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Chapter 223 - A hundred elites

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 223: A hundred elites

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    The blonde-haired man and his group, on their knees, kowtowed repeatedly and paid obeisance to Xiao Luo. Indeed, they had something to report to Xiao Luo.

    “Officer Xiao, I have news that the gangsters from the Dragon Gang have gathered a gang of a hundred elite fighters to deal with you.”

    Xiao Luo’s face was impassive, with a half-smile, and he asked casually, “Oh, is that so? Then do you also know when they will be ready to deal with me?”

    The blonde-haired man thought about it carefully then and said, “Maybe today, maybe tomorrow. Anyway, it will be these two to three days. I also heard a friend saying that they have an accomplice in Han Mian’s bar. I actually overheard by accident.” He paused before continuing, “Officer Xiao, rest assured we will never do bad things again. We will strive to be good citizens and contribute to the harmony of our society and country!”

    Hearing him speak with such a patriotic fervor, Wang Lihu and everyone else burst out laughing. Gu Qianxue, however, wasn’t quite so impressed. She stood aloof behind Xiao Luo, elegant as always, acting as if nothing had happened.

    “Okay, I got it.”

    Xiao Luo said, waving him off rather impatiently, with a big smile on his face.

    The blonde-haired man and his group bowed and made to leave. When they got to the door, they turned and saluted Xiao Luo smartly, and said, “Officer Xiao, thank you for your kindness. And thank you for your hard work.”

    Wang Yongjia grinned and tried not to laugh. His experience told him that these thugs were controlled by a ruthless gang leader, and it was fear that made them do his bidding. But Xiao Luo…?

    He pondered and looked at Xiao Luo from head to toe. Fair of complexion, handsome with a lean body, and somewhat reserved in his demeanor. He didn’t look like a ruthless person, no matter how one looked at him. Unlike Wang Lihu, who showed how terrifying he was when he was angered earlier, a beast.

    “A protector, plus a hundred elites. Boss, it seems that this time the Dragon Gang has spent all their resources just to deal with you,” Ye Qiu said, slightly concerned.

    “It can’t be possible. The blonde-haired man must be talking nonsense. No matter how vicious the Dragon Gang is, they would never dare to blatantly kill a police officer.”

    Wang Yongjia said, waving his hands and strongly disagreeing with the information they were given. He explained, “Killing a police officer is a felony. If Long Sankui was this stupid, then we would have already gotten evidence of all his crimes.”

    “Boss Xiao disrupted his income sources, he is very likely to take such an extreme measure in a fit of anger,” Wang Lihu said.

    Liu Tieguo nodded and said: “Yeah, don’t look at Liren Town as if the Dragon Gang only controls three red-light districts. Instead, look at the money-making potential, it’s tremendous, and there are abundant new opportunities. If it belonged to us, Long Sankui would definitely get very furious.”

    These words took Wang Yongjia by surprise. The Dragon Gang was the biggest secret society in Guangming District and Jiangcheng. It was impossible to know all of their criminal activities, or what had gone unnoticed, including assassinations. So, who’s to say that they would not dare to kill a police officer?

    Acknowledging the facts, he urged Xiao Luo to be alert over the next few days, and said, “Keep your mobile phone turned on 24 hours. Once you encounter any unusual situation, immediately notify the bureau for an emergency back up.”

    Xiao Luo nodded nonchalantly, “Okay.”

    “Xiao Luo, are those baddies coming for you?” Gu Qianxue suddenly asked, both shocked and concerned.

    Xiao Luo smiled softly and said, “I guess so.”

    “Then you can come with me. I can protect you,” Gu Qianxue said, in her own earnest way.

    Wang Lihu and Ye Qiu saw the funny side of what she had just said and laughed. With Xiao Luo’s abilities, why would he need the protection of this pretty face? It’d make more sense if it were the other way around.

    Liu Tieguo laughed as well, but then coughed dryly twice. He had seen Gu Qianxue shoot, and her skills were unmatched. But it did seem a little awkward to hear her saying that to Xiao Luo. He vividly recalled how Xiao Luo once sparred with Yan Wang, their instructor in the training camp. With only a single punch, he had terrified Yan Wang, who quickly backed off and ended the bout.

    “You want to protect me?” Xiao Luo said.

    Gu Qianxue nodded firmly, and said: “Yes, I will protect you.”

    Xiao Luo looked at her for a while, then he gently patted her forehead. He didn’t smile but simply said: “This earth is a dangerous place. You should go back to Mars.”

    He borrowed a line from a Stephen Chow movie to reply to her statement.

    “You don’t believe me?” Gu Qianxue said, frowning. She was clearly annoyed.

    “I do believe you, but didn’t your sister tell you to keep your distance from me?” Xiao Luo said.

    Gu Qianxue said candidly, “She did say so, she said you are a demon, but I…”

    “Then you should listen to her, stay away from me.”

    Xiao Luo said, and his smile appeared again. He did not want this innocent girl to get caught up in the nasty business between him and the Dragon Gang.


    The restaurant owner was very grateful to Xiao Luo for resolving the problem with the blonde-haired man. He offered them a special discount of 30% for their bill. It was a good thing, too. Wang Yongjia had just enough in his pocket to avoid absolute embarrassment.

    As they walked out of the restaurant, Wang Yongjia let out a long sigh of relief, and smiling, he said, “The owner of this restaurant is so polite. If we have a dinner gathering the next time, we can come here again and give him some business. Oh yes, tonight is my treat, but the next time we are here, it’s your turn to treat.”

    He had already decided that they would have to come here for the next dinner gathering. Then, he planned to order a whole roast lamb and make Xiao Luo and gang foot the bill.

    “Leader Wang, you don’t have to worry. As long as our bonuses are paid, we will gladly invite all our colleagues from the anti-drug task force to a big meal,” Wang Lihu swore proudly, beating his chest.

    “Great, I’m happy to hear your words Wang Lihu. Let’s go now. I will take you to the main drug pushing areas in Guangming District, so you know your way around.”

    Wang Yongjia was back in high spirits, and he thought cheekily, “Haha, just you wait, kiddo. I will definitely eat till you are broke the next time!”

    As they walked along a quiet street, they saw a small group of people up ahead. As they got closer, they were shocked when they saw these men were all wearing black masks and wielding long knives in their hands. They advanced steadily towards Xiao Luo’s party, and their intentions were clear. This was an ambush!

    “They are already here?!” Liu Tieguo cried, looking towards Xiao Luo.

    “These are the elite fighters of the Dragon Gang?” Ye Qiuhui asked, unsure if this was the elite fighters they were told to watch out for.

    “Didn’t they say that there were a hundred of them? Why are there only ten?”

    Wang Lihu said, “Did they only send a mere ten? Are they here to meet their deaths?”

    “The Dragon Gang is truly audacious. It seems like I have to work hard today and show them my true skills.”

    As a superior officer, Wang Yongjia could not just sit back, and so stepped forward to take on the assailants. On his left, he noticed a pole by the wayside, typically used to correct the growth of a tree. He picked it up, felt for its balance in his hands, and turned to face the ten men. He roared fiercely, “Hey! You really think you can ‘walk sideways like crabs’ [1] in the streets of Jiangcheng? All the lands here belong to the red soil of China, before stirring up the wind and the waves, ask if the pole in my hand if it will allow it!”

    He flexed the pole firmly on the ground, then flicked it in front of him several times, making its tip quiver with his inner force. Indeed, it sent a powerful assertion of his intent.

    Responding immediately to Wang Yongjia’s challenge, the ten assassins in black rushed in to attack. They came swiftly, like phantoms in the dark. Their feet shuffled in quick, silent steps, hardly touching the ground, advancing in a broad front, all ten in line.

    Suddenly, the ten of them became a hundred!

    Behind each man, nine more appeared, now forming 10 columns of fighters. The hundred black-clad men moved in unison, at the same pace, and created the illusion that just ten men were advancing in a line.

    “What the f*ck is this? Are they the Thousand-hand Buddha?” Wang Lihu asked in shock, his face looking grim.

    As the men clad in black closed in, the fighters from behind quickly moved forward, filling the front ranks creating a thick wall of men, all armed with long knives.

    “Hah, what is going on?”

    Suddenly losing his mettle, Wang Yongjia could feel the fear run down his spine. His reputation as a superior officer suddenly did not seem all that important. He immediately retreated back to his line, next to Wang Lihu, and stared anxiously at the host of armed men in front of them. He said firmly, “No, we can’t do this, we have to call the bureau for immediate support!”


    There’s no need for that!”

    Gu Qianxue said sharply. She moved to the front of the group and drew out a light sword from her sleeve. She twirled the light sword deftly in her hand like a slithering white snake, and a bright, sharp sound rang from its keen, well-honed blade… Shing… Shing… Shing.


    [1] Walk sides ways like crabs:(hénɡ xínɡ bà dào): In the context of this sentence, refers to gangsters or mafia operating in an area taking the law into their own hands.