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Chapter 225 - That’s My Sea

Can't Take My Eyes Off You
     Chapter 225: That’s My Seat

    “I can’t believe that Nanjiang Medical University has a student like you with no respect for elders!” Mr. Qin’s face darkened, but he still chose to stand up at the very last second. He was not certain whether Jiang Yao would really turn away and leave when three seconds were up. If that really were to happen, the rest of the shareholders might blame him for screwing up their meeting.

    “How should I address this man?” Jiang Yao looked at the director and asked.

    “This is Mr. Qin and he holds a tenth of our shares.” The director explained immediately.

    Jiang Yao gave Mr. Qin a side glance. She thought to herself, ‘There’s only forty percent of the shares left and Mr. Qin alone owns ten percent. No wonder he is so full of himself.’

    However, a mere shareholder with a tenth of the shares dared to sit on the seat that belonged to the biggest shareholder who owned sixty percent of the shares. Was that man not too full of himself?

    “Oh, so you’re Mr. Qin.” Jiang Yao chuckled. “I got into Nanjiang Medical University with my actual capabilities and my good manners are well-known to the lecturers in my school.”

    Jiang Yao called Mr. Qin and tapped on the surface of the table with her index finger. She looked at the man in disdain. “This is the conference room for the shareholders’ meeting. As for our identities for now, we are neither doctors nor students and teachers. We’re businessmen now. Obviously, I’m not your student and you’re not my teacher. We are not even related and you’re lecturing me about respecting my elders? Are you sure that there’s no need for you to run a check on your brain at the Department of Neurology?”

    “Miss Jiang is right. Age doesn’t play an important role in the business field.” Mr. Feng was the first to chime in. Compared to Mr. Qin’s arrogance, Mr. Feng was better at reading people’s minds. He was able to tell that the young lady who was standing in front of him was not a person who would go easy on others.

    Therefore, he believed that there was no need to fight over such an insignificant matter at the start of the meeting. It would only be a waste of time.

    “Mr. Feng is indeed a wise man. Let us all forget about ‘respecting the elders’ in the business field, we will only become a laughing stock if we mention it and people will think that we have no common sense.” Jiang Yao spoke while walking confidently toward the place where Mr. Qin was sitting just now.

    However, she did not sit down when she was at her seat. Instead, she pushed the chair which Mr. Qin had sat away in disgust. She towered over them and glanced at the shareholders who were sitting in their respective seats. Everyone in the room was older than her but she mentioned that a person’s age had nothing to do with the business field. She was the largest shareholder and she wanted the highest privilege to speak before anyone else and give her commands as the highest executive.

    Nobody had ever tried to bully her in such a way throughout her entire life! The Zhang family who once bullied her had ‘vanished’ from the world.

    “Mr. Qin, don’t just stand there. Let us proceed with our meeting while being seated or else you will complain about me not respecting my elders again for letting you stand throughout our meeting.” Jiang Yao pointed to the empty seat on her right and ushered Mr. Qin. Once Mr. Qin was seated, she spoke again, “That’s right, everyone has their respective seats. We can’t just mess around or else things will go out of order.”

    “Hmph! Order! Aren’t you ashamed of mentioning order to us?” Mr. Qin’s face darkened due to anger. He had never imagined that there would be someone so disrespectful, mocking and taunting others.

    Mr. Qin believed that if Jiang Yao knew her place, she should sit on the seat he reserved for her once she had walked into the door. However, this woman embarrassed him and mocked him in front of everyone, calling him a moron. Despite being older, he could still understand what Jiang Yao meant by asking him to get a check-up in the Department of Neurology!

    Mr. Feng pulled Mr. Qin gently. He wanted him to calm down and proceed with their meeting instead of making useless attempts.