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Chapter 222 - Powerful shock

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 222: Powerful shock

    Nyoi-Bo Studio  Nyoi-Bo Studio

    The handsome young man staring at him with a cold, hard glare was none other than Xiao Luo. The soundproofing in the rooms of this restaurant wasn’t the best quality. But yet, they heard nothing and only came out to take a look since Wang Yongjia had been away for quite a while. They were shocked to see Wang Yongjia being besieged by a group of people.

    Wang Lihu dragged the blonde-haired man and brought him to Xiao Luo. He delivered a nasty kick to the side of the blonde-haired man’s calf, and that made him drop into a kneeling position right in front of Xiao Luo. His knees landed hard on the floor, causing him immense pain, and he involuntarily cried out in agony.

    “Ask your men to stop!”

    Xiao Luo looked down at him while standing up. His voice was soft, but the tone of his voice made it hard for anyone to disobey him.

    The blonde-haired man couldn’t help but swallow a mouthful of saliva because his opponent was no more just a single man, but a group of tough-looking men. Leading them was a tall and muscular man who had, just a moment ago, easily lifted and tossed him about like a pup. He carefully said, “Who are… who are you guys…?! Do you know that we are the Dra…uugh!”

    The voice stopped abruptly. Wang Lihu, bearing a ferocious look, slapped the back of the blonde-haired man’s head with an open palm, and yelled, “Ask your men to stop, can you hear me? Believe me, I will cripple you!”

    The blonde-haired man was so terrified of the mean look on Wang Lihu’s face that he hurriedly shouted at the seven or eight men that were besieging Wang Yongjia, “Gou Zi, San Tou, stop, stop now!”

    Finally, hearing the blond-hair man shouting for them to stop, the men pulled out from the fight and quickly ran over, brandishing their broken bottles and stools, to assist their compatriot.

    “What’s happening over here?”

    “Who are you guys? Are you looking for trouble?”

    “If you are here to fight, then we won’t give in so easily and will fight you till the end!”

    They stood facing Xiao Luo and his companions in an aggressive stance armed with their bottle and stools.

    “We’re police officers!”

    This one sentence from Xiao Luo silenced the mob. They all looked at one another, and all of a sudden and were at a loss, unsure of what to do next, or what they were supposed to do at all.

    Quickly recovering from the fight, Wang Yongjia walked over cautiously towards the group of men. Although he was a capable trainer, he still did not have the skills to deal with seven or eight local fighters at once. Right now, he was a rather pathetic sight. The shirt he was wearing was torn in several places, and his sleeves had been ripped to shreds. He looked in bad shape, and his garments resembled used old rags. His hair was all messed as well, and he suffered many bruises and lacerations all over his body caused by the broken beer bottles.

    “Team Leader Wang, are you alright?” Xiao Luo asked with obvious concern.

    Wang Yongjia nodded his head, “I’m alright, brother.” He then turned and stared hard at the blonde-haired man and his gang, “They are all a bunch of scoundrels. We will bring all of them back to the police station. If they’re not sent off to prison, I will refuse to carry on leading the anti-drug task force leader for now on!”

    After the injuries he had sustained, he couldn’t help but be furious. He had gone out to have a meal with his colleagues and had the misfortune of meeting up with a bunch of hoodlums that had the nerve to beat up a police officer. He found it hard to contain his rage, especially when this bunch had spoilt his evening out with friends.

    The gangsters became anxious when they heard that they were going to be sent to the police station, and with the likelihood of incarceration. There was simply no way that they would allow such a thing to happen. They were prepared to fight it out.

    “F*ck your mother, you smelly rotten cops!”

    “Let’s go, get them!”

    They raised their weapons and postured for the fight, they were ready to take on the cops. They would beat their opponents in a quick brawl and make their escape, confident that these police officers would never be able to find them afterward.

    Wang Lihu grinned, relishing what was to come, and without a word pounced towards them like a tiger. One punch was all it took, and the man right in front of the group slumped. He was squirming on the floor, retching uncontrollably from the ferocious hook rammed into his mid-section. Without even a moment’s pause, he had already grabbed two more of the men, one in each hand, and slammed them together. They both of them dropped to the floor, wailing in pain. Of the remaining four, two were taken out with swift kicks, one more with a knee thrust in his chest, and yet another was slapped senseless. He then dragged all of them and brought them in front of Xiao Luo.

    Wang Lihu had taken out seven opponents without breaking a sweat!

    Wang Yongjia stared in disbelief, and thought to himself, “This Wang Lihu’s skills are awesome. He is no average boxer!”

    As a keen practitioner of Army Boxing, Wang Yongjia could quickly tell that Wang Lihu was a formidable master in his own fighting style. Just by his sheer power alone, Wang Lihu would be able to crush his opponents with his ferocious brute force. He was a beast in human guise. He now understood how Xiao Luo and his three compatriots, were able to apprehend over 200 people.

    Seeing his defeated men kneeling in front of Xiao Luo, the blonde-haired man was stunned. He looked fearfully at Wang Lihu, his eyes wide open.

    “You still want to teach us a lesson? Do you think mediocre trash like you lot has what it takes?”

    Wang Lihu said in a cold, threatening voice, then grabbed the blonde-haired man’s hair, and pulled his head up so that he was looking directly at Xiao Luo, “This is our leader, do you know who ended the red-light district that was run by the Dragon Gang in Liren Town?”


    The blond-haired man could not believe his bad luck! Did he actually have the misfortune of coming face-to-face with the infamous demon cop of Liren District?

    The blonde-haired man could feel an overwhelming sense of fear run through his entire body, he pointed shakily at Xiao Luo and mumbled incoherently, “He’s …Xiao Luo, Xiao…O-officer Xiao?”

    “Hǎo …seems like you can still see properly.”

    Wang Lihu sneered, then, still grabbing a tuff of blond hair in his firm hands, he forcefully yanked his head to face Wang Yongjia, “Do you know who he is now?”

    The blonde-haired man shook his head, shaking in fear. The other men were equally terrified, their eyes filled with pure anguish after realizing the man standing in front of them was Xiao Luo.

    As Jiangcheng’s Black Force, Xiao Luo had a renowned reputation for his harsh methods. Even an insignificant hooligan would surely have heard of this name. It was said that he was brutal, even worse than the secret society. He had crippled someone by firing two shots into his legs at a Department Store. And at Hualong Commercial Street, his small team of four police officers had taken down 200 people. Someone like him struck fear in the hearts of gangsters because he did not work by the rules. If he said he would cripple someone, that was precisely what he would do. Thus, the moniker, the demonic cop.

    “He’s the superior officer of our leader, you dare to beat the superior of our boss? Are you fools courting death?” Wang Lihu said coldly.

    Fearing for his life, the blond-haired man dashed towards Xiao Luo and repeatedly kowtowed, pleading, “Officer Xiao, we have eyes but are blind, please forgive our ignorance. If we knew he was your superior, we’d never have offended him no matter what. I beg of you, just let us off like we are nothing but a fart!”

    The others quickly followed suit and bowed respectfully, begging for their lives. No one found the courage to challenge Xiao Luo, their fighting spirit had utterly deserted them.

    The restaurant owner and diners looking on were shocked. The reputation of Guangming district as a gangsters’ haven was no secret to anyone. Hooligans and thugs roamed freely and carried out acts of violence and crime with impunity. They had no fear of the police. Over the years, they had seen police officers giving in to local gangsters. But to now to see this arrogant gangster begging for mercy in front of a police officer, they never thought this could ever happen!

    “Why did you create trouble?” Xiao Luo asked softly.

    The blonde-haired man knew better than to lie and promptly explained the truth. They had planned to leave without paying. And, finding out that the restaurant owner was a foreigner, they even put in a cockroach in the dish to get compensation. They knew he was bound to stay quiet to avoid trouble. Free meals and extorting money through blackmail, that seemed like a great plan.

    “Ye Qiu, use your handphone and take pictures of their ID card, make sure their faces can be seen clearly, ” Xiao Luo said.

    “Got it.”

    Ye Qiu stepped forward and carried out the instructions with the full cooperation of the trembling men, still on their knees.

    “Team Leader Wang, I believe there’s no need for us to bring them back, the most that we can do is shut them up for 15 days. As this restaurant has been badly damaged, can I propose we must make them pay for ?” Xiao Luo suggested. Sentences for such offenses would not discourage hooligans and gangsters like these from repeating their crimes, however, making them pay through their own pockets would serve a more substantial deterrent and be more beneficial to the restaurant owner.

    Wang Yongjia thought it made sense and nodded in agreement. The anger had left, and his mind was now clear and more discerning.

    Xiao Luo turned around and stepped towards the blonde-haired man: “I already have all of your information, make sure you don’t create trouble anymore, otherwise…” He bent over and continued to whisper four words in his ear: “I will kill you!”

    Demonic cop!

    The blonde-haired man turned sheet white and almost lost control of his bladder. Breaking into a cold sweat and shaking uncontrollably, he said: “I-I got…I g-got it…”

    Xiao Luo patted him on his shoulders and smiled: “Good that you’ve got it. Foot the bill, and besides that, make sure you pay for the damages as well. Everything that you’ve broken.”

    “Y-yes. T-thank you, thank you, Officer Xiao!” The blonde-haired man teared up, feeling deeply grateful as if he had been granted a stay of execution.

    Xiao Luo smiled: “You should be thankful that you’re not from the Dragon gang.”

    He could clearly tell that they were nothing more than street hoodlums and not members of the Dragon Gang. They did not have the dragon-head symbol tattooed on their arm.