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Chapter 276 – Beast Hunting Battalion

Refining the Mountains and Rivers

    Qin Yu believed that You Qi wouldn’t put herself on a path that led to her death. He could no longer care about what happened behind him. If his whereabouts were discovered, he would immediately be placed in a desperate situation. He violently stormed towards the summit and finally saw the exit that You Qi spoke of.

    There was a pond of water at the summit of the mountain. The water was so clear that in the light of the spirit lamp to the side, one could see all the way down. At the bottom, there was a steady stream of spring water flowing into the pond. If water flowed in, that naturally meant there was a mouth where it came from, and also an underground river. As long as he entered through there then he could go against the current and escape.

    Pah –

    Waves splashed from the pond. Qin Yu was like a large fish, swimming straight towards the mouth.

    In the next moment, the entire pond froze solid and the water started to flow up into the void. The mouth of the stream was ripped open by an invisible strength and a massive amount of water gushed out. However, Qin Yu could no longer be found.

    You Yuanwu appeared in the skies above the pond, his eyes as sharp as blades, looking as if he could see through the stone. He said, “Pass down orders. Block all water routes for the surrounding hundred miles and lock down any possible path that Qin Yu could have taken!”

    Whoosh –

    Whoosh –

    Beams of light shot up into the skies from the Eastern Suburb Mountain, hurtling in all directions.

    Qin Yu had escaped!

    In an extravagant and gorgeous mansion, in a lotus pond within the backyard, a number of koi fish were leisurely swimming around when they were suddenly startled and fled in all directions. Sludge and dirt rose up from some place deep within the pond, instantly turning the water black. A few moments later, Qin Yu’s figure crawled up onto the shore.

    He coughed out loud, his face paling. He took a deep breath to suppress the blood tumbling in his chest and then stumbled away.

    After a moment, he arrived in a narrow and cramped alley. When Qin Yu emerged once more, he was dressed in black robes. With the ability of the Demon God Armor to change form, it wasn’t difficult to accomplish this.

    Qin Yu mixed into the streams of people. As he walked down the street, he casually glanced around, his expression calm and natural. But, beneath the covering of his black robes, his complexion grew increasingly grim.

    The You Family was truly desperate to find him!

    Along the way he passed three inns, and each one had soldiers out in front conducting searches. Looking at how strict they were, it would be impossible to avoid them.

    He never thought that they could even utilize the army to find him.

    Qin Yu continued on foot. When he came to a long connecting street, he paused. At this time, there was a long line before him; all of the speed cars were being stopped and inspected. At the same time, pedestrians were also being checked. From the numerous complaints that filled the air, the military was using the excuse of searching for felons.

    This was clearly the handiwork of the You Family.

    Qin Yu turned to leave, but as he was half turned he suddenly stopped and warmly greeted the person beside him. “Brother Liu, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen you. I didn’t expect to meet you here today! Hah, I have something urgent to attend to and who would want to be stuck here? But, there’s nothing that can be done about it. The military needs to find the criminals so I suppose we’ll just have to bear with it and wait patiently.”

    He shook his head as he finished speaking and turned back around, a helpless expression on his face.

    “Uh…of course, of course…” After a moment, this cultivator Liu Xing scratched his head and said in a silent voice, “Brother Zhang, do you know this fellow?”

    “Isn’t he Brother Liu’s friend?”

    “I don’t remember him…”

    “Haha, Brother Liu travels so much and makes so many friends. I’m sure there are many people that remember you, but you’ve actually forgotten all about them.”

    “Cough cough…this is just a bit disrespectful of me…”

    As the two were whispering to each other, Qin Yu let out a breath of relief. While he was turning around just then, he had keenly felt something from the windows of a building down the street. Three pairs of eyes had locked onto him.

    If he had really turned and left, he feared he would immediately be stopped for questioning.

    The You Family was truly meticulous.

    The line continued to grow. Although the line didn’t move fast, he slowly approached the intersection. He could feel his heart growing increasingly anxious with every moment.

    If things continued like this, it would only be a matter of time until he was found.

    At this moment, a figure passed through Qin Yu’s field of vision. As he saw this person, his eyes suddenly flashed.

    After several breaths of time, as that person was just about to leave, Qin Yu took several steps forwards and smiled. “Officer Tianyun, it’s been a long time.”

    Tianyun furrowed his eyebrows. “And you are?”

    Qin Yu lowered his voice. He said, “Several days ago there was a wolf monster that caused trouble at the transmission square.”

    Tianyun’s eyes brightened. He clearly remembered who Qin Yu was.

    Qin Yu never underestimated anyone’s intelligence. With the events of that day contrasted to everything occurring now, it wasn’t hard for Tianyun to make some guesses.

    Although it was very inappropriate for him to place his safety in the hands of a fellow cultivator who he had only met once before, Qin Yu only had one gamble he could make at this moment.

    Taking a chance was better than giving up without trying.

    Tianyun looked at him deeply and then shouted out, “So it was you! Men, come and grab this deserter, I want to interrogate him personally!”

    Qin Yu’s tense body relaxed a little and gratitude lit up his eyes. He immediately lowered his head in a panicked expression and allowed the two approaching soldiers to drag him away.

    This movement clearly attracted attention. A higher ranked officer in armor walked over and asked some questions. Tianyun smiled, spoke some words, and then the other officer nodded and turned away.

    It seemed Tianyun had a considerable amount of face in the army.

    Feeling the eyes that locked onto him disperse, Qin Yu relaxed. He was dragged into the back of a windowless speed car. A soldier came soon after and controlled the speed car to fly away.

    With the military pass, the speed car continued unimpeded. They passed through the blockaded area and stopped in an underground parking lot soon after.

    A parking lot was also a new invention; it was especially used to hold speed cars. After all, even though there were spatial storage treasures, ordinary people weren’t willing to use them to hold things as large as these cars.

    “Step down!” The military parking lot was tightly guarded. The soldier escorting him spoke to the guard and then pushed Qin Yu to climb the stairwell.

    They climbed up 13 sets of stairs. Then, a holding room was opened and Qin Yu was forced inside.

    As the iron doors closed, Qin Yu’s eyes flashed with a bright light. He looked around him.

    This holding room was made from some sort of bright-colored metal. When he reached out and touched it, he could feel a faint tingle in his fingers. A terrifying strength was contained within it.

    It seemed that there was no way for him to leave.

    A trace of helplessness flashed in Qin Yu’s eyes. He sat down and started meditating.

    Around two hours later, the door to the confinement room opened and light poured in, followed by Tianyun’s voice. “Is that fellow daoist Qin?”

    Qin Yu rose up and brushed off his black robes. He cupped his hands, “My name is Qin Yu. I thank Officer Tianyun for saving me.”

    These words were the equivalent of acknowledging Tianyun’s suspicions.

    Tianyun’s eyes lit up. He smiled. “As I thought, the commotion that the You Family stirred up today was all because of fellow daoist Qin.”

    His eyes burned. As Qin Yu remained silent, a tyrannical aura broke free from his body.

    Tianyun’s eyes turned cold. “Demon Body!” He scowled. “You Family, how bold of them!”

    This person was indeed smart.

    Qin Yu didn’t respond.

    Tianyun was startled for a moment before he immediately realized what was happening. He said, “Fellow daoist Qin Yu, there is no need for you to worry. I have no intention of harming you.” Then, he faintly smiled, “Because we are both the same kind of person.”

    Hum –

    A certain aura started gushing out from his body.

    Qin Yu’s eyebrows leapt up.

    The aura of the Demon Body!

    Tianyun smiled. “I hope that fellow daoist Qin Yu can feel at ease now. You and I are both Demon Body cultivators. According to the customs of the demonic path, you can call me senior-apprentice brother.”

    Qin Yu cupped his hands together. “Senior-apprentice brother Tianyun!”

    “Haha, junior-apprentice brother Qin Yu.” Tianyun sighed with emotion. “Junior-apprentice brother Qin comes from the land of exiles, but not only do you have such a cultivation today, you have even successfully built up the Demon Body. Your talent must be beyond imagination. If you can cross today’s disaster, you will surely soar into the heavens in the future.” His eyes darkened. “So, I advise junior-apprentice brother Qin Yu to not be in a hurry to seek revenge, and to never mention how they tried to seize your Demon Body. After all, your words are without proof, and even if this matter was exposed, it's unknown how it would eventually end.”

    Qin Yu nodded. “I thank senior-apprentice brother for the advice.”

    Seeing his sincere expression that revealed no hesitation, it was clear he had already thought about this. Tianyun’s eyes lit up with a bit more appreciation. “Junior-apprentice brother is a smart man. It seems I was worrying too much. But, there is something I don’t understand. With your level of talent and future prospects, the You Family should be doing everything in their power to win you over. Why would they dare to try and harm you?”

    Qin Yu hesitated a bit.

    Tianyun waved his hand. “If junior-apprentice brother finds it hard to say, then just pretend I never asked.”

    Although he temporarily wasn’t in danger, he still needed Tianyun’s help in the future. Qin Yu forced out a smile, “Senior-apprentice brother saved me today, so how can I possibly conceal anything from you? The reason the You Family tried to harm me was because my talent was too poor.”

    Tianyun was stunned. “Ridiculous! Junior-apprentice brother Qin Yu managed to build up the Demon Body in the land of exiles and even reached a Nascent Soul realm cultivation. How could the You Family have even higher demands than that?”

    Qin Yu coughed. “My Demon Body and cultivation are all thanks to lucky chances and fate. In terms of talent…I am indeed a bit bad…”

    Tianyun thought he was only being modest, but when he heard Qin Yu describe the You Family talent test and how only the first level of the nine level crystal pagoda had lit up, his eyeballs nearly popped out of their sockets.

    “This…this…” Tianyun unexpectedly felt as if he could understand the You Family’s actions a little. Imagine that they thought they had found a peerless genius from the land of exiles, and after spending so much to bring him over, they finally discovered that he was just a silver spear with a spearhead made from wax. It wasn’t strange for them to be enraged from that.

    “Cough…although talent is important, man can overcome nature. Since junior-apprentice brother Qin Yu can have your current level of cultivation, that must mean you have a great destiny upon your body. In the future you might be able to…” Even Tianyun couldn’t believe his own words. A lucky bastard could find unexpected success once or twice, but to continually rely on that until he became a powerhouse, that was just no different from a daydream.

    Qin Yu wryly smiled. “Senior-apprentice brother Tianyun, there is no need to comfort me. However, I won’t give up. Now that I’ve arrived at the Land of Divinity and Demons, even if my talent is poor I will still struggle to find a future for myself.”

    Tianyun felt a deep respect towards that mindset. “Good! Junior-apprentice brother Qin Yu, what great spirit you have! I’ve been waiting just for someone like you! Someone that is fearless and is willing to endure adversity and work hard! Moreover, just because your talent is poor doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to change it. The Land of Divinity and Demons is vast and endless and there are innumerable heavenly materials all around. Some of these are heaven-defying treasures that can enhance your talent. For instance, our army has a famous lotus that can be used to promote your talent!”

    Qin Yu’s eyes brightened. “It can really raise a person’s talent?”

    Tianyun laughed. “I wouldn’t joke about something like this to junior-apprentice brother. If you don’t believe me then you can join the army and directly confirm for yourself the requirements to exchange for a lotus.”

    Qin Yu’s eyes flashed. He cupped his hands together. “I wonder if senior-apprentice brother Tianyun can introduce me?”

    Tianyun was shocked. He didn’t think Qin Yu would take him seriously. He immediately thought that the reason Qin Yu wanted to join the army was to avoid the You Family. He said, “If junior-apprentice brother joins my army, that is indeed a good plan. No matter how powerful the You Family is, they won’t dare to mess around with the army.”

    Qin Yu thought for a moment and shook his head. “Right now I don’t have the qualifications to be enemies with the You Family. It’s best if I’m not discovered at present. Is there any way for senior-apprentice brother to send me out from the Southern Overwatch Pass in the name of the army?”

    Tianyun frowned. “Leave the Southern Overwatch Pass…there is one place, but I don’t recommend that junior-apprentice brother goes there.”

    Qin Yu asked, “Where is it?”

    Tianyun slowly responded, “Beast Hunting Battalion!"