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Chapter 280 – Compete

Refining the Mountains and Rivers

    An hour later, the blurry outline of the transmission mountain came into sight.

    Shua –

    Two cultivators flew out from the forest and respectfully bowed. “Greetings, young master!”

    Wang Yuanan paused. He asked, “You are uncle’s people?”

    “We came here upon the order of the general to wait for young master.” The two people respectfully replied.

    Wang Yuanan dove straight into the main topic, “Where is he?”

    “In the tent.”

    “Bring me!”

    Qin Yu was sitting in meditation. He suddenly frowned and opened his eyes to see the tent being opened from the outside.

    Wang Yuanan walked in. He coldly said, “Qin Yu, I bet you never thought that we would meet here again like this!”

    Qin Yu’s expression didn’t change. “Fellow daoist Wang, what is the meaning of this?”

    A subordinate shouted, “Stop pretending! You stole my young master’s fire kirin! Could you have thought things would end like that?”

    Qin Yu furrowed his eyebrows inwardly. When he struck down the fire kirin he had checked to make sure there wasn’t anyone nearby. How did they know?

    The subordinate suddenly sneered and an eye opened between his eyebrows. Light projected outwards, clearly displaying the scene of him killing the fire kirin. “Do you have anything else to say?”

    Qin Yu’s eyes flashed with annoyance. He never thought that such a supernatural skill would exist in this world that could recreate scenes which had recently occurred. His complexion darkened but immediately returned to normal. “That’s right, I was the one who killed the fire kirin.”

    “You brat, it’s good that you admit it! Be a good little boy and hand over the fire kirin or don’t blame us for being impolite!” Another subordinate shouted.

    Qin Yu said, “Since I was the one who killed the fire kirin, it's naturally mine.”

    “What drivel! If it wasn’t for my young master severely wounding that beast, then with your strength alone do you think you could have killed the fire kirin? Let me tell you, you had best hand it over to avoid more suffering!”

    Wang Yuanan lifted a hand, preventing his subordinates from speaking. “Qin Yu. If you hand over the fire kirin, I will forget everything that happened before. Otherwise…” His eyes flashed with a cold brilliance.

    Qin Yu frowned. “This transmission mountain is already within the scope of the Beast Hunting Battalion. Could it be that you want to take it from me?”

    Wang Yuanan chuckled. “Of course I don’t dare take it from you. But if you die, who will say such things? Perhaps I’ll even be awarded a merit for having killed a monster beast spy!” He flicked his sleeves, “Get him!”

    As he shouted out, several nearby subordinates exploded with aura. The air suddenly became thick and dense, shrouding over Qin Yu.

    Wang Yuanan’s eyes filled with smug satisfaction. Did he really think he had that much patience to just idly chat on and on? Since this person dared to steal his fire kirin, he was doomed to die. No one could save him!

    He stepped out, his five fingers twisted into a grasp as he reached for Qin Yu’s head.

    Bang –

    With a dull muffled sound, Wang Yuanan’s eyes widened in shock. He was forced backwards, each step leaving behind a deep imprint in the ground.

    Qin Yu drew back even quicker. Borrowing the recoil force, he tore through the strength imprisoning him. He broke free from the tent in a flash of light.

    Wang Yuanan was enraged. “Grab him!”

    Qin Yu shouted out loud. Using cultivation to enhance his voice, the sound spread out far and wide, “Wang Yuanan, how bold! You want to kill your companion to steal their treasure!?”

    The entire transmission mountain was immediately alarmed. Over a dozen figures howled forth.

    “Who dares to recklessly shout here and break military rules! Are you tired of living?” A one-eyed bearded officer roared out, cold killing intent flashing in his eyes.

    Qin Yu hurriedly cupped his hands together. “I am Qin Yu, a newly arrived beast hunter. Originally, I was travelling with Wang Yuanan and these other people, but I didn’t expect for them to be tempted by treasure and try to kill me to steal it! I had no other choice but to shout for help; I ask for you to forgive me!”

    The bearded officer’s eyes widened. “Plotting to murder your companion!” The reason one of his eyes was blinded was because he had been betrayed by someone he trusted in the past. In his life, this was the type of person he loathed the most. His face instantly twisted into a fierce visage.

    The two cultivators that brought Wang Yuanan here rushed forwards, a bitter look on their faces. They blocked his group, quietly shouting, “Young master, don’t do anything!”

    Wang Yuanan roared, “Get out of my way! No one can steal my things!”

    The two people continued to block him, their heads and hearts hurting as they complained inwardly. Not only had this entire group not managed to catch the young man but they stirred up a great ruckus. If it were anyone else that came out, they wouldn’t even care about them. But, this one-eyed dragon was Tong Hanshan, a man with a prestigious reputation within the Beast Hunting Battalion that was infamously lawless and difficult to deal with. Since he was the one who stumbled into this matter, if they didn’t handle things well, not only would they be in for trouble but even the general would be drawn in.

    Tong Hanshan narrowed his single eye. “Who is he?”

    “Reporting to Officer Tong, Wang Yuanan is General Yuan’s nephew. He came here with the beast hunters to join the army and temper himself. This should all be a misunderstanding with fellow daoist Qin Yu.” A cultivator reasoned, forcing out a smile.

    Tong Hanshan’s complexion stiffened.

    Yuan Jingzhe…

    Within the entire Beast Hunting Battalion, the number of true leaders could be counted on one hand, and that person was one of them. Although that person’s ranking was relatively low, his strength wasn’t something he could hope to compare with. Obviously it wasn’t worth it to offend Yuan Jingzhe for a stranger, but since he had already intervened in today’s events, if he were to be frightened and forced away by the mere reputation of someone else, what face would he have left?

    As he was hesitating, Qin Yu suddenly said, “Thank you for helping me Officer Tong. After thinking about it some more, I’m sure I misunderstood Brother Wang. He shouldn’t have any ill intent towards me.”

    “Right, right, right, this was definitely a misunderstanding that happened.” Another person spoke, winking at everyone present.

    Wang Yuanan wasn’t an idiot. From the expressions of the two people holding him back, it was clear that this Tong fellow wasn’t easy to deal with. If he insisted on this issue, then he feared there would be additional trouble arriving. But, as he thought of the fire kirin and how it was stolen by Qin Yu, it was like a fishbone stuck in his throat, leaving him unable to breathe. He clenched his teeth, “That’s right, it’s a misunderstanding…”

    Tong Hanshan’s eyes flashed with satisfaction. This boy was more tactful than he thought. He immediately said “That’s good. Be more careful from now on, lest you stir up more trouble!”

    He turned and left, bringing the others with him.

    Qin Yu bowed.

    Wang Yuanan looked around and clenched his jaws. A cold chill percolated around him, but now he could no longer attack as he wanted to.

    “We’re leaving!”

    He brought his followers and indignantly huffed away.

    The accident on the transmission mountain was like a little splash of water in a never-ending river; it wasn’t able to create any great waves at all and soon vanished from memory. One day later, the transmission array was restored. Qin Yu, Wang Yuanan, and the other new beast hunters who caught up were all submerged in a flash of light before they disappeared.

    Over 80% of the newly arrived batch of beast hunters had lost their lives, leaving only 17 people that managed to reach the battalion. Once news of this was obtained, many people were left sobbing in sorrow. The betting house naturally made great gains. They only had to pay out to a few people, and even after paying those lucky bastards that managed to win, they still had immense profits.

    Originally, many beast hunters had prepared to look for these 17 people and cause trouble for them. Since these people had caused them to lose points, it was natural to want to teach them a lesson. However, when news spread of the newcomers encountering the fire kirin, the beast hunters fell silent and expressed their sympathies instead. They thought that if 17 people were able to survive, that was already extraordinary.

    However, as this news spread out, people also learned that a newly arrived brat had managed to stumble into dog-shit luck and actually kill the fire kirin and also stumble into the battalion alive!

    This was truly enviable, so much that it left others drooling.

    The fire kirin itself was a high level monster beast with the potential to rise to the rank of a monster king. One could obtain rich rewards after killing it. Moreover, there was a special announcement on the news recently stating that in order to prevent the fire kirin from taking revenge in the future, the beast hunter that killed it could obtain an even greater amount of points.

    It was said that the entire new troop of arrivals suffered major casualties fighting the fire kirin, and some boy called Qin Yu had come in afterwards to pick up the benefits as a fisherman…what the hell…this was really a lucky bastard. And more importantly, everyone though: why weren’t we that lucky!?

    However, as a newcomer, even if he killed the fire kirin he might not know how valuable it was. Thus, in the tent that had the worst environment and that was also specially prepared for newcomers, many people started to gather.

    A big fellow casually grabbed a cultivator on the road and asked, “Where is that boy called Qin Yu?”

    The cultivator flushed red. He felt as fragile as straw beneath this big fellow’s large hand. He gulped and hurriedly said, “In front, the black tent…”

    Puff –

    Before the cultivator finished speaking he was tossed to the side. The big fellow strode forward, arriving at the tent in several steps and walking directly in. He looked around, “Who is Qin Yu?”

    Qin Yu frowned. He stood up and cupped his hands together. “I am. May I ask why senior is looking for me?”

    Facing a Divine Soul realm cultivator, he naturally had to be respectful.

    The big fellow said, “I heard that you killed a fire kirin before you arrived. That’s good. I just happened to need kirin blood to cultivate. Sell it to me.”

    His expression and attitude was one that couldn’t be denied.

    Qin Yu’s heart sank. Facing the gleaming eyes of this large fellow, he actually felt a bit nervous and uneasy. It was clear that he wouldn’t let go of this issue if he refused.

    At this time, another person entered the tent. “Who is Qin Yu?”

    The big fellow’s complexion changed. He turned and said, “Yang Baizhan, you are too late! The fire kirin is mine!”

    Yang Baizhan wore a mottled set of armor. His body was thin and his appearance ordinary. But, a divine light occasionally flashed in his eyes, like a sharp arrow that made one’s heart shiver.

    “It’s yours? Then take it out.”

    Qin Yu’s thoughts raced. He respectfully replied, “I am Qin Yu. I greet Senior Yang.”

    Yang Baizahn smiled. “You are Qin Yu? You have the fire kirin?”

    Qin Yu nodded, “Yes.”

    “That’s good then. Sell the fire kirin to me. Whatever you want, just tell me.” Yang Baizhan flourished his hands.

    The big fellow was enraged. A wild aura broke free from his body, making it seem as if he had transformed into a giant beast. “Yang Baizhan, don’t push things too far! I came here first so the fire kirin is mine!”

    Yang Baizhan stood in sharp contention. Swift and fierce spear intent shot into the skies, as if even the world itself would be pierced through. “Don’t give me that first-come first-served crap. If you want to fight then let’s do it!”

    “Cough, cough, you two are quite angry right now. How about we sit down like civilized people and discuss ownership of the fire kirin?” Another person stepped into the tent.

    Three Divine Soul realm cultivators were now standing in the tent. Their auras faintly struggled with each other, making the air so thick that those within wanted to cry.

    Just what are you all trying to do!?

    Not too far away, Wang Yuanan nearly gnashed his teeth to the roots. He roared out in his heart, “That’s mine, that should be mine, all of this should be mine!”

    Damned Qin Yu, you bastard, scumbag, I definitely won’t let you go!

    However, his eyes couldn’t help but fall onto the Divine Soul powerhouse who had just arrived. He hoped that person could smoothly buy the fire kirin.

    To him, this was far too important. Even if he had to pay a greater price, he couldn’t allow an accident to occur.

    But as he thought about the large amounts of wealth he would have to use up because of Qin Yu, Wang Yuanan shivered with anger.