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Chapter 252.3 - Unable to Escape Bathing Together

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 252.3: Unable to Escape Bathing Together

    The moment his voice fell, Qing Yu subconsciously sensed danger and she turned herself around thinking to run away.

    But the man was just too fast. Hearing a great splash of water, Qing Yu suddenly found herself caught in an embrace in the next second, being held tightly pressed against a hot and burning chest. A devilishly mirthful voice sounded above her head: “Where do you think you’re running off to?”

    Qing Yu did not dare move, her arms wrapped around herself as she said in a weak voice: “I wasn’t running away.”

    “Good.” Lou Jun Yao said as he squeezed the soft figure in his arm more tightly. “Let’s recall what was just said a moment ago. You said that you are not mine. From inside out, not even a single strand of hair belongs to me?”

    Qing Yu could not help but roll her eyes when she heard that and she muttered under her breath: “Strands of hair fall off all the time so how could I possibly watch to make sure my hair doesn’t fall.”

    “What was that?”


    You cannot blame her for being meek as they were in a highly remote and secluded spot without a single sign of anyone nearby. A man and a woman alone in a place like this and scantily clad while locked in an intimate embrace. It was a really dangerous situation.

    She had quickly dried her wet clothes out with spirit power because she did not want this fella to use that as an excuse to ask her to take a bath. But now, she had unintentionally sneezed and she was immediately brought here to take a couple bath!

    “Didn’t you want me to soak in the water to purge the chill out from my body? Why have you jumped in yourself as well…..” Qing Yu squirmed as she protested, as the man’s body felt just too hot, which made her feel a little uncomfortable.

    Inside the hot spring and holding the young lady whose clothes were soaked through, when the young lady squirmed, Lou Jun Yao felt a fire rise within his body and he had nowhere to vent it out. Having no other choice but to endure it, he squeezed the young lady’s hand and his voice sounded a little hoarse as he said: “I was quite in the rain earlier as well and I might have caught a cold as well.”

    To the man who had never once caught a cold for the past two hundred over years, if he were to really catch a chill with this little one here, he thought that it might be something rather interesting to see.

    “Then release me and go over to the other end. How am I going to get a good soak with you holding me like this?” Qing Yu asked as she bit her lips slightly, her hand reaching around to pull off the man’s large hand around her waist.

    “No can do. I do not know what kind of unknown dangers could be lurking in the water and if I am too far away from you, I will not be able to protect you in the first instance something happens.” Lou Jun Yao bluffed confidently, his eyes not even blinking.

    Not to mention that there wasn’t any kind of danger in the hot spring, but with his skills and incredible speed, he didn’t sound all that convincing.

    How could Qing Yu not know that he was spouting absolute nonsense. She clicked her tongue and retorted: “I am capable of protecting myself if I happen to encounter any danger. Don’t think that I am really that weak and defenseless.”