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Chapter 257 - The Puppy Boys Little Scheme~

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 257: The Puppy Boy's Little Scheme~

    After sending the message, there was nothing but silence from Huo Beichen.

    As she waited for his reply, Ning Meng heard a weak voice coming from beside her.


    Ning Meng's attention was now fully on the poor puppy boy again. "You're awake! How are you feeling? Are you feeling better now?"

    God cracked a smile before closing his eyes. "Yes, I'm feeling a lot better now. I think the fever is gone now. Thank you, sis. If it weren't for you, I might not have been able to survive this."

    "Oh, you jest! You'll live. Without me, you'll still be able to live very well!"

    Ning Meng was not lying. In the novel, even without any intervention from Original Ning Meng, God had still been able to become an E-sports God!

    Seeing that the boy was now fine, Ning Meng ordered "Step Hen" to stay with him.

    "I've got a meeting with a film director this afternoon, so, I have to go now. Be a good boy and get some rest. I'll visit you later and we'll have dinner together, okay?"

    God nodded his head obediently.

    After seeing that Ning Meng had left the room, God put his hand into his pocket and took out two pills of antipyretics. It was all a scheme from him.

    God had never believed the empty promises from Han Feng. Deep down, he knew that they were never going to allow him to participate in the official games.

    Thus, he had taken a cold shower in the middle of the night and then opened the window, allowing the cold autumn winds to blow on his face.

    After feeling some hazy dizziness, God then closed the window and sat at his desk. As he sat down, he took out his phone and switched on an audio recording app that he had prepared. By doing so, he was able to record the conversation between Han Feng and the manager.

    His original plan had been to swallow the pills at the very last minute and then use the recorded conversation to either threaten the E-sports club to allow him to participate in an official match or allow him to terminate the contract peacefully.

    Yet, just as he was about to swallow the pill on his bed, God had heard a loud noise outside, and then, he had heard Sis Ning Meng's voice!

    It was then that he decided to put away the pills and allowed himself to pass out.

    Clouded by dizziness, God could make out very little from what was happening along the way. All he knew was that he had heard his sis defending him verbally… and then, she had punched that Young Master Lu… afterward, she had hurriedly brought him to a white building… and the next thing he knew, he was surrounded by people clad in white clothes…

    Laying on the bed, God threw the antipyretics into the trashcan nearby. Staring at the ceiling, God felt a warmth surging in his heart.

    If… if he were to never get better and stayed glued to the sickbed, would Sis stay by his side forever…?

    And also, would Sis be able to help him if he did not mention anything about the recording?Read more chapters at L

    Ning Meng did not know just how much thoughts this seemingly naive, feeble puppy boy had in his mind as she walked out of the hospital.

    After having some food, Ning Meng took a taxi back to the hotel to fetch Li Shiyao.

    The director's workshop was not too far from the hotel—all they needed to do was to take a short subway trip.

    Upon entering the subway, Ning Meng checked her phone.

    Still, no replies from Huo Beichen.

    Ning Meng frowned as she prepared to send another message, however, she was forced to put her phone away because the subway train had just arrived.

    As she walked through the door halfway, she felt someone pushing her from behind, and as she struggled to keep her balance, Ning Meng saw a couple dash into the train.


    Ning Meng threw a confused look at the two.

    ‘What's the rush? The train isn't going anywhere soon.'

    Without saying a word, she scanned the inside of the train for some seats. After locating an empty seat nearby, Ning Meng walked toward it.

    However, before she was able to get close to the seat, that same couple dashed toward it, the boyfriend pushing Ning Meng forcefully aside before shouting at his girlfriend, "C'mon, honey! We've got a seat here!"


    These two sh*t-heads!

    Before she could scold the two brats, Ning Meng felt her phone vibrate in her sweater's pocket.

    It was a message from Huo Beichen.