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Chapter 235 - Take the offense first (1)

My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again
     Chapter 235: Take the offense first (1)

    Xu Weilai beamed, replying, "That's what I wanted to say to you. Watch how I'm going to screw you over! You beast!"

    After finishing her piece, she hung up, beating him to it!


    Hearing the click on the other line, Rong Wang turned blue from anger, as he hurled his phone on the ground. The screen cracked immediately, but that wasn't enough for him to vent his anger. He went over to his table and swept everything off. Then, with a golf stick in his hand, he walked over to his bodyguard and swung it towards his knee. The bodyguard collapsed onto the floor, in so much pain that the vein on his neck was on the verge of bursting.

    "You trash, you can't even keep an eye on a woman!"

    At the situation, his agent, Brother Xiong, went up to him and persuaded, "Alright, calm down. The most important thing to do now is to resolve this problem. If Mei really came forward to expose you, it would surely be a huge problem. After all, she's your assistant. The weight of her words would be significant!"

    "You think I don't know that?" Rong Wang flew into a rage, "I shouldn't have kept that wretch alive! Now she's coming to bite me in the back!"

    Brother Xiong patted his shoulder, comforting him, "I'll give Zhou Meiqi a call. Maybe she'll be able to come up with a solution! Don't worry too much!"

    After ending the call with Zhou Meiqi, all traces of seriousness on Brother Xiong's face evaporated. He even seemed a little happy. Then, he rushed to Rong Wang, "Zhou Meiqi already has a plan! Even if Xu Weilai has Mei, she wouldn't be able to stir up a storm!"


    The next day, at twelve o'clock sharp, Rong Wang made a statement once more before all entertainment companies——

    Rong Wang's assistant Mei had admired him for a long time, but he had always politely rejected her. On the account of the long years that she had worked for him, that she had worked hard even if she hadn't done meritorious deeds, he couldn't bear to lay her off. But, she had turned from bad to worse. Her harassment had brought extreme discomfort to his life and so, he ultimately decided to lay her off! He had specially come up with the statement to inform all!

    Not long after, at two o'clock in the afternoon, Zhou Meiqi typed out a long post on her WeChat, to expose Xu Weilai's true colors, to list out the reasons that made her someone of foul character!

    Firstly: Three years ago, in order to marry into the highly influential and wealthy Gu Family, Xu Weilai had tried to get close to the Prince of the Gu Family using unscrupulous means. In the end, she crawled into the bed of the Prince of the Gu Family shamelessly and used that to force the marriage to proceed.

    Secondly: During the time when she worked overseas, her pay as a part-timer was even higher than a full-timer's. Everyone had also seen it for themselves, how close she was to her superior, who was thirty years older than her.

    Thirdly: Back then, without any renowned piece of work, or any work experience, she managed to get into the highly prestigious Z Magazine. Moreover, she was handpicked by the mysterious Boss, who operated from behind the scenes. That's enough for anyone to tell, that she and the Boss, surely were related in some dubious way!

    In conclusion: Xu Weilai is someone that is adept at seducing men to achieve her goals. That time around, she was also the one that purposely seduced Rong Wang, so that she could frame him. The news that is written by a reporter of such foul character isn't credible at all. I advise everyone to open your eyes. Don't get misled by her, don't believe in anything she writes!

    Finally, there was an appeal: Scram from the media industry, Xu Weilai. Apologize and resign!


    Things blew up on WeChat once more.

    Because that time around, Gu Yu from the Gu Family was involved. Such an eligible bachelor like him, one that was so wealthy, he was practically a celebrity with a huge following of his own. And now that Gu Yu was entangled in Xu Weilai's dark history, the mass of snide remarks directed to her had directly caused WeChat's server to crash!