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Chapter 180 - No Change

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 180: No Change

    “Let’s put it aside.”

    They never treated her like a member of the family. She was invisible to relatives from her step-mother’s side during each Spring Festival. And her step-mother would seek her troubles.

    They stopped being a family the minute he left her alone in Yonggu Town.

    Su Cha did not turn him down, nor did she want to waste time with him. She hung up.

    She would go back tomorrow, but she did not pack much.

    She had to return before the 29th. And Su Cha also anticipated that she would not stay long.


    Jiang’an Province was next to Dongge Province.

    Dongge Province was a developed area in the southern part. Its capital city was the Water Capital.

    It had a nice environment and had attracted many talented people. It was good in geography and had a prosperous economy. Yonggu Town could never compare with this first-tier city.

    But as the capital of a province, it was far from Yonggu Town.

    Su Cha’s father had chosen to work here because of its good prospects. Nothing here could be compared by Yonggu Town. If he had also taken Su Cha here, at least she would’ve received a better education.

    Su Cha arrived in the Water Capital. Experiencing its prosperity and richness, she felt a little upset.

    She was unfamiliar with it since she had only visited it twice.

    Both were during the Spring Festival. She was not allowed to go back even during summer vacations.

    After she came to high school, she was busy studying and could not come even during the Spring Festival.

    Her father was the one who refused her. It was easy to find out who had asked him to do it. But Su Cha did not care at all.

    She did not want to come.

    She just had to clear up matters.

    At the station, Su Cha recalled the route to her father’s home.

    She did not want to remember it, but her memory had stored everything. If she wanted to know anything that had happened, it would come to her mind.

    Even the most trivial things were very clear.

    So she could not let go of her miserable past.

    Su Cha did not know whether it was a punishment or compensation for her.

    Su Cha almost arrived at the neighborhood when she received a call from her father, “Su Cha, you said you would come today. Have you set out?”

    Su Cha looked at the time. It was 5 pm.

    Her smile was cold and terrifying, “I’m outside of your neighborhood. Will you ask someone to pick me up or give the security a call?”

    Her father lived in an old housing, but it was near the city center and had strict security rules.

    Her father had bought it years ago with the public reserve fund offered by his working place and loans. As the Water Capital developed fast, the price of his home climbed up several times and would cost a few million yuan.

    “You have arrived?”

    Her father was a little shocked and said quickly, “Wait there. I’ll let your aunt call the security.”

    The taxi stopped outside the housing.

    She paid the driver and got off. Standing at the entrance that had an overall checking system, she took a look at the landscape.

    She died around the time period of the national college entrance exam in her first life, so for two years she had never returned here. Her memory was not refreshed either. But it seemed that nothing had changed.

    Maybe the people had also failed to change?