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Chapter 236 - How Could You Do This To Your Love Rival?

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 236: How Could You Do This To Your Love Rival?

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    Tang Jinyu noticed the error in his words and was about to correct himself before Jian Qi spoke with a creepy smile. “I wouldn’t bite them back, I would kill them!”

    Tang Jinyu breathed deeply. “Don’t do anything too radical!”

    “Of course, would such a gentle beauty as I do something so violent?” Jian Qi fluttered her eyelashes innocently.

    Tang Jinyu could only sigh!

    ‘Young lady, do you have any misconceptions about the word gentle?’

    Jian Qi left.

    When she got to the training ground again, everyone was practicing hard, knowing that the eliminations were extremely important.

    Everyone knew what it meant to stay in the top six!

    They would be the cream of the crop!

    Jian Qi walked toward the shooting range, and she continued practicing her reflexes and shooting skills.

    When Lu Yao came over, Jian Qi had just finished a round of shooting and was disassembling and reassembling her gun.

    He looked at the results, and all of the shots were fired on the bullseye.

    Lu Yao walked over to her and spoke in a calm tone. “People say that legendary gunmen are born on the battlefield, but that doesn’t seem to be the case with you!”

    Jian Qi reloaded the cartridge and aimed the gun directly at the target before pulling the trigger.

    It hit the bullseye as expected!

    “That isn’t a wrong statement, Instructor Lu. Sometimes, things aren’t as easy as they seem! There aren’t any true geniuses in this world that can become better without doing anything!”

    Lu Yao raised his eyebrows in surprise. “It’s rare that such a humble statement would come from you!”

    This girl had always been arrogant and narcissistic beyond belief after all.

    Jian Qi put down the gun and stood there, and even such a movement seemed cool and practiced.

    “Instructor Lu, I’m a person with deep thoughts, you know? Even though I’m great, it’s not only on the outside but on the inside too!”

    1Lu Yao. “…”

    He regretted even thinking that she could be humble!

    “See, I wanted to be low-profile and humble, but you praised me and lifted my spirits so much that I’m narcissistic again!” Jian Qi smirked. “Don’t worship me, I’m just a legend after all.”

    Lu Yao. “…”

    Why was she so shameless!

    He only praised her a little and she was already so arrogant about it!

    Lu Yao walked to the side and started practicing too, not wanting to talk to a certain someone anymore.

    Jian Qi looked at his reaction and smiled. “Instructor Lu, do you worship me so much that you don’t even know what to say anymore? Don’t feel too pressured even if the great and vastly talented Jian Qi is by your side! I don’t have any advantages over you after all.”

    As she spoke, Lu Yao felt as if something was not right.

    Then, he heard her speak with a somewhat gloomy tone, “Instructor Tang isn’t susceptible to anything, and is the most insensitive man on the face of the earth as you said! You understand him so well! Why don’t you give me a few tips and some stories about Instructor Tang as my love rival?”

    The moment she said so, Lu Yao’s expression darkened.

    “Jian Qi, do you want me to shoot you right now?!” Lu Yao gritted his teeth.

    “Instructor Lu, that wouldn’t be nice of you to do that, would it? How could you do something to get rid of the competition for Instructor Tang’s love? How could you do something like that, I thought we had an agreement!” Jian Qi asked, and her tone was dead serious.

    Lu Yao. “…”

    Who on earth would make an agreement with you?!