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Chapter 589 - So what if you’re my big sister? (Part 24)

Quick Transmigration Female Lead: Male God, Never Stopping
Chapter 589: So what if you’re my big sister? (Part 24)

    Luo Qing Chen was surprised, as she looked at him with a confused gaze.  She pursed her lips and said, “What are you doing?”

    Liang Zi came over and he was carrying the dishes he had gotten him, “Young master Qian, it’s all your favourites!”

    He took the plate and put it in front of her as he said in a dissatisfied voice, “Eat mine!”

    Just these simple words attracted everyone’s attention!

    Of course, Luo Qian Zhe was already the center of attention, only this time the focal point also included Luo Qing Chen!


    How could he allow her to eat other people’s meals, who knew if Su Mu had secretly taken a bite or two.

    Did this girl become silly after going abroad, didn’t she understand indirect kisses!

    She could only indirectly kiss him, alright?

    Luo Qing Chen was surprised before she looked at him and said, “Give me that back!”

    This idiot, did he forget that he had vomited blood when he took a small bite of something spicy when he was young!

    This is much spicier than the dish from when he was younger, alright?

    “I don’t want to!”  His tone was very firm, but it didn’t feel fierce.

    Rather there was a faint arrogance in his voice.

    “You can’t eat spicy foods!”

    “Who said!”

    Su Mu heard this and he looked at him with a different kind of emotion in his eyes.

    His guess was right, they did know each other!

    Moreover, it wasn’t just as simple as normal friends…..

    Luo Qian Zhe met Su Mu’s gaze and his heart was filled with annoyance.

    As long as he, Luo Qian Zhe wanted to do something, there was nothing he couldn’t do.

    He gave a cold snort and slowly put down the plate.  He took a piece of the filet and put it into his mouth.

    Luo Qing Chen was surprised before she jumped him.  She knit her brows and looked at him angrily as she said, “Luo Qian Zhe, what are you acting tough for when you can’t eat spicy foods!”

    She suddenly felt that this youth was a bit stubborn, stubborn for her.

    At that moment, she suddenly didn’t care about anyone else.

    Rather, she shouldn’t care about anyone else!

    Luo Qian Zhe saw that she was angry and he suddenly felt a bit of joy in his heart.

    He liked her looking at him, he liked being cared for by her, he liked being nagged by her.

    She took the dishes from his plate and put it in front of him, “Let’s eat together, alright?”

    “Alright!”  His eyes lit up and his lips curled into a dazzling smile.

    Everyone around them was stunned at that moment!

    Including Gu Yin Yin, including Su Mu…...

    [Ding, affection has increased by ten.  Mission completion rate is now 70%.]

    Gu Yin Yin knit her brows and looked at Luo Qing Chen with a dissatisfied look, “Classmate, you’re sitting in my spot!”

    As expected, this person from class B really wasn’t simple.  She was clearly the protagonist, why did a strange transfer student suddenly take her place!

    “Your spot?”  Luo Qian Zhe gave a cold snort as his dark eyes filled with disdain, “Who are you?”

    “I…..”  Gu Yin Yin was stunned.  The dazzling youth standing beside her had suddenly become indifferent.

    Everyone took a cold breath as they were shocked.

    Some had wide eyes, some had dropped chins!

    “Un humph?”  Luo Qian Zhe narrowed his eyes and he tapped his right hand’s finger on the table, as the followers behind him came forward.

    He raised a brow and said, “Do you want me to leave a spot for you?”

    Gu Yin Yin’s face instantly turned pale.

    She wanted to struggle a bit, but she obediently took her plate and left after seeing this situation, “Sorry young master Qian, I’ve disturbed you…..”