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Chapter 252.1 - Unable to Escape Bathing Together

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 252.1: Unable to Escape Bathing Together

    Hearing that, Lou Jun Yao raised an eyebrow as he looked at her in surprise. “What did you do?”

    From what he knew, Qing Luo Yan was a careful woman with a suspicious nature, wary of everything that happens around her, who did not fully trust even the people who had served her for many years, not to mention coming to believe in Qing Yu whom she had already been suspicious of.

    “I added a little something to the incense she likes to burn everyday and crafted an illusory scene that would make her thoughts run wild.” Qing Yu said with a wink, the expression on her face looking very sly.


    “That’s right. Throughout the few days that I’ve been here, I noticed that although Qing Luo Yan possessed high and profound cultivation, she has an ailment that has troubled her for very long. She suffers from severe insomnia and needs to rely on burning incense that is mixed with drugs to help her to sleep.” Qing Yu went on to explain.

    Lou Jun Yao burst out laughing when he heard that. “Having done so many evil and shameless deeds, it would be strange if she does not have insomnia.”

    Qing Yu nodded, indicating agreement to his words.

    “Looks like what you told me before is true. She saw two people in her dream. One was the elder sister she felt most guilty and remorseful towards, and the other person was my mother. And she seems to be rather sensitive to the colour red, because that is my mother’s favourite colour.”

    “That is correct. And Aunt Lan has been an existence she has always been jealous of.” Lou Jun Yao nodded and replied.

    Qing Yu curved up her lips and a strange glint flashed in her eyes. “She will not let the matter rest like this. She will definitely investigate further. Cang Jian had been involved in this matter and if Cang Jian is not able to give her a reasonable explanation, she will start to become suspicious of Cang Jian. When they start to drift apart, then it will be time for me to make my entrance.”

    “You are seeking to get rid of Cang Jian who is the most loyal to her? But Cang Jian had even gone on to betray the godly lord for her back then, I fear that it will not be easy to drive a wedge between them.”

    “Of course you will not be able to incite distrust between them with just one incident.” Qing Yu raised her hand up to rub at her chin and started to say slowly: “Cang Jian’s greatest virtue is that he is able to predict the future by studying the stars, possessing an ability that most others do not have, and his premonitive powers are greater than anyone else in the divine temple.”

    “It is said that people who cultivate the study of priesthood are born with another Heavenly Eye, but it is invisible to other people. But….. If Cang Jian comes to lose that eye, will Qing Luo Yan still have any need for him?” Qing Yu said with a sinisterly chilling smile.

    Lou Jun Yao’s gaze could not help but turn deep. [When this little one here wants to be ruthless, not many are able to match up to her.]

    A Priest without the Heavenly Eye, was as good as a cripple. As they were blessed with extraordinary powers through their sight, if their Heavenly Eye were to suffer damage, their normal eyes would be damaged as well, to become a blind and useless person.