually pushed the You Family into such a predicament!

    You Yuanwu finally said, “Send out a message to all influences. The You Family is willing to give up the qualifications for the Demon Ascension Gate this time. In exchange, they will give up on this matter.”


    “Patriarch, please reconsider this!”

    “The Demon Ascension Gate is of great importance! It is one of the hopes of my You Family!”

    “Patriarch, there is no need for us to pay such a steep price!”

    You Yuanwu’s eyes fiercely swept through the hall. “If we succeed in seizing the Demon Body, then my You Family can still rise. Moreover, if Qin Yu were to fall into the hands of others, do you think they wouldn’t be able to find out what my You Family attempted to do?”

    Everyone fell silent and their faces stiffened. Beads of sweat unconsciously formed on their foreheads.

    Seizing the Demon Body…this was not a trifling matter. It wouldn’t have been a problem if no one discovered it, but once this matter was revealed, the You Family would experience calamity!

    “Patriarch is wise!” No one dared to argue again.

    A You Family master hesitated. “But if someone still persists in searching the Eastern Suburb Mountain, what do we do?”

    You Yuanwu coldly sneered. “The You Family is willing to pay such a great price. If they are smart, they will know what to do. If they still want to stick around, then that means they want a grudge with my You Family! Don’t worry. Unless they can obtain explicit evidence, no one will really want to die with us!”

    And reality proved that You Yuanwu’s judgment was correct. As Qin Yu neared the summit, the massive number of cultivators that arrived at the Eastern Suburb Mountain began to evacuate in droves.

    They all knew the significance of the Demon Ascension Gate. The You Family had shown full sincerity and this was also their final compromise. No one actually wished to delve into some undying grudge with the You Family without any preparations at all. Moreover, from beginning to end, no one knew the exact details of what was happening.

    The You Family sealed off the Eastern Suburb Mountain.

    An intensive search began, starting from the base of the mountain and spreading upwards. The divine senses of the You Family masters came shrouding down, and a massive number of disciples searched every small inch of land. It was like an inescapable net that covered the heavens and earth, making it impossible to flee.

    Qin Yu grimaced. With the constant sweeping divine sense searches from the You Family masters, his movement was greatly limited. He was slowly being overtaken by the searchers. He took a deep breath and suppressed his thoughts. He found a gap between the sweeping divine senses and continued forwards.

    But in the next moment, a You Family cultivator appeared in front of him. That person’s eyes widened and they shouted with joy, “Here he-”

    Puff –

    Before he finished speaking, he cried miserably as blood shot out from his nose and mouth. He was sent tumbling away, smashing into several large trees.

    But, the sounds of movement had already attracted the attention of others. Shouts rang out and a large number of You Family cultivators rushed over.

    Qin Yu couldn’t even bitterly smile. He shot up into the skies, directly activating the Blood Escape Art and pushing his speed to its limits.

    “There he is!”

    “Grab him!”

    “Don’t let him run away!”

    Amidst the confusion and noise rising from all over, Qin Yu’s eyes flashed and he heard You Qi’s voice. “The entrance to the underground river isn’t too far away. Don’t let him run in there, otherwise no one will be able to catch him!”

    In that brief instant, Qin Yu’s thoughts wildly raced. He changed directions, soaring towards the location You Qi had described.

    Wherever the blood red flames passed, branches and leaves burned to dust. His field of vision suddenly opened and a mountain road appeared before him, where You Qi and more than a dozen You Family cultivators had gathered.

    “Qin Yu!” You Qi shouted, “Capture him!”

    With shouts of happiness and anger, they howled forth.

    Qin Yu narrowed his eyes. At this time, You Qi who had stayed behind suddenly moved her fingers, forming several hand signs. Demonic energy gathered into the shape of a large drum that wildly beat.


    Without any warning at all, the You Family cultivators that rushed ahead all cried out in pain and crashed to the floor.

    Qin Yu didn’t stop. He flew over them and landed in front of You Qi.

    “Hurry and leave. This is all I can help you with!”

    “What will you do?”

    You Qi lifted her hand and a seal appeared. “With this, the You Family won’t dare to do anything to me.”

    “What is that?”

    You Qi was startled. Only then did she remember that this keen and resolute young man in front of her could be an idiot at times. “I don’t have time to explain, just hurry and leave! If you think you owe me, then do your best to live! There’s an exit in this direction, just go!”

    Qin Yu cupped his hands together, not saying anything else. Red flames wrapped around him and he sped away.

    “You Qi, you dare to betray the family!?”

    “No one can save you!”

    “You’ll pay for this!”

    The You Family cultivators who tumbled to the floor all shouted with hate.

    Whoosh –

    Whoosh –

    More and more You Family cultivators flew over, surrounding You Qi, their eyes cold and cruel.

    She remained silent, a sneer hanging on her face. She looked at the You Family Elder whose rage burned to the skies, and then lifted her palm to reveal the seal that shined in the sunlight.