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Chapter 235 - Are You Preparing To Give Me a Loving Encouragement?

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 235: Are You Preparing To Give Me a Loving Encouragement?

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    The middle-aged man stifled another laugh, and he nodded. “Since it’s been decided, we’ll go for now!”

    Li Yibo and the middle-aged man got up and left together, and the moment he stood up, Li Yibo looked toward Jian Qi and moved his thumb across his neck in a threatening manner.

    Jian Qi smiled. “Goodbye, officer! Have lots of rest tonight so that you won’t get eliminated too quickly tomorrow~”

    “Brat, you shut your mouth!” Li Yibo shouted angrily.

    “Also, you better use a facial mask tonight.”

    “Why?” Li Yibo furrowed his brows. “Do you think that I’m a sissy?”

    When he said that, his gaze subconsciously went toward Tang Jinyu.

    Tang Jinyu’s face was clear and he was even more handsome that Qiao Bo, but he was not a sissy at all!

    Jian Qi smiled, but as soon as she opened her mouth to speak Li Yibo wanted to fight her on the spot.

    “I just thought that it would be useful to take some precautions just in case your face gets beaten up so badly that you get disfigured!”

    Li Yibo ground his teeth.

    Was this girl not too arrogant?!

    “Jian Qi, was it? The first person that I’ll eliminate tomorrow will be you!” Li Yibo huffed and turned around to leave.

    After he left, Tang Jinyu looked over at the girl that had a satisfied smile on her face.

    “Congratulations, you made yourself another enemy.”

    Jian Qi held her hands to her chest and looked at him with a sad expression. “I only wanted to stand up for my Little Tang Tang, and you are bullying me like this?”

    “I’m just telling you the truth!”

    Tang Jinyu squinted as he talked to her. Were actors all like this?

    “Li Yibo’s participation in the eliminations wouldn’t affect the six people left behind, and the only reason why he would join this time would probably be to beat you up!”

    “Instructor Tang, why couldn’t it be him being beaten up by me?” Jian Qi replied with a devilish smile on her face.

    Tang Jinyu raised an eyebrow. “I hope you remember what you just said.”

    Jian Qi blinked before she asked, “Do you want me to beat him up casually, or beat him to death?”

    “You can go now!” Tang Jinyu did not reply as he looked back down and attended to his duties.

    Jian Qi stared at him for a while before the smile on her face widened in interest. “Instructor Tang, do you have any bad blood with him?”

    It was as clear as day that Tang Jinyu did not like Li Yibo.

    “You don’t need to open your mouth if you don’t know how to speak. Go now.”

    Tang Jinyu did not even look up as he gave her a cold warning.

    “Even though you won’t say it, but you can hand this matter to me! I’ll let him know that it’s the biggest mistake of his life to bully my precious Little Tang Tang!” Jian Qi patted her chest. “Just wait for me to get revenge for you!”

    Tang Jinyu’s lips twitched noticeably, and he looked up at her. “Drama Queen, stop the drama and get out, quickly!”

    Jian Qi winked at him before she turned around and left, and as she arrived at the door, he said, “Jian Qi…”

    “Instructor Tang, are you preparing to give me a loving encouragement?” Jian Qi turned around and asked with an expectant expression.

    Tang Jinyu pursed his lips and said coldly, “Just remember who you are at all times!”

    “What if they make a move first?” Jian Qi asked.

    “Would you bite back if a dog were to bite you?”

    Jian Qi laughed. “Instructor Tang, you have a pretty wicked tongue, who are you calling a dog?”