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Chapter 289 – Lose All Hope

Refining the Mountains and Rivers

    The inn’s speed was much faster than Qin Yu expected. In one hour, the pill recipe and three sets of materials were delivered to him in sealed metal boxes.

    Carefully looking over the pill recipe and reviewing the detailed refinement steps and techniques required, Qin Yu finally had some understanding of the Nine Mystic Heavens Pill.

    No wonder those women had given him an eerie suspicious look when he said he could refine this pill.

    He silently calculated. Even if he used all of his strength and every skill at his disposal, his chances of successfully refining the pill were less than one out of dozens. It could even be lower than that. If he also added in the time it would take to adapt to the refining steps and the fact that the materials for all three attempts would turn to waste, it would be impossible to even see a hint of the Nine Mystic Heavens Pill’s shadow.

    Luckily, when he refined pills he had never relied on just himself. If he counted on the little blue lamp, there should be some hopes of success.

    He opened the first metal box. Qin Yu saw this type of box when he exchanged for the Primary Pill Collection, so it could be imagined how precious the materials inside were. Of course, with how valuable and rare the Nine Mystic Heavens Pill was, even an idiot could tell that the materials needed to refine something like that were bound to be extremely costly!

    There were seven main materials and 13 supplementary materials. To ignite the fire, transfer the materials, and condense the pill, there were 18 other types of materials for a total of 38. After opening the metal box, a rich spiritual strength gushed out. Just by taking a breath, one felt refreshed and inspired.

    He sifted through the box. After making sure that all the materials were present, Qin Yu took a deep breath and said, “I will now begin refining the pill. During this time, no matter what happens, do not disturb me.”

    The bun-faced maid watched as Qin Yu closed the door behind him. Her pale face was so sad that she nearly burst into tears. This person didn’t even know the pill recipe and had only glanced over it for a moment before beginning to refine the pill. Since when did something like this ever happen? For better or worse he could have looked over it for a bit longer to give her some more confidence.

    The small trace of hope that hid within the maid’s heart was now completely extinguished.

    She turned and looked towards the back of the inn. The Madam was already coming up with every possible solution she could to help treat the miss. How was she doing now? At this time, not only was she not by the side of the miss taking care of her, but she had run over to see Qin Yu attempt to refine a pill. She was just so stupid!

    Within his chambers, Qin Yu swept his divine sense around. After not sensing anything wrong, he flicked his sleeve and took out the Fleeting Flame Furnace. This was originally Cang Mangzi’s pill furnace and even now Qin Yu didn’t completely understand what rank it was. But, it shouldn’t be too low. In addition, Qin Yu had used this furnace for the longest time and was most familiar with it. Right now it was his best choice for refining the Nine Mystic Heavens Pill.

    Even with the little blue lamp in hand, Qin Yu didn’t dare to be the least bit careless. This was his first time refining such a high level pill and he needed to mobilize every shred of skill he had.

    His finger cut through the air and flames ignited, falling into the pill furnace. The furnace’s array formation was activated, and heaven and earth spiritual strength was drawn in, transforming into flickering flames.

    Qin Yu opened the metal box and took out the first material. With a shake of his hand, he tossed it into the Fleeting Flame Furnace. If other alchemists knew that Qin Yu had started refining this pill not long after he read through the pill recipe, they would likely stamp their feet in anger!

    This was what had left the bun-faced maid wallowing in despair. If one’s own alchemy skill level far surpassed the pill’s difficulty level, then one could rely on their mastery and experience to directly begin refining it. But, if the difficulty level of that pill corresponded to an alchemist’s skill level or even surpassed it, then even if one didn’t consider the success rate, they still needed to practice simulating the refinement process steps repeatedly before they would dare to begin. And this was doubly so when it came to something so valuable like the Nine Mystic Heavens Pill!

    It wasn’t as if Qin Yu didn’t know about this. Rather, the key point right now was that he lacked time. The woman had suffered a backlash and might not live through the day. Even if he knew that there was almost no chance of success if he hastily attempted to refine the pill, he still needed to try.

    Because only by truly beginning the refinement process would he be able to familiarize himself with it in the shortest time possible.

    Qin Yu was expressionless. His heart was as steady as a still lake, without a single wave. His hands formed law formulas and he controlled the heat and the amount of heaven and earth spiritual strength flowing in.

    Soon, the first main material completely dissolved. Qin Yu flicked his sleeve and added in the second material; this was an auxiliary spirit plant. The refinement process was simple; all he needed to do was fuse them together.

    The refinement continued smoothly. Through his divine sense, Qin Yu could clearly sense that the two materials had started to fuse. He grabbed the third material. The moment the fusion completed, he would toss it into the Fleeting Flame Furnace.

    But at this time, there was a dull explosion. Qin Yu’s fingers stiffened and his complexion paled. He took back the law formula and the pill furnace’s flames were extinguished. He opened the top of the furnace and faint traces of black smoke wafted out, accompanied by a burning smell.

    The refinement failed.

    It wasn’t at the pill forming phase and it wasn’t at the material connecting phase. In fact, he hadn’t even completed the step of refining the materials.

    He failed at the second step of materials.

    Although he knew that refining the Nine Mystic Heavens Pill wouldn’t be easy, he hadn’t expected to fail so soon. This failure was especially heavy since he had believed there weren’t any problems at all and that everything was in his control.

    He furrowed his eyebrows and fell into contemplation for a moment. He took out the blackened waste materials and cautiously placed them to the side. For other cultivators, the materials produced from a failed refinement were completely useless. But, with the little blue lamp in hand, he had a chance to reuse them.

    He continued to refine.

    He took out the second material and soon arrived at the second step he reached before. Qin Yu’s divine sense erupted and he carefully discerned every change occurring within the furnace.

    And as he thought, as the materials started to fuse, faint traces of extremely weak rejection started to appear between them. This reaction wasn’t because the properties of the materials didn’t align, but rather because…the fusion was too quick.

    The first two materials used in refining the Nine Mystic Heavens Pill was one main material and one supplementary material; these were the foundation for forming the pill. Thus, the properties of these two spirit plants were completely conformed to each other. So once mixed together, they would fuse in the shortest time possible.

    However, this sort of hasty fusion would cause the properties of the two spirit plants to be unable to thoroughly join together. Instead, there would be a growing repulsion until it finally failed.

    Qin Yu realized this. He formed different law formulas with his fingers, slowing the perfusion of heaven and earth spiritual strength and reducing the fusion speed of the two materials. After slowing it down for a moment, he finally managed to perfectly fuse them together.

    There was good reason that the Nine Mystic Heavens Pill was so difficult to refine. Just fusing in the second material placed a very high requirement on an alchemist’s divine sense. Otherwise, they simply wouldn’t even have sensed the reason why they failed and would have only continued to fail again and again.

    There was no time to be happy. He needed to add the third material, and there were also 35 more after that.

    Qin Yu’s expression became even more dignified. He was only at the third material and he only had a day to complete the pill refinement. His original confidence faded by a great deal.

    The bun-faced maid placed her chin over her hands, a blank look on her face. Qin Yu had already been in there for over six hours. How was he doing now? Perhaps him not coming out would be the best result.

    The day gradually darkened. Today’s night was incomparably dark and heavy, as if it were formed of ink. Just by glancing through the sky, one felt an inexplicable chill in the air.

    The bun-faced maid shivered and she hurriedly lowered her head. She always thought the night wasn’t too auspicious so she didn’t want to look at it anymore. The miss would be alright, she would definitely be alright. She prayed in her heart again and again.

    She felt her mind turn fuzzy and hazy. After what seemed like mere moments, she suddenly heard the sounds of birds chirping in her ears. It was Big Sister Endive’s pet thrush. This little colored bird had recently entered its mating period. Every morning before the sun dawned it would fly up into the skies and let loose its throaty song, annoying everyone to death.

    Once she got up, she would certainly need to inform the miss and have her tell Big Sister Endive to gag that loud bird!


    The bun-faced maid was startled. She violently straightened herself and looked up. The sky was beginning to brighten. She pinched her round cheeks and felt a sharp pain.

    This wasn’t a dream, this was the true dawn!

    The bun-faced maid’s face twisted and she nearly cried. She had fallen asleep, she had actually fallen asleep! When the miss was unconscious, on the verge of death, she was sleeping! She wished that she could kill herself right now. She hurriedly stood up and ran to the door.

    The aura of spells spread out from inside. It was clear that Qin Yu hadn’t stepped out yet.

    The bun-faced main’s heart sank and she immediately began to panic. How come he hadn’t come out after all this time?

    At this moment, from the back of the inn, there were the sounds of weeping. Because it was so far away, one could only vaguely hear it.

    The bun-faced maid paled. “Miss!”

    Shua –

    Tears immediately fell.

    She raced over.

    As for Qin Yu…

    She should never have believed him. Because of him, she had lost the last night to accompany the miss!

    Miss, you must hold on. Wait for me to come…no, no, no, miss, you can’t die!

    All sorts of scattered thoughts were raging in her mind. The maid’s sobbing cries only grew louder as she ran over.

    She arrived at the miss’ courtyard. The cries really were coming from within. The maid’s feet softened and she almost dropped to the floor.


    She crashed into the room, sobbing all the while. When she saw the miss lying in bed, smiling and chatting with a ruddy face, she was stunned for a moment before being overcome with joy. “Miss, you’re alright! This is wonderful! This is too wonderful!”

    She turned and bowed again and again. “Thank you Madam, thank you big sisters, for saving my family’s miss!”

    Madam Mulberry and the crowd of heartbroken women around her all stiffened and revealed intolerant expressions.

    The woman smiled and scolded, “What great eyesight! If you hadn’t waited on me since you were a child, I would have already replaced you!” She beckoned with her hand, pulling the stunned maid closer. “Aunty Hong, I will have to ask you to look after Congcong later. She is stupid, lazy, and greedy. You will need to spend a bit more effort to find her a rich family with a good temper, otherwise I’m scared she will starve to death.”

    Aunty Hong, the one otherwise known as Madam Mulberry, squeezed out a smile, her eyes red. “Master Wei, don’t worry. I will take Congcong as my daughter in the future.”

    “Master Wei, we will also look after Congcong.”

    “Don’t worry.”

    “Master Wei, I’m not giving up on you!”

    The maid’s face drained of blood and her pitiful eyes widened. “M-m-miss…”

    The woman slapped her in the end. She laughed, “Miss your head. My chest is already so big, if you say I’m missing anything, are you mocking me?” A trace of sadness filled her eyes. She pursed her lips. “Listen to Aunty Hong from now and don’t run all over the place. Okay?”

    The maid shook her head, tears raining down.