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Chapter 889 - The Publishing of Poise Fashion Magazine

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 889: The Publishing of Poise Fashion Magazine

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    Xia Ruya was an avid reader of Poise Fashion Magazine and ever since she began taking social etiquette, styling and makeup lessons, she had been paying attention to this magazine.

    There were photos of Wen Xinya published in the magazine, in which Wen Xinya was clad in a red, silk dress that trailed all the way onto the ground. There were flowers all over the dress and her long and narrow dress made her look rather domineering and assertive. The makeup artist actually came up with the idea of using eyeshadow to draw an abstract phoenix at the corner of her eyes, which made her look noble and elegant. Her tender lips were covered in bright red lipstick which looked extremely cold and vibrant.

    The topic of the interview was: “The Embodiment Of A Queen!”

    It was no wonder that Wen Xinya was labeled as a queen. Xia Ruya had never seen such a makeup before.

    The content of the interview included plenty of honorable terms, such as an evolved butterfly, resplendent phoenix, shining pearl, glorious and eye-catching…

    Xia Ruya burst into laughter out of anger.

    She logged onto the official website of Poise Magazine, only to see that the style photos on the website were of [a]

    The total number of issues sold would refresh every half an hour.

    Currently, the sales had already exceeded 200,000 copies.

    Meanwhile, there was a plethora of opinions about the magazine issue. Some felt that Wen Xinya did not deserve to be interviewed by Poise Magazine while the majority found the issue to be fresh and interesting. Most of the readers thought that the issue catered to the preferences of younger people and had taken a liking to Wen Xinya’s image for the photoshoot. They felt that it fit the theme and made her look rather classy.

    To Xia Ruya’s dismay, there were a ton of comments left by Wen Xinya’s die-hard fans.

    Anyway… the majority of the comments were pleasant.

    She knew that the Wen Family had managed to overcome a crisis and gained a good reputation because of the Ai Shang product launch. They had also become much more powerful. Meanwhile, the Xiao Family was in hot soup and almost incurred losses that were heavy enough to cause their foundation to be ruined.

    Wen Xinya first made her appearance in the upper-class society during the Ai Shang product launch which was preceded by the Yang Ziyu incident that shot Wen Xinya to fame. She then gained even more reputation and stole the limelight because of the attacks that she launched on the Xiao Family.

    Xia Ruya thought to herself,

    However, Xia Ruya still felt extremely jealous.

    “Hahahaha…” Xia Ruya burst into hysterical laughter in a shrilling voice before tearing up uncontrollably. She then snapped like a broken string. “Wen Xinya, I’ve never been interviewed by Poise, not even once. What rights have you got to be interviewed for this issue!?!” She then began ripping the magazine into shreds.

    Hanging her head low, she looked at the shreds of Wen Xinya’s photos and felt a strange sense of excitement.

    She moved her feet slowly before stomping one foot down onto Wen Xinya’s face. “Wen Xinya, what’s the big deal about you? You just have a good maternal grandfather! If you didn’t suck up to your maternal grandfather when you first returned to the Wen Family, do you really think that the Wen Family will tolerate and accept you!?!”

    Xia Ruya squat on the ground slowly and picked up a piece of paper, on which there happened to be Wen Xinya’s eye that was decorated by a reddish-gold phoenix which seemed to be pecking at the corner of her eye. Wen Xinya was the only person who had the guts and ability to make the supposedly-old-fashioned gold color look resplendent and elegant.

    She knew that it was because of the class and grace that Wen Xinya possessed.

    Not everyone could carry gold and silver well.

    Wen Xinya happened to be one of the rare few who could do so.

    “You’re just a shameless piece of garbage. Who knows how filthy you were before you returned to the Wen Family?” Wen Xinya’s glory emphasized how pathetic and disheveled Xia Ruya was. It seemed to be a reminder of how filthy and unchaste she was. She ripped the paper in her hand into shreds, filled with resentment.

    However, what else could she do?

    Now, she was nothing except a wealthy woman who had no family and no one to rely on. She had even been labeled as a vicious ingrate and was disowned by her family. What else could she do?

    Even the affluent Xiao Family had been defeated by Wen Xinya. What else could she do?

    Xia Ruya had seen through it all.

    The thought of the attacks and tricks that Wen Xinya had pulled on the Xia Family made her shudder and wonder if Wen Xinya had something to do with what the Xia Family had done to her.

    Otherwise… how could the Xia Family have known that she had received a massive sum of money from the Wen Family?

    The thought of it made Xia Ruya shudder as the images of everything that happened in the past popped up in her head.

    Xia Ruya clenched her fists tightly with a menacing and sinister look in her eyes.

    The four men who had abducted her, especially the one in black who had raped her and ended up becoming a retard after she hit him on the head, would forever remain in her memory. She had also found out that the man would never recover. Hence, no one would ever find out about her secret.

    As for the other three…

    A sinister look formed in her eyes. She had spent 10 million yuan to have them killed!

    The police had currently deduced that those men were killed by someone out to take revenge. She had already found out that the evidence held by the police would not be sufficient to get her implicated.

    Wen Xinya would never be able to find out that she was the one behind it.

    However, she still felt rather ill at ease, as if there was another pair of eyes watching each and every move of hers.

    Wen Xinya had always been known to take revenge and she definitely wouldn’t let Xia Ruya off. She was certain that Wen Xinya would find the opportunity to deal with her.

    She felt that she could no longer live in the city, especially since she was left without a single cent. It would be a piece of cake for Wen Xinya to deal with her.

    She decided that she had to find a way to sneak out of the city.

    She had to do it as soon as possible!

    Xia Ruya gradually got a grip on her emotions after making a decision.

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