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Chapter 253.1 - Gentle, Tender, and Heartwarming

Black Bellied Belle: Demon Lord, Bite the Bait Please
     Chapter 253.1: Gentle, Tender, and Heartwarming

    Lou Jun Yao was extremely blessed. Not only was he born with a countenance that made women fall head over heels with, even the skin on his hands were smooth and tender without the slightest blemish or callus. When his fingers ran lightly over her bare skin, they elicited an electrifying and numbing feeling.

    Qing Yu immediately felt the temperature in the body rise up further and she felt her face burn. She bit down on her lip and it was after she deliberated for a long while that she was able to say in a barely audible whisper: “Can you keep a further distance away from me…..”


    Lou Jun Yao murmured as he lay his head lazily upon the young lady’s shoulder that gave off a mild fragrance. Although he had not taken all his clothes off earlier, they were now still in complete disarray, revealing a little bit here and barely covering in another place, an indescribably sexy sight.

    Qing Yu could feel that he was sticking to her even more tightly and she could not help but show an embarrassed expression on her face. “Didn’t you say that you’ll let me get a good hot soak myself?”

    “Yes, I had wanted you to soak by yourself, but you were protesting so vehemently, so I had no choice but to come down and accompany you.” Lou Jun Yao went on to explain.

    But his roving hands did not stop, like they were picking on the strings of a zither, teasing tantalizingly over the young lady’s back.

    “What are you hands doing?” Qing Yu did not dare move but tried her best to cover her own body with her two hands, asking the man through tightly clenched teeth.

    Never had she ever expected that after her anger tinged words came out from her mouth, the man would actually use them to come up with such an incredibly self justified reason for his actions!

    “I’m trying to see if there are any marks left from your previous injury. If I do find any, that would mean that Bai Zhi Yan’s healing skills have deteriorated again and I will punish him when I go back.”

    How could this man possibly say something so utterly shameless? It was enough that he was shameless, but he was even dragging Bai Zhi Yan into it to carry part of the blame!

    Really have to pity Bai Zhi Yan, that he was serving such an unconscionable master.

    Qing Yu cursed inwardly in her heart and then scoffed coldly to say: “You have had a good clear look already, so you can let go of me now right?”

    Lou Jun Yao looked at the carefully wary little figure before him and he could not help but find it amusing. “What is making you get so nervous? I will not eat you up you know?”

    “Don’t you know that a man and a woman must refrain from direct skin contact? Moreover…..” Qing Yu hesitated for a moment speaking up to that point, like she was finding it hard to put it into words. “You have destroyed my clothes and your current actions really makes it very difficult for my mind to not think in that way.”

    The smile at the corners of Lou Yun Yao’s mouth then deepened. He leaned in close to the young lady’s ear and with his magnetically alluring voice that carried a hint of raspiness, he said: “It’s good that you possessed such awareness. You must remember to keep your distance from all male creatures in future but you can be as intimate as you want with me. Afterall….. I am your man, your one and only man.”