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Chapter 258 - You Are You

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 258: You Are You

    Ning Meng quickly checked the message.

    Lemon Extract: [No. Not "look like".]

    Lemon Extract: [I love you because you are you.]

    Awww~ it was so sweet that Ning Meng could feel her teeth melting.

    Just as she raised her head with a smile, coincidentally, Ning Meng saw the earlier couple sitting down on the seats. The boyfriend yelled out loudly, "What are you looking at, huh?! You did not sit on this seat earlier, so it's not yours!"


    What was up with this guy?

    Li Shiyao, who was standing next to her, tried to come up with a retort. "Mister, you…"

    The boyfriend got even more fierce than before, "Me what? What?! You must be a redneck from out of town! Here's a lesson for you. You fight for seats on the subway. You're not entitled to it, you c*nt!"

    Li Shiyao hid behind Ning Meng timidly. It was expected anyhow seeing as this girl was like a little squirrel, not someone who was gutsy enough to stand up for herself.

    Ning Meng patted on Li Shiyao's hand to comfort her. "It's alright."

    Then, she brought Li Shiyao to stand next to the train's exit.

    Seeing this, the boyfriend pulled up a smug face.

    Li Shiyao looked at Ning Meng in confusion. Ms. Ning Meng was not someone who would allow someone to walk all over her like that, what was going on with her today?

    A few seconds later, the train arrived at the next station. An announcement was made over the PA system, announcing that the train was about to leave the platform.

    Ning Meng suddenly turned toward the couple and said, "Mister, just a gentle reminder. You're on the wrong train."

    Then, pulling Li Shiyao out with her, Ning Meng hurried down from the train.

    After hearing what Ning Meng had said, the couple looked at the platform's sign to check, and lo and behold, it was true! They were indeed on the wrong train!

    Just as they were about to storm out of the train, the doors were shut tight.

    Ning Meng, standing at the platform, waved at the train elegantly. "Bon voyage~"

    The boyfriend could do nothing but to curse aloud on the train that he was stuck in. Too bad, though. Ning Meng could hear nothing from the train all the way from out there.Read more chapters at L

    Li Shiyao smiled at Ning Meng. "Ms. Ning, how did you know that they were on the wrong train?"

    "Just now, while we were waiting for the train, I heard them talking about heading to a concert. The concert is scheduled to be at Shanghai Stadium, so if they got on the right train, they would reach there in the nick of time."

    Looking at the Chanel watch on her wrist, Ning Meng smirked. "Now that they're on the wrong train, they'll be late for at least a dozen minutes, they'll probably miss the concert."

    "But if you didn't remind them, wouldn't they continue on the wrong train even further? That would make them miss the concert entirely."

    Walking out of the platform with Li Shiyao, Ning Meng responded, "Oh, no. I can't do that. It'll pain me to not see him get angry like a chimpanzee stuck in a tuna can~"


    Li Shiyao could not help but feel that Ms. Ning's words were absolutely correct. There was no way to refute it…!

    A few moments later, they finally arrived at the workshop. It was located on the third floor of an office building. Upon walking out of the elevator, they saw the director—Liu Miao's workshop.

    When they reached the front desk, Ning Meng saw a beautiful woman scolding at a bald middle-aged man. "Eat, eat, eat!! All you know is to eat! Look at you! You only have a few strands of hair left on your head! And that tummy yours. Look at it! Look at it!!! If you don't go to the gym soon, I bet you'll be paralyzed when you get older later on. And then… heh! I'll make sure to bring you to the town square so that you can watch me dance with other healthier old geezers!"


    Ning Meng almost let out a snigger after hearing this well-constructed roast.

    Yet, when she took a better look at the middle-aged man… hmm? This was the good middle-aged husband she had seen on the CRH!

    The middle-aged man realized that the guests had arrived, and so, he anxiously said to the woman, "Honey, dear, please say no more…"

    The woman raised her voice again, "Oh, you won't let me say it? Won't let me say it, huh?! You…"

    The middle-aged man anxiously called out to the reception, "It's Ms. Ning, right? Come on in! I'm Liu Miao."


    Ning Meng lowered her head to look at her phone. On the website, "Liu Miao" had a full head of hair. His face, although not as handsome as her dear hubby, was quite a looker too. The "Liu Miao" that had been promoted on the website was supposed to be a 35-year-old handsome man.