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Chapter 277 – Monster Beast Attack

Refining the Mountains and Rivers

    Chapter 277 – Monster Beast Attack



    The Beast Hunting Battalion couldn’t be considered a genuine establishment within the military. Rather, it was a place of punishment. Those people who had committed grave mistakes would be sent here to earn merits and redeem themselves. In the end, if they survived, they could be forgiven of all crimes. Of course, many years ago there were also people who used the Beast Hunting Battalion as a place to temper themselves. However, the death rate was incredible so now few people dared to try this.

    “Stand up! You short-lived ghosts, all of you listen to me! The things we’re about to issue you are all used to maintain your life! If you’re not careful and you lose them then just wait to die!” An officer with an inch-long beard and an extremely fierce and rough appearance shouted. He waved his hand, “Pass them the items and tell them to screw out of my sight! Just looking at them makes me feel unlucky.”

    Qin Yu stood amongst the group of soldiers and received the items passed to him. There was an order for those who just entered the Beast Battalion as well as some sort of crystal-refined object. No one told him how to use it before he was pushed and scolded out into the military compound’s parking lot. Several other teams of soldiers were waiting here, all of them headed for the Beast Hunting Battalion.

    “What are you all doing here? Are you waiting for dinner!? Hurry up and board the car! You’d better not even let loose a single fart on the way, because if you draw in a single monster beast you are all dead!” The boorish shouts continued without end. The crowd of dispirited soldiers, some with fear hidden in their eyes, squeezed into compartments of large-sized speed cars. The runes of the speed cars lit up and they quietly flew away.

    Qin Yu sat in the compartment, the icy cold touch of metal spreading out from beneath him. Compared to the normally smooth flights of other speed cars, the interior of this military car wasn’t comfortable at all. It jolted and rocked, causing one’s vision to blur.

    Glancing around, besides some rough and ferocious soldiers that didn’t seem to care much, all of the other soldiers had fearful looks, their faces drained of all color.

    Suddenly, a red light lit up within the car. As the blood red light illuminated the compartment, it caused one’s heart to tighten.

    “Warning. The convoy has left the scope of the Southern Overwatch Pass and has entered the wilderness. Please restrain your aura.” An icy cold voice sounded out, piercing into the heart and mind like an arrow.

    Ka ka ka –

    There was the sound of chattering teeth.

    A young and delicate-looking soldier to the side began to shiver uncontrollably.

    “Haha this newbie, he just entered the wilderness and he’s already this scared! He’s dead for sure!” An army rogue freely laughed.

    The delicate soldier blushed red. But facing the brutish look of the fierce soldier, he finally clenched his teeth and lowered his head.

    More laughs followed.

    Qin Yu’s expression was calm. He lowered his head, paying attention to his surroundings.

    His complexion changed a moment later. In the next instant, the entire car violently shook.

    It was unknown what material the car was forged from, but it was undoubtedly firm. However, this hard material was easily torn apart by a pair of sharp claws. Qin Yu watched with wide eyes as these claws passed near him. His body tensed and hairs rose on his back.

    The delicate and scared soldier watched with wide eyes full of horror. He cried out in misery as he was dragged out by those claws. A massive hole was torn into the side of the compartment and Qin Yu saw a four-legged blue-armored monster beast swallowing that soldier into its stomach.

    “Monster beast attack!” Sharp cries rang out. At this time, the entire convoy had been scattered. Horrified cries echoed everywhere.

    There were three blue-armored monster beasts attacking the convoy!

    Bang –

    Unbuckling his belt, Qin Yu stood up and leapt out of the compartment. Just as he took a few steps out, another blue-armored monster beast rushed out from the ground, pulling the entire compartment underground. The pained howls soon subsided and no one escaped from below the ground.

    There was a chill in the air that drilled out from Qin Yu’s heart. He discovered that he had underestimated just how dangerous the Land of Divinity and Demons was; this place was thoroughly a wilderness of monster beasts. It was no wonder that Tianyun had repeatedly advised him not to enter the hunting battalion…but as soon as this thought appeared he suppressed it and rushed out.

    It was useless to think of such things. It was crucial to escape first.

    Rah –

    Loud roars resounded in his ear and a disgusting stench blew past him in the wind. Qin Yu’s pupils shrank. He turned around and punched out.

    Bang –

    The biting blue-armored monster beast roared out in pain as it staggered backwards. Qin Yu spat out a mouthful of blood. He took advantage of his lighter weight and greater recoil force to leap into the dense forest, vanishing in several breaths of time.

    An hour later, the remnants of the convoy gathered together. There was only half the original number of people, and the squad of soldiers responsible for escorting them had completely disappeared.

    The atmosphere was heavy and grim. Several severely wounded cultivators groaned out in pain, adding an additional bleakness to the surroundings.

    “Everyone, the convoy has been attacked by monster beasts and now you and I are left to wander the wilderness. If we try to return to the Southern Overwatch Pass, it will be nine chances of death and one chance to live! If we really want to make it out of here alive, the only choice we have is to rush through any obstacles and enter the Beast Hunting Battalion! I have already looked through the map and it shows we are only a day’s journey away from the Beast Hunting Battalion! As long as we are a bit lucky, we can all make it through this alive!” The person who spoke had a solemn demeanor and an impressive aura. “My name is Wang Yuanan. I am willing to lead us all and take a gamble to escape this dangerous situation!”

    “I am willing to follow Brother Wang!”

    “I will listen to Brother Wang’s orders!”

    Several soldiers cupped their hands and bowed. It was clear they had made their decision earlier.

    Wang Yuanan laughed. “Good, with so many brothers supporting me, I’m sure our journey will be smooth!” He swept his eyes around. “Is there anyone else willing to join me?”

    This person’s cultivation wasn’t low and the soldiers supporting him were also strong. He immediately became a pillar in the eyes of those present.

    “I am willing to follow!”

    “I obey the orders of Brother Wang!”

    Qin Yu thought that in this current situation, if everyone joined forces and worked together, that would indeed give them the highest chances of survival. He stood up and walked towards the crowd.

    “Great! Since everyone has faith in me, I will do my best to ensure we all survive!” Now that Wang Yuanan had established his position he immediately fell into character. “Everyone, hurry and rest. We will leave in one hour!”

    An hour soon passed. The troop set off.

    Wang Yuanan took out a handphone. But compared to the ones Qin Yu had seen before, it was a bit different. Moreover, even in the wilderness, after he fiddled with it for a few moments it just about managed to connect to a signal.

    “That’s a satellite handphone!”

    “That’s wonderful! With the satellite positioning, we’ll be able to avoid the majority of monster beasts!”

    “Brother Wang is truly a noble figure!”

    The soldiers were immediately overjoyed.

    Qin Yu listened to them and finally understood what a satellite handphone was.

    Within the Land of Divinity and Demons, there were massive super influences. These super influences paid a mind-boggling price to launch ultra-large signal tower-type magic tools into the void above the highest heavens. These magic tools were named satellites.

    These magic tools could cover vast tracts of land and transmit all sorts of secret signals to custom-made handphones. Of course, the price of these satellite handphones was high beyond imagination, and it wasn’t just any person that could have the qualifications to possess one.

    People looked at Wang Yuanan with awe in their eyes. Qin Yu heard some people say that he might even be one of those rumored individuals with great backgrounds who ventured into the Beast Hunting Battalion to temper themselves.

    The satellite handphone officially established Wang Yuanan’s status.

    Perhaps it really was because the satellite handphone had an effect, but the troop moved forwards smoothly and without much trouble. There was a minor encounter with two small monster beasts, but they were easily slain.

    Looking at the map, they weren’t too far from the Beast Hunting Battalion.

    However, Qin Yu discovered that their route didn’t seem to be a straight road. Compared to the position of the Beast Hunting Battalion, there was a small deviation.

    Without him needing to speak up, someone already asked about this.

    Wang Yuanan said, “The reason we're going off-path a little is because if we go straight we would run into a place where monster beasts gather. If any of us stumble into that, it will be difficult for any of us to escape disaster.” As he spoke, he lifted the satellite handphone and projected the image into the air. Within a mountain valley, there was a black, house-sized hive with palm-sized monster bees constantly flying in and out.

    Everyone revealed stunned expressions.

    “We are in a danger zone right now. The slightest mistake and we will all be in trouble. I don’t blame you for overthinking things, but since you chose to believe me, then you cannot arbitrarily question my decisions. The explanation just now already delayed us for a considerable amount of time. We’ll have to hurry up from here on out. So, I hope that after this there isn’t a next time!”

    The soldier who raised the question revealed a look of shame and the crowd nodded in agreement.

    The troop did speed up. Most of the soldiers were fine, but those that were originally injured were finding it hard to continue. The smell of blood began to waft through the air, coming from the wounds of the injured soldiers as they broke open.

    Suddenly, Wang Yuanan’s complexion changed. “Be careful!”

    Bang –

    A massive tree fell down and a ferocious monster beast covered in red scales threw itself forwards like a bolt of red lightning. Before an injured soldier could even scream, he was bitten in half by the monster beast. Blood rained to the ground. Loud chewing sounds and heavy breathing filled the air. As these sounds entered the ears of the surrounding soldiers, all of them turned pale white!

    “Blood spirit monster beast!” Someone screamed, their voice filled with endless fear.

    Wang Yuanan roared, “Run away!” With a flash of bright light, he howled away, a group of soldiers following close behind him. The entire troop instantly dispersed. Luckily, everyone managed to maintain some semblance of rationality. They knew that it would be a death sentence if they ran all over the place, so they all followed behind Wang Yuanan.

    More and more cries sounded out from behind. Qin Yu turned to see that all the injured soldiers they looked after were falling down one after another, becoming food for the blood spirit monster beast. It tore at them, chewed them, swallowed them, and continued to chase those who ran away.

    Many soldiers relaxed as they saw this.

    And Qin Yu couldn’t deny that he felt something similar. As he looked at Wang Yuanan and the others in front, he subconsciously furrowed his eyebrows.

    Wang Yuanan’s behavior was normal, but the several people near him were far too calm and their reactions too uniform. It was as if they already expected that the blood spirit monster beast would appear here. And those injured soldiers that were brought all the way here…if things were as Qin Yu thought, then this Wang Yuanan’s thoughts were far too horrifying.

    With a cold heart, Qin Yu turned his eyes and earnestly hurried along.

    Moments later, those that were lucky enough to not encounter another monster beast found a chance to catch their breath. After barely managing to escape, everyone was left panting for breath and streaming with sweat. As they remembered how they had abandoned the wounded ones, many soldiers revealed guilty expressions.

    Wang Yuanan said, “I know none of you feel good right now. Among those who just died, some were family and some of them were friends. But, the strength of the blood spirit monster beast wasn’t something any of us could hope to contend with. If we hadn’t run away, I fear we would all be dead by now. Good, everyone sharpen up. After another half a day, we’ll reach the battalion!”

    The people that were a bit sad suddenly relaxed. Wang Yuanan’s words had given them an excuse for what they did and also gave them hopes of surviving.

    The dead were eventually the dead.

    Living was most important.