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Chapter 251.4 - Why Kill Me! ?

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 251.4: Why Kill Me! ?

    Just as she was feeling like she was completely out of air and was going to die, the grip around her neck loosened, and air returned back into her chest anew.

    The next second, her tightly shut eyes slowly opened.

    She was lying within her own sleeping chambers, her back soaked in cold sweat. Within the spacious palatial chambers, a lone candle threw its flickering light over the place, and nothing looked out of place.

    But Qing Luo Yan knew what she had just experienced.

    She raised a hand to touch her neck, and could still feel a slight painful soreness.

    Had it been a dream, or did it really happen?

    Qing Luo Yan slowly sat up from her bed, and went slowly one step at a time before the window she had opened right when it had all begun. Her outstretched hand paused for a moment, before she slowly pulled it open.

    Rain was still falling, the sky still pitch dark. Nothing had changed.

    Has she really been….. dreaming?

    Qing Luo Yan blew out a breath to compose herself, and was just about to shut the window when she suddenly caught sight of something out of the corner of her eyes, and she shrank back in fear.

    Everything looked blurry and hazy under the wet night sky but when that bolt of lightning had struck over the horizon just now, it had lit the place up outside for an instant. She had seen a red piece of cloth, hanging from a sharp branch of a tree….

    On the other side, Qing Yu had just returned to her room. She took off the other layer of clothes she wore on the outside, and with a snap of her fingers, she summoned up a flame to incinerate the clothes, obliterating all evidence.

    An imperceptible smile curved up the ends of her lips, her phoenix light eyes bright with a strange glint. She just could not help but find it funny thinking about how frightened Qing Luo Yan had looked earlier.

    It was said that as long as one did not do anything wrong, one need not be afraid of knocks on their door at night. Seeing that look on her face just now, she must have committed quite a good amount of misdeeds.

    She was still engrossed in her thoughts when she felt pressure tightening around her waist, and a wide chest plastered itself against her back. The man’s long and powerful arm embraced her tightly, as he said in a low amused voice: “What are you scheming in your head that is making you smile so craftily hm?”

    Qing Yu was unable to do anything else but to stick her elbow into the man plastered against her back. “Let go. My clothes are all wet.”

    Lou Jun Yao wrapped his large hand over the young lady’s icy cold hand and said: “It’s alright. My body is warm, and I can help warm you right up.”

    It looked like he was not going to release her.

    Qing Yu could not help but roll her eyes helplessly. She had originally intended to go take a bath and now that this fella is here, she would naturally not be able to even mention that, or he would surely be capable of insisting on something like bathing together.

    As that thought ran through her mind, Qing Yu gathered up her spirit energy to evaporate the rain from her body, drying herself out.

    “How’s things? What did you do tonight?” Lou Jun Yao held her as he sat down on a chair, and opened his mouth to ask.

    Hearing those words, Qing Yu curved up the corners of her lips, her face brightening up in glee. “I played a good trick on that woman.”