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Chapter 233 - My heart aches for you (1)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 233: My heart aches for you (1)

    Xu Weilai grunted under her breath, not even yelling out in pain as she continued, "I know you're afraid. Don't worry, I'm here to help you. I won't let that beast touch you ever again!"

    Mei gazed at her, dazed, before shifting her gaze to the swollen finger of hers that was slammed on. Just looking at it felt painful, she couldn't imagine the pain she herself felt…..

    As if in a trance, she let go of the door, "Why… are you doing this?"

    It wasn't any of her business, was it? They weren't related in any way, so why was she so persistent in helping her, so much that she was willing to get hurt?

    "Because, my heart aches for you, And… We shouldn't allow a jerk like Rong Wang to continue lying to everyone. He has to pay for all of his wrongdoings! Otherwise, there would just be more people falling prey to him in the future! I believe that you wouldn't want that to happen either!"

    Qiao Chu watched as Xu Weilai broke out in cold sweat from the pain. Yet, she was still trying her best to convince Mei. He had to say, Mr. Zuo really had a good eye, being able to find such a hardworking employee. In the beginning, when the young Xu Weilai wanted to join Z Magazine, he really had thought… that Mr. Zuo was just doing someone a favor by accepting her. It seemed then, that he really had the ability to discern greatness from mediocrity.

    Mei pressed her lips together, remaining silent. Numerous emotions appeared in her eyes. She seemed fearful, conflicted, and hesitant…

    Xu Weilai took a deep breath, and spoke once more with a gentle tone, "Mei, I know what you're worried about. As long as you're willing to expose Rong Wang, we, Z Magazine, will ensure your safety. Until Rong Wang ends up in jail, we will not let him come in contact with you. As for your parents, we will also make arrangements, to ensure that Rong Wang wouldn't be able to do them harm."

    "So, are you willing?"

    Mei remained silent for a long long while, before lifting her listless eyes, asking softly, "Can I really… trust you guys?"

    Once she exposes Rong Wang, he'd definitely not let her off. Her life was worthless. With her deteriorating health, it really didn't matter to her. But, she couldn't just disregard her parents.

    It wasn't that she didn't attempt to reach out to other media outlets secretly before. But, in the end, the issue was still covered up by Rong Wang. She was almost beaten to death because of that.

    But Rong Wang didn't allow her to die just like that. He hired someone to nurse her back to health so that he could continue doing whatever he liked to her. He didn't view her as a person at all. There were a few times when she wanted to commit suicide, but at the thought of her parents, who were both advanced in age, she decided that no matter how tough life was, she had to go on.

    Xu Weilai didn't say anything more. She stepped forward and brought Mei into her embrace. She was so skinny that she was all skin and bone. And, she even saw that the back of her neck had… bruises left from strangling.

    One could imagine how many scars were left on her body.

    "Trust me! Let us both send Rong Wang to prison!"


    Before Qiao Chu brought Mei with him, he glanced over at Xu Weilai's already swollen hand, and asked out of concern, "You really don't need me to send you to the hospital?"

    Xu Weilai waved her hand, as she chuckled, "It's nothing much, I can just go home and apply some ointment myself. I'll leave Mei to you, protect her well!"

    Qiao Chu nodded, "Then you be careful too."

    After watching Qiao Chu's car drive off, Xu Weilai hailed a taxi for herself, ready to head back to the apartment to prepare a press release. However, the moment she reached her apartment, she received a call from an unknown number.Read more chapters at L

    Xu Weilai raised her brow. Having a good guess on who was on the other line, her finger swiped across her phone screen, answering the call——

    It was indeed him!

    She remained silent, listening to what the person on the other end had to say.