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Chapter 237 - I Am Straight!

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 237: I Am Straight!

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    Lu Yao gripped his rifle so tightly that his knuckles were white, and he spoke through gritted teeth. “Jian Qi, you cannot come five meters near me from this moment forth!”

    “Awh Instructor Lu, are you shy?” Jian Qi laughed before sighing deeply. “I knew it. Love rivals can’t be friends!”

    Lu Yao immediately grabbed some earmuffs and put them over his ears, ignoring her completely.

    To this, Jian Qi could only sigh again. “I knew it, geniuses are bound to be lonely!”

    She did not continue to bug Lu Yao any further, and continued to practice her shooting.

    Lu Yao was quite surprised that the girl had walked away so easily.

    But this also gave him an understanding of the girl.

    Even though she was not serious most of the time, but she could still be counted on when it mattered!

    Lu Yao turned around and looked at the girl that was shooting with all her focus, but he did not expect her to seem to have eyes on the back of her head as she turned around as soon as he looked over. Not only that, she was aiming her rifle at him.

    Her head was tilted slightly while one of her eyes was closed, the other looking at him through the sniper scope, making her look quite cool and professional.

    If he ignored the annoying smile on her face, it would definitely be a sight to behold.

    “Instructor Lu, why did you look at me? Are you thinking of ways to kill me off?” Jian Qi raised an eyebrow. “You’re too insidious, Instructor Lu! How could you think of killing off your love rival and having Instructor Tang all to yourself?”

    Lu Yao could not even think of how to reply to that.


    He retracted his thoughts about her being professional and reliable!

    This person was just annoying!

    “Instructor Lu, I’m a professional! You won’t be able to shoot me from behind so easily!” Jian Qi shouted, but the laughter in her tone was only thinly veiled.

    The other comrades that were nearby heard this, and their reactions were just about as expected.

    Lu Yao and Instructor Tang?


    They should get back to practice!

    Jian Qi had already been trained by Instructor Tang to have thick skin, so she did not have anything to fear, but they would rather not get caught in the crossfire!

    They did not want to become cannon fodder after all!

    Jian Qi finished practicing and was about to move on to the next practice ground, and as she passed by Lu Yao, she took her binoculars and looked at his results. “Instructor Lu, bravo!”

    Lu Yao ignored her completely, not wanting to talk to someone that was clearly crazy.

    “Instructor Lu, we’re comrades even though we’re love rivals! Don’t you have to do something with that attitude of yours?”

    “Stand five meters away from me!” Lu Yao warned.

    “How could you be so cruel and heartless?” Jian Qi suddenly put on a sad front. “Why is this world so misogynistic?”

    Lu Yao breathed deeply, holding down the urge to make the girl disappear as he thought of getting as far away from her as possible.

    As he was about to leave, Jian Qi said, “Practice well so that you don’t get eliminated so quickly, I would rather you stay until the end!”

    Lu Yao was quite surprised by this statement, but because of it he was not that frustrated anymore, and he finally felt that he could breathe.

    Before he could finally sigh in relief, Jian Qi spoke again, “After all, wouldn’t it be embarrassing if my love rival was so weak?”