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Chapter 234 - I’m just messing around (2)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 234: I’m just messing around (2)

    “Xu Weilai, bring my assistant back! You don’t have the right to take her away!”

    News sure spread fast. That was enough to indicate just how much Mei had lived within the palm of his hand!

    Listening to how flustered he sounded, Xu Weilai tugged on her lips, not wanting to waste another breath on him as she spat out, “You want to meet Mei? Sure, when you get thrown into jail, she’ll be happy to meet you!”

    After finishing her piece, the breathing on the other line turned heavy. After a few seconds, he continued once more, “XX Teahouse, I have something for you. Don’t worry, I won’t turn up. Your life won’t be in any danger.”

    After hanging up, Xu Weilai told the driver the address. The taxi made a turn and drove out once more.

    At that point, she wasn’t worried that Rong Wang would do her harm. After all, if something had happened to her, Rong Wang would become the target of public criticism. He wasn’t foolish enough to shoot himself in the foot.

    Twenty minutes later, Xu Weilai arrived at the vacant teahouse. On the table were three stacked black briefcases.

    After taking a seat, she pulled one of the briefcases open. The briefcase full of red cash notes appeared.

    Xu Weilai raised her brow.

    Soon, her phone rang once more. She picked it up.

    This time, Rong Wang used a voice changer, so she wouldn’t be able to record the call to use it against him.

    Rong Wang said, “The reason why you’re pestering me, is solely because of money. Here’s thirty million. So long as you stop what you’re doing, and send that wretch back to me, it’s all yours!”

    She had to say, that tactic of Rong Wang’s, he really did understand one’s motivations.

    If he had just chucked a cheque her way, she probably wouldn’t feel that overwhelmed. But, he had presented such a huge amount of money before her. The visual impact that it had was simply… too much for one to resist!

    Xu Weilai stroked the surface gently. Aw~ She really needed money, and he was literally throwing money her way!!

    Picking up a thick stack of cash, she weighed it on one hand as she began to bargain, “Rong Wang, your net worth is ten billion. You’re intending to use just thirty million to buy back your reputation and future? Isn’t that too stingy!”

    Rong Wang scoffed. He knew that she would say that. In an instant, his tone changed into one filled with disdain, “Fifty million! You’d never be able to earn that much working in this industry for the rest of your life!”

    Xu Weilai pouted, “But, I’m now getting shunned by everyone online. I even got attacked by your fans, and have injuries all over my body. If I stop now, I’d get kicked out of the media industry, and lose my job.”

    Rong Wang gritted his teeth, “It’s set on one hundred million! Xu Weilai, greed will lead to your downfall. Be careful, you may lose more than you gain! Know when to stop!”

    One hundred million…

    An uncountable amount of money flew towards Xu Weilai. She felt that she was going to be surrounded by all that money. With that one hundred million, she would be making a huge step towards her goal of one billion!

    The tips of Xu Weilai’s lips lifted, as she broke into a huge smile, before her lips parted and she enunciated every word clearly, “One hundred million dollars, is really a huge sum of money. But, my principles aren’t something you’d be able to pay for, not even if you spent your entire fortune on me!”

    “What do you mean?”

    Xu Weilai leaned back, leaning into the chair leisurely, as she said lazily, “You still can’t tell? I’m just messing around, toying with you~”


    Even though she wasn’t able to see for herself the expression on Rong Wang’s face at that very moment, Xu Weilai could imagine, that completely enraged expression of his. The thought of it made her rage disperse!

    As predicted, Rong Wang’s voice resounded from the other line, enraged, “Xu Weilai, since you chose to go against me, I’m going to screw you over!”