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Chapter 179 - Let’s Travel Together As A Family

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 179: Let’s Travel Together As A Family

    The contest went forward very quickly.

    Each contestant sang a song and listened to the judges’s comments.

    But few members of the audience could keep watching it for the whole day.

    As the show went on, the number of viewers dropped from over 3000 to over 2000. The peak was once over 5000.

    It was just a division contest. Attracting so many viewers was not easy.

    Su Cha had been watching quietly after she got passed. Le Anqi did not pass and went to the pending area.

    All contestants in the pending area had to fight for the last three vacancies of Top Ten in this division.

    Le Anqi did not have confidence in herself, but she was still a little upset seeing the result.

    Once the contest ended and the live show stopped, Le Anqi held Su Cha’s arm and said worriedly, “I don’t think I can pass, Su Cha.”

    “Don’t lose faith. The result is not final.”

    Su Cha did not say nice words to comfort her, but her words took effect, “Just do you best to prepare.”

    Le Anqi was cheered up and nodded, “On!”

    Recalling the contest, Le Anqi wondered, “Su Cha, did Yu Siqing want to fail you? How strange that she could change her mind….”

    Su Cha curled up her lips, “I don’t know. Maybe she had a second thought.”

    “I’m not very concerned. They will take the audience into consideration when deciding the final Top Ten. You have many fans. You don’t have to worry.”

    Le Anqi had faith in Su Cha, so she did not worry about her either.

    Returning home, Su Cha received a call from her father, “The grades of the national college entrance exam have been announced. Why didn’t you notify me?”

    Su Cha frowned, “Why do you need me to notify you about it?”

    If he wanted to know, he could just search online. Since she had become the provincial top, there was news all over the internet. Su Mingzhe was too careless to find it out.

    Although they had become less connected, Su Mingzhe kept lowering Su Cha’s expectation.

    Her father was left speechless, “I…I was too busy. I don’t have time. When will you go back home? Have you finished your application?”

    Her father did not dare to ask more about her grades since he was in the wrong, so he changed the subject.

    Su Cha looked at the calendar. It was the 23rd. The last contest would be held on the 29th.

    Su Mingzhe and his family lived in another Province next to Jiang’an Province. It would take 4 hours for Su Cha to visit them by bullet train.

    She had to go back home and explain things anyways.

    So she just said indifferently, “I’ll come back tomorrow.”

    She did not mention that not only had she finished the application, but she also had received the offer.

    Su Cha did not feel like telling Su Mingzhe about it. It would be futile.

    “Ah, Okay…OK!” Her father was relieved, “Come back and have a good rest. You don’t need to attend the university soon. We can travel around as a family since you’ve graduated from high school….”

    Maybe he had noticed Su Cha’s change through their last calls and wanted to make it up to her.