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Chapter 239 - This is Swee

Beware Mr. Officer, Tread Carefully!
     Chapter 239: This is Sweet

    Jian Qi started being emotional. “Think about it. I followed you all the way here just to get closer to Little Tang Tang and now the chance is just right in front of me.”

    “But I’m not confident at all,” Jian Qi covered her face and sobbed.

    Yet, the person beside her still did not utter a single word. He merely looked at her.

    Jian Qi put down her hands and looked at Tang Jinyu. “Little Tang Tang, are you not going to comfort me?”

    Tang Jinyu did not say anything. He stood still at the side as if he did not hear her at all.

    Jian Qi. “…”

    How could he be so composed!!!

    “Little Tang Tang, your little cutie is confessing to you. Can you hear me?” Jian Qi looked at him and blinked. Her voice was gentle and soft.

    But he still stood in front of her like a rock.

    The people that were passing by them who heard her were all curious as to what was going on.

    However, Tang Jinyu was so scary that none of them dared to stay there and watch them.

    They had been there for hours and everyone already knew what was going on.

    Jian Qi had been ‘confessing’ to Tang Jinyu for hours until she was so parched that she could not talk anymore.

    Tang Jinyu noticed that her voice had become softer and softer. He finally said, “Is it fun?”

    Tang Jinyu was speechless at this person’s stubbornness.

    “Go back and drink some water,” Tang Jinyu said and walked off.

    “Little Tang Tang, I’m not done yet. Don’t you want to listen?” Even though Jian Qi’s voice had become hoarse, she still wanted to continue.

    She could not back down!

    Tang Jinyu sighed. He smiled faintly and walked off.

    Jian Qi took a deep breath after he walked off into a distance.

    ‘This is f*cking tiring!’

    She felt as if she had made a lifetime worth of confessions!

    Her throat was burning!

    During dinner time, everyone noticed that Jian Qi was unusually quiet today!

    She did not say a single word. Even when she was choosing what to eat, all she did was point at the dish she wanted.

    Everyone was looking at her like they were watching a silent movie.

    One of their comrades smiled. “Jian Qi, what’s wrong with you? Why aren’t you talking?”

    Jian Qi looked at the person and forced a smile. She then continued eating.

    Another comrade teased her, “Big Sister Qi spent the whole afternoon confessing to Instructor Tang. She must have lost her voice, right?”

    Jian Qi glared at everyone around her.

    The person that teased her immediately tried to appease her, “Big Sister Qi, please eat slowly. I’ll go get you some soup.”

    Jian Qi nodded happily and continued eating.

    Everyone around her laughed. Of course they knew what she had done in the afternoon!

    After dinner, they had an hour to rest before training resumed.

    Jian Qi walked quietly and slowly to the training field. Tang Jinyu was already there.

    When she saw him, Jian Qi immediately ran over and waved at him.

    “Hold this.”

    Before she could say anything, Tang Jinyu spoke.

    Jian Qi curiously looked down at what he had given her.

    They were lozenges.

    Jian Qi blinked and poppped one into her mouth. She smiled deviously yet enchantingly as she said, “This is sweet.”