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Chapter 178 - Live Studio

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 178: Live Studio

    Today’s contest appeared to be fierce.

    Only thirty out of fifty contestants would pass to the next round, which meant that twenty contestants had to leave. Those who wanted to pass but were less attractive had to do their best.

    It was the same rule that a contestant who got three PASS would automatically pass to the next round. Su Cha chose a happy song.

    With her clean and free voice, the song sounded more young and vivid.

    Su Cha performed well on the stage. She did not put on a poker face. Her gestures became more natural. With her strong charisma, she appeared to be extremely noble and powerful.

    Su Cha knew her strengths well. She was used to being powerful and could not turn into a cute style. She sang a happy song, but she looked like a lovely woman instead of a pretentious girl.

    Her appearance was totally different, but it would not clash with the audience’s taste.

    Su Cha had made the right choice. Her singing of the happy song and her sweet smile made her seem like a real woman happily in love.

    She did not try to ingratiate herself with the audience, but sang happily on the stage.

    She could sing any love song well while thinking about Bo Muyi.

    The audience started live commenting like crazy.

    [OMG, what a sweet love song!]

    [She’s not blinking her eyes or pretending to be cute. But she sounds so cute!!]

    [She’s like a little woman in love. But she looks confident and charming! I’m attracted to her!]

    [I can’t look elsewhere once she starts to sing. Her smile is just too sweet!]

    [Wait, why do I find her a noble person…Umm, not like a princess, but she is very eye-catching]

    […Hehe, she’s just a douchebag. She’s fake and unreasonable.]

    [What the hell? She sings so terribly!]

    [I’m glad to see some of the women’s jealousy in the live commenting.]


    Certainly there were haters along with fans. But they were few and could not stand out.

    The song got a good response. Quan Jia smiled with her and patted while shaking her head. Even the fans could tell that she was very happy and Su Cha would pass.

    After her performance, Quan Jia and Xu Cunjian raised the blue Pass Card directly. She was very appealing, which was good enough to enter the next round.

    Yu Siqing hesitated.

    As she paused, people started to whisper. The broadcaster located the camera on her. The audience could only see Su Cha’s back. At the moment, Su Cha gave Yu Siqing a faint smile.

    Yu Siqing trembled unconsciously. She managed a smile and raised the blue Pass Card slowly.

    Le Anqi screamed excitedly. The host also announced happily, “Congratulations to Su Cha to become the first one of Top 20 today. Our judges really think highly of you!”

    Live comments were also filled with congratulations to Su Cha. Only a few disagreed, but their comments passed quickly.

    [What was it? Did the studio cool down just like the live scene?]

    [I suddenly feel Su Cha’s back is strange. I can’t say how…but I felt cold.]

    [Does Yu Siqing dislike Su Cha. She was hesitant to give Su Cha the blue Pass Card. But isn’t she a hostess? Isn’t she just an amateur?]