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Chapter 181 - Rude

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 181: Rude

    Soon a security personnel looked at her with wonder, “Are you Su Cha?”

    Su Cha nodded. Then he said, “Oh, the household living in No 301, Entrance 5, Building 2 said you are a guest. You can go in but you have to show your ID card and register.”


    A guest?

    She did not know whether it was mocking or a reminder.

    How pathetic it was to be called a guest in her own father’s home.

    But she calmed down quickly and was prepared for it. She nodded and handed her ID card over.

    The security personnel was new here. After all, two years had passed by.

    He was very young. When he registered, he looked at Su Cha’s picture in her ID card and Su Cha herself who was carrying with her a small suitcase. He was stunned by her delicate and pretty face.

    There were plenty of pretty girls coming around the neighborhood. But he had never seen a girl as pretty as Su Cha.

    Maybe because she was too beautiful, the strict security personnel let her pass quickly.

    She walked straight inside.

    She remembered the way. It was a large neighborhood. The landscapes between the buildings were good. And the environment and cleanliness were also good.

    Those were the reasons why the housing price here stayed terribly high.

    Her father had made the right decision back then, which was rare.

    The theft-proof door was locked tight. Su Cha paused for a second and rang the bell.

    After a dozen seconds, it opened. Su Cha heard people’s laughter and happy voices inside.

    There was a woman opening the door. She was not young but still looked good.

    She wore an apron and seemed to have been cooking. She was not surprised at all, “You are here. Come inside.”

    But she also noticed something special as her eyes went up and glanced at Su Cha.

    This woman was Su Cha’s stepmother, Gu Yanfang.

    To be honest, she was good-looking when she was young. And now she looked more graceful because of her age and comfortable life.

    She was also a clever woman. Even though she disliked Su Cha, she would never show it to the public. She would only treat her badly when they were alone, waiting to stab her in the back.

    In front of her relatives, she would describe Su Cha as a troublesome person although Su Cha was in fact very timid.

    She always treated Su Cha politely and indifferently.

    Su Cha used to want to get along with her and maybe love her.

    But the woman had never wanted Su Cha in her life.

    She was successful. And with another push, she would definitely shove Su Cha out of her life.

    Su Cha curled up her lips and said nothing. She carried her suitcase and walked inside.

    Unconsciously, Gu Yanfang opened the door widely and stepped aside to let Su Cha in.

    For a minute, she felt that she was a waitress in a hotel.

    And she was disturbed by such a thought.

    But soon she calmed down and wondered what had happened to her stepdaughter.

    The girl used to call her aunt nicely in the past. But she said nothing today.

    Gu Yanfang was unhappy about it.

    How rude she is!

    Then she closed the door. Pang.