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Chapter 259 - Author: Ning Meng

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 259: Author: Ning Meng

    Ning Meng thought that he was talking about the comic “Lifebloom” which had been published by her company, and so, she laughed, saying, “Maybe the author is me?”

    “Haha! You’re quite funny, Ning Meng.”

    Liu Miao may be plump, but he was quite nimble. As he led them both into the premise, his wife who was accompanying them laughed. “CEO Ning, could you not recognize him?”

    Ning Meng nodded, and his wife poked fun at him, saying, “That photo was taken two years ago. In these two years, he has gone bald and gained about 18 kilograms. He has clearly led quite a leisurely life!”

    Liu Miao nervously cut in. “Wifey, please give me some face.”

    His wife then laughed. “You guys go ahead, I’ll make some tea.”

    Ning Meng laughed out of courtesy. After making their round in the company with Liu Miao, only then did she realize that there were only two staff members, being the husband and wife duo. All the movies that Liu Miao had shot were displayed on one side. While conversing with him over the last two hours, Ning Meng noticed that he never stopped using the words “my dear wife”. They kept slipping out of his mouth.

    “What should I do if my dear wife wants to leave me?”

    Finally, he carefully asked her, “CEO Ning, I’ve not been successful after all these years, even my wife feels disgusted to be with me. I think for this movie…”

    Ning Meng put her foot down that instant. “I think you can do this, Director Liu!”

    A man who loved his wife this much would definitely be able to bring out the delicate feelings of the movie.

    Liu Miao was excited. “Really?”

    Ning Meng nodded.

    He became elated. “I will go for a hair transplant to celebrate this moment!”

    He took out his phone and started contacting the hospital. “My wife cares a lot about looks, what if my dear wife wants to leave me if I don’t go for a hair transplant?!”

    Ning Meng and Li Shiyao were rendered speechless upon hearing this.

    After Liu Miao had made his appointment with the hospital, he started to discuss the details of the movie with Li Shiyao. She had analyzed the script thoroughly and had even prepared a biography for each character. They discussed the feelings of the characters in order to give each of them a solid framework.

    Ning Meng lacked interest in this area and preferred to leave the meeting room. While on her way out, she bumped into Liu Miao’s young daughter who was gloomily walking in.

    His wife asked, “Hey dear, what’s up? Are you not happy?”

    The little girl pouted. “Mum, I used some money to buy a doll, but the salesperson told me that my money was fake. Because of that, she wouldn’t let me buy it.”

    The wife looked at the hand-drawn money clutched in her daughter’s hand and laughed. “Well, she wasn’t wrong!”

    The daughter was unsatisfied and yelled out, “As if her doll was real! It was fake, too!”


    Why did it feel as though her words made sense? Seeing as both adults were silent, the little girl sighed.

    “Whatever. The world of grown-ups is way too complicated!”


    The little girl walked over to the sofa in the resting area and cutely put her school bag down. She then pulled out a comic and immersed herself in reading it. Ning Meng went over and casually asked, “What are you reading?”

    “Ning Meng’s comic.”

    “Is it Lifebloom?”

    After all, Lemon Entertainment had only published one comic. The little girl shook her head.

    “Nope, it’s a comic series called “Young Huo’s Wild Girl”. It was said that this is about the author’s own love life~”


    Ning Meng was slightly stunned. She took the comic book from the little girl and saw “Author: Ning Meng”. As she continued to scan through the cover… Ning Meng’s pupils contracted and her whole body froze.

    ‘Is… Isn’t this my drawing style!?’

    In that instant, Ning Meng’s vision slowly turned black!