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Chapter 890 - Let the Whole World Shudder for You, Queen

Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress
     Chapter 890: Let the Whole World Shudder for You, Queen

    At this moment, Ning Shuqian and Ning Yuya were reading the latest issue of Poise Magazine. On the second page of the magazine, there was a photo of Wen Xinya clad in a traditional Chinese robe, which covered the entire page.

    Wen Xinya’s robe was a red-colored traditional Han costume that could only be donned by genuine heirs of a family. It accentuated her elegance and nobility.

    She was wearing pure silver and gold accessories on her head. The Chinese had a penchant for silver and gold. Only silver and gold were the purest elements and they had a rich history. She looked extremely posh and elegant.

    Ning Shuqian stared at the photos on the magazine with her eyes wide open and bulging.

    Meanwhile, Ning Yuya logged onto the official website of Poise to see that there were already more than ten thousand comments.

    “I’ve been following Poise for more than thirty years and they’ve opted for a different style this time, different from their usual mature style. It has a boost of youth and positivity. It feels more grounded than before. Well, society forever belongs to young people, and youths are the mainstream.”

    “The theme of training and evolution is splendid and Wen Xinya really deserves to be the main figure of this issue. Every girl is like a diamond that has to be polished in order to become resplendent and glorious. Miss Wen is a perfect example. I support her!”

    “Miss Wen is beautiful and elegant. I admire her for transforming from a gangster to a prestigious heiress within just three years. She has been through too much pain and torment. She has a legendary vibrancy that allows her to shine and take everyone by storm at the most unexpected times. She has my support~”

    “I’ve always found Poise to be old-fashioned and boring throughout the past few years, without any fresh concepts or ideas. If it weren’t because of the content that they usually cover regarding the latest accessories and skincare tips, I wouldn’t bother reading their magazines at all. However, the thought of the refreshing and aesthetically-pleasing vibe of this issue makes me feel like reading it. It looks rather trendy and the accessories on Miss Wen are very trendy. She’s pretty and elegant too.”

    “Queen Wen, I love you… I support you, I support you, I support you endlessly!”

    “Queen Wen is a goddess who can conquer the world!”

    “Let the world shudder for you, Queen. Begin your journey towards conquering the world, Queen!”

    Ning Yuya was fuming beyond anger and gritting her teeth uncontrollably while holding her mobile phone in her trembling hands. At last, she snapped and smashed her mobile phone against the wall with all her might. She screeched. “That bitch Wen Xinya doesn’t deserve to be interviewed by Poise Magazine at all. She’s clearly just a gangster who led a wandering life for fifteen years!”

    Ning Shuqian also ripped the magazine into shreds out of sheer exasperation.

    Ning Yuya hollered angrily. “Back then, you didn’t even get to be on Poise Magazine, Mother. Ruya has such a good reputation and yet, she didn’t get invited for an interview either. What rights does that bitch have to gain such a great benefit?”

    Wen Xinya doesn’t deserve it at all.

    Ning Shuqian took a deep breath and calmed herself down. “She’s merely made an appearance in the upper-class society because of the Ai Shang product launch, thus allowing her to steal the limelight. Yet, she already can’t want to use the magazine to spread her name and create an image for herself. She doesn’t know any better. Everyone’s watching her now and they’re all waiting to see her make a fool out of herself. If she does badly for her examinations and fails to get into Capital University, she’ll definitely become a laughing stock.”

    Ever since it was revealed that Ning Shuqian had faked her pregnancy, Wen Xinya had been enjoying endless glory, unlike Ning Shuqian, who had developed a mental illness that would deteriorate into delirium if she were to be not careful. Ning Yuya got gang-raped in America at a young age and even ended up becoming a drug addict. Even until now, she had yet to kick the addiction. Xia Ruya… had been reduced to being labeled as a disloyal ingrate, and was disowned by the Xia Family.

    She could not accept it at all.

    Ning Yuya sneered. “It’s not that easy to get into Capital University, and it’s even harder to be accepted by the school of design. Only 200-odd students are accepted each year. Even if she gets admitted, whether or not she can stay there is another problem. Besides, so much happened to the Wen Family when she got abducted, causing her to be distracted. She even took part in Wen Corporation’s management. Her getting into Capital University is a far-fetched idea.”

    She refused to believe that Wen Xinya could be admitted to Capital University. Ning Shuqian was the one who overheard that Wen Xinya was planning to apply to Capital University and subsequently reported it to the media.

    Ning Shuqian nodded and said, “Yuya, you’re right. We’re just waiting to see Wen Xinya make a fool out of herself and plunge from heaven to hell.”

    Finally appearing a little more normal, Ning Yuya said, “Mother, I’d like to learn jewelry design at Qingyuan University too. Previously, Wen Haowen settled the withdrawal procedures for me and I’ve already received a promotion referral letter from the teacher. If no one helps me, it would have been difficult for me to get in.”

    Although Qingyuan University was not as renowned as Capital University, it was relatively reputable. However, now that Ning Shuqian was on bad terms with Wen Haowen, he definitely wouldn’t be willing to help her. Hence, it would be a tall order for her to be admitted.

    Ning Shuqian held her hand said, “Yuya, don’t worry. I’ll definitely make sure you get into Qingyuan University. Rest assured.”

    Since Wen Haowen was not willing to help, she could get that man to help. Ning Yuya’s future was not to be messed up and fortunately, Ning Yuya more or less had a plan.

    Although Ning Yuya had faith in her mother, she was still a little worried. “Mother, we’ve fallen out with the Wen Family. They…”

    Not wanting Ning Yuya to be implicated, Ning Shuqian had no choice but to lie. “Yuya, don’t worry. I won’t forever be like this. Once I recover, I’ll still… return to the Wen Family.”

    Wen Haowen would still be hers to manipulate. It was only a matter of time.

    If Wen Xinya thinks that she can defeat me just by ruining my reputation and kick me out of the Wen Family after making Wen Haowen detest me, she’s just being foolish.

    An icy cold look formed in Ning Shuqian’s eyes and she had a deadpan expression on her face. Too much had happened lately and she no longer had any feelings for Wen Haowen.

    Ning Yuya stared at her mother, whom she had a lot of faith in for some reason. “Mother, I believe you.”

    Ning Shuqian smiled and held her hand. “Good child, just wait for my good news!”