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Chapter 232 - Its her? (2)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 232: It's her? (2)

    After she went through everything, she was no longer surprised, but enraged!

    How could Rong Wang be described as a beast? He was no better than a swine or a dog. He's a jerk. If things were set in the ancient times, he'd be the kind to be executed by having five horses tear his body apart!


    The anonymous whistleblower was the person that had come to pick her up at the nightclub's entrance that day. It was Rong Wang's assistant, Mei.

    Mei hailed from a small village. Her family was very poor, so she had to stop studying when she reached eighteen years old. Since she was pretty and liked to perform, she moved to the city to strive for a better life. Without a prestigious background, however, she couldn't make a mark in the entertainment industry. To survive in this economy, she had no choice but to apply for a position as someone's assistant.

    As per the company's arrangements, the person she was to work for was Rong Wang, whose career was at an all-time high. Moreover, she was hand-picked by Rong Wang himself. Everyone had said she was extremely lucky to have the opportunity to work alongside such a popular celebrity.

    It turned out that it was when her nightmare began. On the very first day of working as his assistant, Rong Wang had drugged and raped her. Back then, she felt helpless and wanted to call the police. However, Rong Wang threatened her with her job. With his power and wealth, he also threatened her using her parents.

    If she didn't go with what he said, he wouldn't just make sure that she wouldn't be able to work in the industry any longer. Her parents could also forget about going about their peaceful lives!

    Since then, she dared not go against him. Rong Wang would scold and beat her up at every turn. She was even forced to become a slave for him to vent his sexual frustrations!

    She had also been forced to abort three children. This made it hard for her to become pregnant again in the future.


    Xu Weilai took in a few deep breaths before finally being able to suppress the rage boiling within her. She couldn't even imagine how disheartened Mei must have felt. Staying by Rong Wang's side everyday must have felt like being in the darkest depths of Hell, surrounded in endless darkness and pain.

    She swore that if she wasn't able to crush Rong Wang, she wouldn't stay in this profession anymore!

    Even so… she couldn't do this alone!

    Tapping her fingers across the keyboard, she sent another email over to Big Boss.

    [ Big Boss, I would like to apply for a guard for the witness. ]

    She got a quick reply.

    [ Alright. Contact Qiao Chu, he'll make the arrangements. ]

    First, Xu Weilai gave Qiao Chu a call. Once arrangements were made, she dialed the number listed on the document to call Mei. However, no one picked up.

    Even after multiple calls, the result was the same. Thus, she stopped calling and prepared to make her way over to her residence in the morning tomorrow!

    The next day…Read more chapters at L

    Qiao Chu drove over to pick her up, looking as gentlemanly as ever. After getting in the car, Xu Weilai greeted him courteously before the two set off to the residence that Mei had rented.

    It was in an old residential district. The building was a blighted property that didn't have a lift. Even the lights in the corridors of the building were broken.

    Logically speaking, her salary shouldn't be too low after working alongside Rong Wang for so long. It seemed unlikely that she wouldn't be able to afford to live in an area with slightly better living conditions…

    The two made their way to her apartment. Only after knocking on the door for a good while did Mei open the door. She looked extremely haggard, even her face had lost color. At first, she gave them a puzzled look, then her gaze fell onto Xu Weilai. Shock flashed past her eyes as she moved to close the door instinctively.

    At that moment, Xu Weilai knew that Mei recognized her and probably guessed her intentions for coming to meet her. She held onto the door swiftly and questioned her bluntly, "Mei, how long are you intending to hide? Until that beast kills you?"

    "I don't know what you are talking about. I don't know you guys. Please leave!" As she spoke, Mei moved to close the door shut with great force.

    Without a second thought, Xu Weilai stretched her hand out, and the door slammed into her hand.