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Chapter 176 - Why Was She Shocked?

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 176: Why Was She Shocked?

    The document was a confirmation that Su Cha had claimed the award, which was a large amount of money.

    Su Cha was happy about the award and signed quickly after reading the document.

    Min Chen was standing aside her. Neither she or the principal found it uncomfortable.

    Min Chen also won an award and the principal asked her to sign a confirmation document as well.

    She seemed to be less thrilled since she did not need money and signed her name silently.

    After collecting their signatures, the principal praised and encouraged them to keep working hard and to become important people in the future.

    With their high grades, they were bound to have a bright future.

    The principal did not say anything about what had happened to Min Chen.

    After his speech, the girls walked out of his office together.

    Su Cha sighed to herself while watching the campus.

    It was almost summertime, but the high school students were still having classes. She could hear their chatter and laughter.

    She would attend the university soon, and it was time for her to say goodbye to her high school time as a part of her adolescence.

    She did not overthink and was prepared to go back home. After the contest, she was going to move to the Imperial Capital.

    But Min Chen was walking slowly in front of her, so she asked, “Which university will you choose?”

    It was just a random question. She felt that she should talk with Min Chen after what she had seen in the office.

    Unexpectedly, Min Chen stopped and turned over. She was getting better from numbness, but she was still upset.

    Su Cha thought that she would not ask, but Min Chen answered in a low voice, “The Imperial Capital University. But I was planning to study abroad.”

    Imperial Capital University?

    Wouldn’t we become schoolmates again?

    Su Cha was shocked but did not tell Min Chen. She just smiled, “The Imperial Capital University is good. It provides world-class higher education. There’s no need to study abroad.”

    Min Chen lowered her head, “But there are things that you can’t learn here. Anyways, I don’t need to learn them anymore.”

    Her voice was stuffy and cold. Su Cha could not tell whether she was upset or not.

    Su Cha thought about Min Chen’s mother and made a guess at why Min Chen could not go abroad.

    In fact, Min Chen was capable of applying for overseas universities even if she failed the exam. Why should she be punished for just losing the first rank?

    Su Cha could not relate to Min Chen’s mother.

    Min Chen said no more and nodded to Su Cha, “Good luck.”

    Her voice was unclear as if she was absent-minded.

    Su Cha nodded back to her. Min Chen turned over and left.

    There was no animosity or grudge between them. Su Cha was aiming at the first rank. She did care about its old owner.

    She had no history with Min Chen. With what had just happened to her, she even liked and felt sorry for this talented girl.

    Maybe it’s because we are alike?

    Her mother is utilitarian. And mine never existed.

    We are both unlucky.

    Even though her family is hundreds of times wealthier than mine.

    Although she sympathized with her, they would have no connection in the future if they could not meet again at the Imperial Capital University.

    Su Cha was more concerned about Min Chen’s mother. The woman looked like she had met her before. Thinking back, her look was full of shock.