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Chapter 252.2 - Unable to Escape Bathing Together

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 252.2: Unable to Escape Bathing Together

    Lou Jun Yao was not worried that the young lady would be disadvantaged in this place as her mind was really just too clever and she had quite a number of hidden trump cards on her as well. Maybe except for Qing Luo Yan herself, probably no one in this place would be able to do anything to her. Besides, before Qing Luo Yan was able to determine her identity, Qing Luo Yan would not do anything to her too carelessly.

    Just as they were talking to each other, Qing Yu suddenly felt a tingle in her nose and then let out a great big sneeze.

    Her body shivered a couple of times and she felt a little cold.

    Lou Jun Yao’s eyes darkened as he came to discover that though her clothes were dry, her head of long black hair was still dripping wet, with beads of water falling off from the end.

    Although the season had turned into the beginning of spring, it was still a little chilly at night. Lou Jun Yao looked at her rubbing her nose innocently and he could not help but stare a little perplexedly at her, before he grabbed at her arm and pulled her to walk off into a particular direction.

    Qing Yu was initially a little confused. But when they reached the place after a short while, she was a little stunned by what she saw.

    Right before her, was a wide and expansive hot spring pool with steam rising in lazy swirls above the water’s surface.

    “This is a naturally formed hot spring and its water holds robust spirit energy. Go in and have a soak to drive out the chill.” Lou Jun Yao was already pulling her forward as he spoke.

    By the time Qing Yu was able to react, she quickly shook her head and said: “No need, no need. I am not cold anymore.”

    “Your body is still so cold to the touch and your telling me you’re not feeling cold?” Lou Jun Yao arched up an eyebrow to look at her.

    “I told you before that…..”

    “That you are born with a chilly body constitution? Then this will be the perfect opportunity for you to see if the waters can nurse your body back to health.” Upon saying that, Lou Jun Yao was not going to listen to any more of her excuses and he stretched his long arm out to push Qing Yu right into the hot spring.

    “Hey~ You…..!”

    Qing Yu was caught off guard and almost swallowed a few mouthfuls of water. The expression on her face was initially a little flustered till she discovered that the water was not that deep and her feet could touch the bottom, the water only reaching just below her neck.

    She could not help but feel a mild anger rise up as she glared angrily at the man. “I said I don’t want to soak! Why did you push me! ?”

    Lou Jun Yao stood above by the water and looked down appreciatively at the angry looking young lady. He then said in an amused voice: “Since you do not know how to care for your body, then I have to take care of it for you. Afterall….. you belong to me now and I have to be responsible with my things.”

    “Who did you say belongs to you?” Qing Yu snorted derisively, feeling a little awkward as she turned her head away, like she did not even want to look at the man.

    “Oh? You’re denying it now?” Hearing that, an obvious change came over the expression on the man’s face. His voice was sinister as he then opened his mouth to say: “Looks like I need to do something to refresh your memory a little more.”