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Chapter 238 - Instructor Tang, Would You Let Me Pass the Final Elimination?

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 238: Instructor Tang, Would You Let Me Pass the Final Elimination?

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    Jian Qi remained calm and acted as if she understood him.

    Lu Yao was so furious that his voice had started to become rough and loud.

    This caused everyone around them to look at him all confused after what he said.

    Lu Yao was glaring at Jian Qi, hence he did not realise that everyone was staring at them.

    He looked at Jian Qi’s expression and sighed, “Do not ask me questions like this next time, okay?”

    Jian Qi blinked and was stunned for three seconds. She then smiled at him again. “Actually, you don’t have to loudly declare your sexuality. I’m not surprised if my Instructor Tang could change your sexuality since he has great facial features. Even though I don’t know how you feel, I am able to understand. Don’t worry about it. I’ll be quiet about this. Keep it up in training, all the best tomorrow.”

    Lu Yao. “…”

    ‘She’s batsh*t crazy!’

    ‘I don’t f*cking need your understanding!’

    Lu Yao did not want to talk to her anymore. He took his rifle and left.

    Everyone immediately averted their gaze.

    Lightning was walking toward the field and saw the whole scene. He was impressed.

    “Looked at how Big Sister Qi just made a good role model crazy!”

    Tang Jinyu glanced at him from the side. “You must be very free.”

    Lightning. “…”

    “Erm, I’ll go finish up my work, Boss,” Lightning immediately ran away.

    He felt wronged because all he said was one sentence, why would he glare at him like that.

    Jian Qi laughed after Lu Yao left. She was ready to leave too.

    But when she turned around, she saw Tang Jinyu standing a distance away.

    She was stunned for a moment but she immediately walked toward Tang Jinyu with a bright smile on her face. “Instructor Tang, did you come here for me?”

    Tang Jinyu looked at her frostily.

    “Having fun just now?”

    Jian Qi raised her eyebrow. How long had he been here?

    “Not as fun as talking to Instructor Tang.”

    Jian Qi started teasing him again.

    “Come, let’s have a talk,” Tang Jinyu said, then he turned around and started walking.

    Jian Qi blinked. She instantly felt that she was in danger!

    Tang Jinyu must have heard everything that they said.

    Jian Qi followed Tang Jinyu calmly. Everyone saw them and they knew that Jian Qi was going to be punished.

    It had only been a few hours since the punishment in the morning had ended and now she was going to be punished again?

    Jian Qi was ready for it.

    However, Tang Jinyu asked everyone to leave and surprisingly, there was no punishment at all. He really did start talking to her!

    “So…” Tang Jinyu said.

    Jian Qi was confused. “What?”

    “Talk to me. Didn’t you say you have fun talking to me?” Tang Jinyu looked at her. “I’ll let you speak until you’re happy today!”

    Jian Qi. “…”

    “Instructor Tang, are you being serious?” Jian Qi asked softly.

    “Speak.” Tang Jinyu said.

    Jian Qi felt like she was going to vomit blood.

    ‘Who the f*ck talks like that?’

    Even though she was annoyed by him but Jian Qi being Jian Qi, she would not give up so easily.

    She was smiling at him again. “Tomorrow will be the final elimination round. Instructor Tang, would you let me pass on purpose?”

    Tang Jinyu stared at her and kept quiet.

    Jian Qi continued, “Instructor Tang, are you just going to watch your little goddess being beaten up or being eliminated?”