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Chapter 288 – Nine Mystic Heavens Pill

Refining the Mountains and Rivers

    The two sides of a transmission array were connected together, forming a single body. Thus, when one end of the transmission array was destroyed, the array formation could no longer survive either. The dazzling light around Qin Yu had yet to completely dissipate when he heard a shattering sound. Then, what appeared in his field of vision was a shocked maid with reddish eyes and cheeks like steamed buns.

    “Miss!” She rushed forwards, but in the next moment she froze in place, all of the joy and excitement rapidly fading from her face.

    A hot liquid dripped onto Qin Yu’s neck, winding downwards. Qin Yu could feel the sticky liquid and the light smell of blood. He looked up to the frozen maid and said, “Hurry and call someone.”

    “Ah….ah…help, hurry and help!”

    He watched as the panicked maid almost tripped on herself as she ran out the door, howling and shouting. Qin Yu coughed, “This maid of yours, at least she is loyal.”

    The female cultivator wiped the blood from her lips and lightly humphed. “Stupid is stupid, you don’t have to mention it.”

    Qin Yu bitterly smiled. “I didn’t mean that.”

    “Humph, do you think I would believe that?”

    “The truth is the truth, the innocent are innocent.”

    “Like an old sexual pervert like you? Peh!”

    “Big sister, please control yourself!”

    There was the sound of many footsteps from outside the door. With so many people arriving with just a few words, it seemed this woman’s status was no trifling matter.

    Hualala –

    A crowd of whispering women surged through the door. The woman drew in a deep breath of the fragrance and then smiled, “Everyone’s here, eh?”

    “What are you all doing? Hurry and lift off Wei Ye!”

    Before Qin Yu could respond, the woman was taken off his back and then carried out the entrance. From beginning to end, no one noticed Qin Yu and no one said a single word to him, as if he were nothing more than empty air.

    Master Wei….tsk tsk, this woman actually had such an aggressive nickname for herself. Qin Yu lowered his head and looked at his tattered and bloodstained clothes. He bitterly smiled and walked out.

    He passed through a long winding corridor and an elegant courtyard, and then his surroundings widened. Qin Yu could sense a familiar taste to this construction style. He looked at up at the beautiful red lamps that hung up high and the enchanting fragrance that lingered on one’s senses. He finally realized where he was.

    The inn.

    This was the inn that Xu Jiao had arranged for him to stay at in the past, the grotto of desires. If it wasn’t for his powerful soul and self-control, he would have lost himself here. He naturally had a deep impression of this place.

    That woman actually lived here. Just who was she? Qin Yu wasn’t so stupid to think that someone as powerful as her would work a side-job here as a courtesan.

    Cough cough, of course, even if she was willing to do so, he didn’t think that there would be anyone brave enough to take on her business.

    The inn today was cold and desolate. Looking around, he couldn’t see the shadow of a single person. If it weren’t for the screens playing their usual drama series, Qin Yu would have almost thought that there had been some sort of accident in the Beast Hunting Battalion.

    He stood around for a moment. When no one came out, he finally thought that it was time for him to leave. But, how were that woman’s injuries? He hoped she would be alright.

    He shook his head. Then, according to his memories, he started walking out.

    However, he had clearly underestimated just how large the inn was and how complex the internal layout was.

    Due to his injuries, his thoughts were a bit hazy and disoriented and he actually lost his way. He walked for a long time but wasn’t able to find his way out. He looked up at all directions and thought that they all looked the same to him. As he was ridiculing himself, he suddenly heard some sobs. Moreover, the voice was that of a woman. Qin Yu thought for a moment. While it might be a bit disrespectful to approach a woman in such a situation, he couldn’t allow himself to continue meandering about like a headless fly.

    He took several steps forwards and arrived at a garden, outside a rock garden sculpture. Qin Yu lightly coughed and the weeping sounds stopped. After several times, a bun-faced girl with reddened eyes warily appeared.

    Yo, it was unexpectedly an acquaintance.

    The bun-faced maid’s eyes widened. “Why are you here!”

    Qin Yu rubbed his nose. He decided not to say that he lost his way; that was just too disgraceful. “Oh, I was just taking a stroll around. I think I’m getting a bit tired, so I wanted to bid my farewells.”

    The bun-faced maid was crying in sorrow so her thoughts were a mess. Even so, she still thought these words sounded a bit strange, especially with Qin Yu’s blood-stained clothes. However, she didn’t comment on it. She stood up and bowed, revealing her good upbringing. “Have a good day.”

    Qin Yu was stunned. This was it? Shouldn’t you be sending me out right now? Hey, little girl, how could you be so blind? What kind of maid are you!

    As his head hurt, a beautifully dressed woman ran over. “Congcong, the miss wants to see that man. Has he left yet?”

    As she turned across the rock garden sculpture, the woman caught sight of Qin Yu and was overjoyed. She grasped his arm and said, “Come, come, come, the miss wants to see you!”

    Qin Yu allowed himself to be pulled over. Since that woman wanted to see him, there should be some vital matter.

    The bun-faced maid followed close behind.

    As he was pulled along, his wounds started to hurt ache. It was clear that some of them were reopening. Qin Yu darkly chuckled but didn’t say much, because it seemed that things were a bit urgent.

    Outside a room, numerous women stood. All of them were incomparably beautiful and their eyes were reddened at this moment lending them a certain charm that enthralled the heart.

    Madam Mulberry saw Qin Yu and paused for a moment, obviously recognizing him. But, she wasn’t in the mood to say much. She nodded, “Please enter…Master Wei’s body is weak right now, don’t make her speak too much.”

    Qin Yu furrowed his eyebrows. He nodded and entered.

    The rich scent of raw medicinal materials filled the room. The woman had changed into white clothes and was lying comfortably on a set of warm bedding. When she heard the door opening she didn’t even open her eyes. She lazily said, “For better or worse we overcame a disaster together. I never asked for your name.”

    “Qin Yu.”

    “Average, sloppy, there’s no momentum behind it at all.” The woman curled her lips. “You can call me Master Wei.”

    Qin Yu fell silent for several moments. “Your wounds…”

    The woman said, “I can live on a bit longer.” A trace of smug satisfaction appeared on her lips. “I told you that I would die. This isn’t something you can control.”

    She seemed as if she had won the game or something.

    Qin Yu frowned, unsure what to say.

    The woman curled her lips. “I’m the one dying, so if anyone should be said, it’s me. Stop trying to ruin my good mood in my final moments. I called you here because I wanted to give you an explanation. After I die, tell things exactly how they were. Don’t hide anything and you won’t be implicated in anything.”

    She finally opened her eyes. After lazily looking at Qin Yu for several breaths of time, she dismissively waved her hand. “Leave, leave, I want to rest.”

    Qin Yu smiled. “Alright. I’ll come and visit you later.” He turned and left.

    The woman was stunned for a moment before she sighed and closed her eyes.

    Madam Mulberry said, “We are all women here, so we shouldn’t keep a visitor around. Congcong, send him out.”

    Qin Yu waved his hand. “Is there any hope for her?”

    Madam Mulberry frowned. “We will manage Master Wei’s injuries. There is no need for this visitor to worry.”

    The young maid that walked over couldn’t suppress her sobbing. Tears flowed down her cheeks.

    Qin Yu thought for a moment and said, “I might not have known Master Wei for a long time, but we’ve overcome a life or death disaster together. If there is any need, perhaps I can help.”

    Madam Mulberry’s complexion softened, but she still didn’t speak much. She shook her head. Just before she was about to turn and leave, the young maid suddenly cried out, “Madam, perhaps there is some way. I don’t want miss to die, I don’t!”

    The crowd of women all started to cry in unison, their sobbing wrenching the heart. Madam Mulberry wanted to scold them, but when she opened her mouth nothing came out.

    The young maid bowed, “Dear guest, my family’s miss suffered a backlash from her bloodline and now she can’t even move. But in the battalion there isn’t any way to treat her injuries. If things continue on like this, the miss, she…she won’t be able to last past this day….”

    Qin Yu’s complexion darkened. This woman….he recalled the overwhelming and tyrannical strength she revealed in the wilderness and sighed inwardly. No matter how he looked at it, he owed her a life.

    His thoughts raced. Qin Yu said, “Is there a solution?”

    Madam Mulberry’s voice sank. “Miss’s injuries can only be healed if she returns home. But, the key problem is that her body cannot withstand any transmission right now. The only possible method right now is to stabilize her injuries so she can be moved out, but unfortunately, within this battalion there is no way to accomplish that.”

    “Those alchemists that brag all day long in the battalion are all useless! They can’t even refine a Nine Mystic Heavens Pill!”

    “Big sister, that is a Nine Mystic Heavens Pill, a top level pill. Not even ordinary alchemy grandmasters are confident they can refine one.”

    “I don’t care! In short, they’re all garbage!”

    “And everyone outside is garbage too! They’ve operated for so many years and yet they can’t even find a single Nine Mystic Heavens Pill!”

    Madam Mulberry’s complexion darkened. “That’s enough. All of you shut up!” Her eyes swept around and the last woman to speak revealed a look of fear and alarm, quickly lowering her head.

    “Qin Yu, Master Wei’s current situation can only be saved with a Nine Mystic Heavens Pill. If there’s nothing you can do, you should leave as soon as possible.” In other words, leave now so you don’t get in the way.

    Qin Yu had a thoughtful look. “Nine Mystic Heavens Pill…”

    Madam Mulberry’s eyes widened. “Do you happen to have one? Or do you know where one is?”

    The bun-faced maid and the surrounding women all looked at him.

    Qin Yu shook his head, “I don’t.”

    This was just exasperating. If you don’t have one then why make such an expression!? It’s just so annoying!

    Madam Mulberry drew in a deep breath. “Congcong, see our guest out.”

    Qin Yu lifted a hand. “Hold on. I don’t have a Nine Mystic Heavens Pill on me and I don’t know where to find one, but if you have the materials I can try to…refine one.”

    The bun-faced maid’s eyes widened. What did you say? Did I misunderstand? The Nine Mystic Heavens Pill, that was the Nine Mystic Heavens Pill! Although she was of humble origins, she had followed the miss since she was young and had been influenced by her throughout the years. So, her field of vision wasn’t too low and she also had some understandings of the Nine Mystic Heavens Pill.

    This was a top level pill! No matter how serious one’s injuries were, after swallowing one they could ensure they would be fine for the next seven days.

    When they just said that ordinary alchemy grandmasters didn’t have full confidence they could refine one, in truth that wasn’t completely correct. To be more accurate, an alchemy grandmaster had a sub 10% chance of successfully refining one. Only those extremely strong grandmasters amongst grandmasters with incredible skills would have a 30-50% chance of refining one.

    Now, with Qin Yu saying that he could attempt refining one…this joke was taking things too far! Madam Mulberry’s face darkened. “Qin Yu, I’ve been treating you as Master Wei’s guest, so I’ve been tolerating you. Please leave now!”

    Qin Yu’s finger cut through space, leaving behind a trail of dazzling flames. “I am an alchemist; this I am not joking about. If you want, I can attempt. Otherwise, with this I will have tried my best, and if this woman dies I won’t feel as if I owe her anything.”

    Everyone fell silent.

    Madam Mulberry had a dignified expression. The fire he drew through the void just now might be required skill for all alchemists, but when Qin Yu displayed it, it seemed as smooth as flowing water and passing clouds. With that, she could determine that he was an alchemist. Could he really be confident in refining the Nine Mystic Heavens Pill?

    Logic told her that this was absolutely impossible. But with Master Wei’s life on the line, she couldn’t miss out on this thread of hope, no matter how small it was.

    Madam Mulberry clenched her teeth. “We only have three sets of materials for the Nine Mystic Heavens Pill!”

    Qin Yu thought for a moment and nodded. “That should be enough.”

    Madame Mulberry’s heart relaxed a little. Qin Yu’s decisiveness and calmness gave her a bit of confidence. But, his following words almost sent her into a rage.

    “I will also have to trouble you to give me the pill recipe and refining method of the Nine Mystic Heavens Pill.”

    What do you mean? Just what do you mean? You don’t even know the pill recipe and yet you dare say you can refine the Nine Mystic Heavens Pill!?

    Madam Mulberry’s complexion almost turned pitch black. She clenched her teeth, “Give it to him! Just give it to him!”