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Chapter 281 - Reques

Refining the Mountains and Rivers

    The big fellow was the first to quote a price. “Qin Yu, I will give you 1000 points for the fire kirin!”

    The beast hunters who were drawn here all sucked in a deep breath, envy in their eyes.

    Heavens, 1000 points! One had to hunt down and kill 50 Nascent Soul level monster beasts to obtain that many points.

    This amount was already astonishing!

    Yang Baizhan sneered. “You want to obtain the fire kirin with 1000 points? I will bid 1500 points! Qin Yu, I will not try to deceive you. To pay this amount of points to purchase the fire kirin, you will absolutely not experience a loss!”

    The big fellow was so angered that his eyes almost popped out. Just a while ago he had exchanged for a secret body training technique and the 1000 points he offered were borrowed. He couldn’t increase the amount even if he wanted.

    He clenched his teeth and said, “Qin Yu, if you give me the fire kirin, not only will I give you 1000 points but I will even give you a group membership and allow you to join my team. Not only will you be far safer, but you can join a squad to hunt and kill monster beasts in the future, obtaining steady streams of points!”

    Yang Baizhan frowned. A group membership was extremely costly. After all, only hunters with a rich level of experience could join their beast hunter teams and there was also a high requirement in terms of strength.

    But at this time, before he could even speak, the last Divine Soul real cultivator who arrived spoke up. He smiled and said, “Qin Yu, joining a high level beast hunter team might allow you to obtain more points, but at the same time you will need to experience various dangers. With your cultivation I’m afraid the dangers will be too deadly. So, I suggest you don’t accept the offer of that seemingly generous condition.”

    Wang Yuanan’s eyes brightened. This person was truly worthy of being his uncle’s advisor. His words had broken apart Yang Baizhan and that other man’s largest advantage. As long as he continued to offer more benefits, why would Qin Yu not agree?

    And indeed, the man’s smile relaxed. He continued, “I can give you 3000 points; that is almost the equivalent of a monster king rank monster beast. That is absolutely a great profit. What do you think? Can you sell the fire kirin to me?”

    Qin Yu was well aware that there must be some situation concerning the fire kirin that he wasn’t aware of. Otherwise, even though this was a high level monster beast, how could it possibly attract bidding from so many powerhouses? His instincts told him not to sell the fire kirin, but with three Divine Soul realm powerhouses waiting for him on all sides, if he really refused them then he feared there would be great troubles waiting.

    For a time, he couldn’t think of a reason he could give to refuse. He could only stand there with a thoughtful face, as if he were deep in contemplation. He hoped that if he dragged things on for a little longer, a favorable turn would appear. In the worst case situation if he really needed to sell the fire kirin, the more he dragged things out, the more powerhouses would arrive and the greater the chances that he could sell it for a higher price.

    Yang Baizhan shouted out, “Qin Yu, I will give you 2000 points and also a team membership! You should know that if you miss out on this chance, it will take at least two years until you can join a high level beast hunter squad!”

    The big fellow’s eyes hardened. “I need the fire kirin to cultivate. If you can help me, I will surely look after you in the battalion.” There was a deeper meaning behind these words. In simpler terms, if Qin Yu refused him, he had best watch his back in the future.

    It was an open threat!

    “Humph! Chen Taien, this is the Beast Hunting Battalion, a place of rules and regulations! Don’t push things too far!” The last Divine Soul realm cultivator said in a low voice, “Qin Yu, just make your choice. I want to see just who dares to move against you.”

    These words were very persuasive and charismatic, but in truth there wasn’t any practicality behind them. They were completely hollow words.

    Qin Yu revealed a bitter expression, as if he were nervous and frightened. At the same time, he was rapidly thinking over which person to choose. At this point, a voice sounded from outside the tent. “Captains, it looks like you’re all having fun right now.”

    The complexions of the three captains changed, all of them revealing shocked looks. Then they hurriedly turned and cupped their hands together, “Greetings, Counselor Xu.”

    Within the army, there was the position of advisor. However, these advisors were usually of low status and were normally dependent on other people. In reality this Mister Xu Jiao was also an advisor. But, the one he served was the person with the highest status within Beast Hunting Battalion, the Lord Commander, and he was also highly regarded by him. Thus, he had considerable status and was politely referred to as Counselor Xu.

    Xu Jiao cupped his hands together. “I came here by order of the commander to look for the one who killed the fire kirin, Qin Yu. I am here to ask whether or not he is prepared to go to the Beast Hunting Station to complete the delivery.”

    Wang Yuanan’s complexion paled. He never imagined that at such a critical moment, the Lord Commander would intervene. He glanced at his uncle’s subordinate, but that Divine Soul realm cultivator kept his eyes lowered as if he didn’t see anything at all. This almost caused his lungs to explode in rage.

    The big fellow completely changed his previously aggressive posture. He laughed and warmly smiled, “Since this is what the commander wishes, then I will certainly step back. I was a bit rash before, so I hope Counselor Xu can explain things for me.”

    Yang Baizhan nodded repeatedly, “I agree.”

    Xu Jiao faintly smiled. “The actions of the fellow captains are reasonable, so I’m sure the Lord Commander will understand.” As he spoke, he cupped his hands together, “May I ask, are you Qin Yu?”

    Qin Yu respectfully bowed. “Greetings, Counselor Xu.”

    Xu Jiao glanced around, revealing a brief look of surprise before he composed himself. “Qin Yu, the Lord Commander has sent out an announcement on the Beast Hunter Station, stating that as long as someone hunts down and kills the fire kirin, they can obtain 800 points as well as the rights to make one request of the Lord Commander. Of course, this request has to be within reasonable limits. The reason I came here today is to ask you on the behest of the commander, whether or not you would like to exchange the fire kirin’s corpse and receive the rewards from the station.”

    The surrounding people all revealed looks of awe and envy. Wang Yuanan’s eyes popped wide open, as if he wished he could dismember Qin Yu with his glare!

    Qin Yu’s heart skipped a beat. He finally understood why so many people had taken a liking to his fire kirin. The most essential point here was that reasonable request.

    This request was only limited to being within a ‘reasonable range’, meaning there was a great amount of leeway. Compared to 1000, 2000, or even 3000 points, it was far more valuable. If one considered this, then those three Divine Soul realm masters had taken him as a fool with their suggested price tags. However, with the vast disparity of strength between them, this was also normal.

    Qin Yu thought for a moment and then after a period of silence, he bowed. “I am willing to exchange the fire kirin!” This was a certainty. This could free him from his current predicament and also allow him to obtain the greatest advantages. Yang Baizhan and the others all knew that if Qin Yu wasn’t an idiot, he would definitely agree. Still, they couldn’t conceal their disappointment.

    Qin Yu continued to say, “It’s just that I need some time to consider what request to make.”

    Xu Jiao smiled. “Mm, this chance is precious, so you indeed need time to think about it.” He thought for a moment and said, “How about this. You can stay at the inn tonight. I’ll give you a night to rest and think about what you want. Tomorrow, the Lord Commander will call you in for an interview.”

    Qin Yu hurriedly nodded. As he looked around from the corners of his eyes, he discovered that the envy in everyone’s eyes had become even thicker.

    Inn…wasn’t that just a place to live? Was there a need to be like that?

    When Qin Yu was led to the place, he finally understood why those beast hunters were all looking at him with eyes filled with envy so thick it was almost hate.

    The inn was a place to live, but it was more than just pure lodgings.

    Sitting beneath dim waning lights there was a bevy of beauties wreathed in mist, all of them wrapped in a mysterious and seductive aura. Their eyes seemed to possess countless tiny hooks, making it difficult for one to keep their composure.

    The soldier who led him here had a voice thick with envy. “Counselor Xu has already made all arrangements for you. If you have any demands, feel free to ask.” He turned and left.

    Qin Yu was immediately warmly brought into the inn. But, what left the beautiful madam disappointed was that this fierce, dragon-like man who was also fresh and so delicious, actually didn’t reveal any change in his complexion. He refused the banquet and young ladies she had arranged for him and only asked for a room with absolute silence.

    He opened the door and entered. After dismissing the servant, Qin Yu closed the door, blocking out all the noise and chaos of the outside. He sat down and began to ponder on just what sort of request he could make that would be the most beneficial for him.

    Time slowly passed and the door remained tightly shut. Madam Mulberry, who had been observing all this time, revealed a look of astonishment before her eyes flashed with a bit of admiration.

    Her place was known as the grotto of ecstasy that could slowly grind away even the hardest of needles. And, things weren’t as simple as they seemed. Whether it was in the arrangements that were made, the atmosphere, or even the aphrodisiacs that constantly scented the air, everything here was meant to provoke and tantalize the desires of men to their limits.

    If someone could withstand all of this without being moved, this person definitely wasn’t simple.

    Madam Mulberry waved her hand. She called the servant over and spoke some words to him. Then, the servant bowed and left in a hurry.

    Soon after, Mister Xu Jiao received the news while reading through books. Following a moment of silence, he smiled.

    This junior was actually quite smart.

    The next day, things continued as scheduled.

    Within the room, Qin Yu opened his eyes, a sharp light flashing within them. A light smile lit up his face.

    He had finally decided on what request to make of the Lord Commander.

    There was a knock on the door. It opened to reveal the soldier who had brought him here yesterday. The man had a strange look on his face as he stared at Qin Yu for several moments and then said, “Please follow me.”

    He first met with Xu Jiao. Then, he had to wait for a long time for work to be finished before he could meet with the Lord Commander. However, Qin Yu didn’t have any opinion of this. This person possessed the highest level of authority within the Beast Hunting Battalion. To be able to meet with him already far surpassed Qin Yu’s expectations.

    The security was strict and stern. The door was pushed open and Qin Yu entered. He saw the rumored Lord Commander. He was a delicate and even pretty man who looked to be in his thirties, and who possessed an elegant bearing to him.

    “Brother Xu, this is the Qin Yu who killed the fire kirin?”

    Xu Jiao was warm and gentle to others, but the reality was that he was incredibly prideful and arrogant to the bones. However, right now he bowed and his voice was completely respectful. “Reporting to the commander, he is Qin Yu.”

    Qin Yu hurriedly bowed, “Greetings, Lord Commander!”

    His heart shook.

    This Lord Commander appeared average at first glance, but after sensing things a bit more carefully, he was actually horrifyingly scary. He was like a vast sea, completely unnoticeable when it was calm and balmy. But, once enraged, he would be like a wild storm with dreadful waves crashing about, capable of destroying all.

    Blue Sea realm!

    Moreover, this wasn’t an ordinary Blue Sea realm.

    Qin Yu didn’t know how strong this Lord Commander was, but there was one thing he was sure of. This commander was the most formidable powerhouse he had seen in his life so far!

    A light gleamed in the commander’s eyes. Qin Yu froze, feeling as if his entire body was seen through. “Mm, not bad, no wonder you were able to kill the fire kirin.”

    It was clear he had realized something.

    Qin Yu tensed and his breathing came to a halt.