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Chapter 177 - Came With A Buff

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 177: Came With A Buff

    A total stranger had made Su Cha full of doubt and suspicions.

    But Su Cha did not have much time to think about it and put it aside.

    After she arrived home, she logged on the website of Dreams in Progress and saw the report about her being an excellent student.

    They even congratulated her on the national college entrance exam.

    On the front page, there was a headline saying, “Congratulations to our Number 17 contestant, Su Cha who has become the top of Jiang’an Province!” She had become more popular and was about to surpass Le Anqi.

    And Le Anqi was an influencer herself.

    The audience really respected girls who could excel in study. And Su Cha had become the top in the whole province this time!

    She had broken the record for the highest grade in liberal arts.

    If she would become a star in the future, her fans would definitely brag about this all their lives.

    She was a really good student. Those stars who faked their grades could never compare with her.

    But there were many stars who also got good grades in the entertainment industry. Whether Su Cha could have her moment totally depended on her own performance.

    Su Cha went to the contest the next day. Many contestants knew about her grades and came to congratulate her, even though some of them may have felt jealous inside.

    “Congrats Su, you are the best!”

    “Top of Jiang’an Province. You are so brilliant!”

    “I respect you. Your voice is so beautiful. You look so pretty. And you are so talented in study. Su Cha, you are sure to rise up….”

    Some of them might attempt to cause her trouble, but those who had participated in the national college entrance exam this year did respect her truly.

    Su Cha thanked everyone who came to congratulate her.

    It was strange that even Jin Mou also came.

    These two words caused a shock inside the production crew.

    It was a fact that Jin Mou came from a great family. She was always high and cold and most girls disliked her.

    It was rare that she showed kindness to Su Cha.

    The video clips in which Su Cha said she liked Jin Mou had not been released. Su Cha guessed that Jin Mou did not know it, so…

    She could not tell Jin Mou’s intention, neither did she want to.

    Maybe she just wanted to congratulate her. That was all.

    After the official contest started, the host stood out and congratulated Su Cha as the provincial champion before anything else.

    Their performances were not very outstanding, but they had quite a few to reveal.

    The live show of the contest in Yonggu Town had started.

    Some of the fans would watch it online, while most local audiences would prefer to watch the contest in the Imperial Capital or the Magic Capital since there would be better competitions.

    Those who watched the local contest were real fans of the contestants.

    There were at least 3000 viewers.

    Among them, Su Cha’s fans started to emerge. They kept live commenting.

    [Congratulations to our Su Cha! How inspiring of her to have become the top of Jiang’an Province!!]

    [You are so dope! Respect!!]

    [As a bad student, I’m a little unconfident of myself to be your fan…]

    [What if my low grades disgrace my idol?? (lol)]

    [I will work hard to not lose the face of my idol!!]


    Although fans of other contestants also commented a lot, the analyzers of the show were very surprised to see those live comments about Su Cha.

    How strange! She has not made an official debut but she has already encouraged people as if she came with a buff for it!