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Chapter 260 - The Familiar Mirage High

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 260: The Familiar Mirage High

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    The sounds surrounding her vanished, and Ning Meng stared at the screen of the eBook where there was a drawing of a cool, icy man. She felt suffocated. Every stroke, every line, was familiar. The details of the whole drawing and the coloring style were all her usual pattern.

    And that man… had a handsome alluring face that was accompanied by a pair of slightly weary indifferent eyes, almost as though nothing in this world could excite him. He was clad in a school uniform and had frail shoulders, but he did not seem weak. A long shadow was cast from his slender body.

    Although it was just a drawing, his temperaments were vaguely familiar. Almost like… a younger Huo Beichen!

    Ning Meng's palms were sweating. Her eyes once again fell on the words "Author: Ning Meng". Ning Meng… not Lemon. It was her real name, not just a pen name! Ning Meng grasped onto the eBook with frozen fingers, her face as pale as a ghost. She was in a dreamlike state and was unable to differentiate between real life and fiction.

    What was going on? When had she drawn such a comic? Something was not right.

    Ning Meng shook her head and looked at the comic again. She was confident that regardless of whether in real-life or in the book, she had never drawn this before, and so, the author could not be her.

    "Big sister, would you like to read this too?" The understanding young damsel asked. She then continued, "You can read it first. You can return it to me when you're done."

    Ning Meng rubbed the little girl's head. "Thanks."

    She curiously swiped across the screen, turning the page of the eBook.

    The first chapter, preface.

    A large school gate appeared. This school gate seemed familiar to Ning Meng. She then noticed the words inscribed onto the plaque: Mirage High.

    Ning Meng's eyes widened. Mirage High… was this not the high school where Huo Beichen had brought her to eat the pickled fish fillet? That's right, this was Huo Beichen's high school!

    The story began from Mirage High.

    The male lead, Huo Bei, was Mirage High's heartthrob. He was highly sought after, and at the same time, he exhibited an air of dominance. No one dared to offend him, and he wore a face of indifference as though he was irritated at everything that he laid his eyes on.

    Rumor had it that he had inherited a great fortune, and at the same time, it was said that he was so destitute that he had to work to earn his own money. These gossips were largely divergent and were the everyday talk of the town.

    Huo Bei had thought that no one in this world could bring warmth into his life, up until one day, when the girl destined for him appeared. Then, his life was turned upside down…

    Ning Meng continued to turn the page but instead saw "Work in progress. Please wait patiently for the next chapter. This will be released in two days."


    She turned the page again, but it did not refresh. The little girl saw her in this state and explained, "Big sister, this is a comic series. There are two new frames a week. Have you gotten excited by just reading the preface? Ning Meng is my favorite comic artist! She has drawn many comics. If you're not satisfied, you can read her other completed works first."Read more chapters at L

    The little girl held her chin and looked like a mini adult. "Actually, I feel a little conflicted about reading this particular comic."

    Ning Meng still had her brows furrowed and her mind was all over the place. When she heard this, she could not resist asking, "Why do you say so?"

    The little girl sighed. "Because when the artist was drawing this comic, she had already mentioned that this comic has a sad ending. The couple did not end up being together…"