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Chapter 224 - Figh

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 224: Fight

    With the long, narrow-bladed jiàn sword in her hand, Gu Qianxue launched a vigorous and penetrating attack. She soared elegantly towards Long Sankui’s crack fighters, her lightning-fast sword whirling and thrusting furiously downward in graceful and intricate patterns, as she neatly countered their long slashing knives.


    Four black-clad fighters of the Dragon Gang fell on her first pass, howling in pain with deep wounds to their shoulders.

    Then, quickly sliding her front foot forward a full step, she extended her arm in a flash and wristily slapped the flat of her sword on the neck of a sturdy looking fighter, with a sickening thud. The man was staggered by the enormous power of the blow, it hit like a heavy hammer that appeared out of nowhere. He moved back several steps before his knees went soft, and he collapsed to the ground.

    “Is she this powerful?!”

    Wang Lihu and Ye Qiu were both astounded. Both being highly-rated martial artists of the third degree, they could immediately recognize Gu Qianxue’s excellent technique and temperament. They felt a pang of shame for belittling her, recalling how they had mocked and ridiculed Gu Qianxue earlier.

    Wang Yongjia’s jaw dropped, he was at a loss for words. This was a thing he’d only expect to see in wuxia TV shows.

    “Don’t just look. Go help her quickly!”

    Xiao Luo roared and rallied his men forward, leading the charge at the enemy.

    Wang Lihu, Ye Qiu, and Liu Tieguo reacted without hesitation. They dashed into the host of black-clads like angry wolves with no regard for their own safety.

    Despite his position as the captain of the anti-drug task force, Wang Yongjia’s fighting spirit faltered when facing a hundred of Long Sankui’s elite men. But seeing Wang Lihu and his companions joining the fray, he put his fear aside, held his pole aloft, and bellowed loudly, rushing forward. To his credit, he had the presence of mind to quietly call the station for immediate backup beforehand. Before he took another step, more than half a dozen fighters, their menacing eyes staring from behind masks, surrounded him in quick time before he could move.

    ” Huh?”

    Wang Yongjia broke out in a cold sweat. He felt the pressure of being encircled. He raised his booming voice and shouted, “What are you going to do? I am a police officer. You…”

    Before he could utter another word, the black-clads were already onto him, hacking away with their long knives.

    Wang Yongjia suddenly found his mettle and immediately twirled the pole in both hands, striking back using both ends of his weapon. His technique was exceptional and kept his foes at bay for a while. It was a sturdy pole, and he had been well trained in its use.

    Close by, a horde of black-clads were now besieging Xiao Luo and the other officers in large numbers, appearing like a dark sandstorm sweeping across open land.

    It was a cold night, and their movements were restrained, giving the advantage to the side with more fighters.

    The black-clads were highly-trained and organized in their attack. They advanced in tight formation, the front ranks engaging fiercely to tie down their opponents. Without warning, men would leap from behind to strike down with flashing blades at their quarry. In this way, they advanced like tidal waves, sweeping all before them.

    Wang Lihu and Ye Qiu began to realize that these elite fighters were nothing like the common hoodlums of the Dragon Gang. They were extraordinarily well-trained and more skillful than the average streetfighter. As a group, the black-clads were thoroughly drilled and coordinated their maneuvers flawlessly. It was like comparing a heap of loose pebbles, to a bundle of cane tied together.

    Despite dispatching a good number of Long Sankui’s top fighters, Wang Lihu, Ye Qiu, and Liu Tieguo had also suffered many injuries over that short period. They hardened their resolve and blocked out the pain, facing their opponents fiercely, and roaring ever louder.

    Over where Xiao Luo and Gu Qianxue were engaging the black-clads, the situation was starkly different.

    Xiao Luo was using the King of Mercenaries Constitution and his mastery of Yi Jinjing. He had quickly snatched a knife from one of the armed men and bore into the attackers, hacking at them as if he was chopping up vegetables. Those that could not get out of his way either lost a limb or were decapitated.

    Gu Qianxue was a highly trained exponent of the Tianshan Sword Style and immediately established herself in an impregnable position. Nevertheless, her kind and gentle nature prevented her from taking anyone’s lives. Every assassin who was pierced by her double-edged jiàn sword had a deep wound on their left shoulder and fell to the ground, incapacitated and in great pain.

    Wang Yongjia’s situation was dire. The pole in his hand had been cut in half parrying an attacker’s knife strike. As the fight raged on, the pole became shorter and shorter until it became nothing more than a stump. With nothing more to defend himself with, he quickly succumbed to a knife wound and screamed out in agony.


    “Wang Lihu, you stay with Captain Wang. Don’t spread out!” Xiao Luo yelled. Once isolated, they risked being overwhelmed by numbers.


    Following Xiao Luo’s orders, Wang Lihu charged to Wang Yongjia’s rescue like a bull on a rampage.

    Ye Qiu displayed the hawk’s claw boxing style to perfection, carving a way out of the encirclement with his sharp fingers.

    Roaring and shouting, Liu Tieguo held a long knife with both of his hands and striking violently left and right, barged toward Wang Yongjia’s position.

    The six police officers were now facing the black-clads on three fronts. Wang Yongjia, Wang Lihu, Ye Qiu, and Liu Tieguo held one front, while Xiao Luo and Gu Qianxue each held their own. The tactical advantage enjoyed by the elite fighters had diminished.

    The sharp sound of a whistle pierced the air, and to Xiao Luo’s surprise, the black-clads, some 60 to 70 still standing, retreated immediately. However, about 20 of them, closest to Xiao Luo’s party, split themselves up into two groups. They raised their left arms in the direction of the party and drew back the bowstring of the steel crossbows attached to their forearms.


    Twenty small bolts flew out from their crossbows, streaking speedily through the air.

    “Watch out. Those are crossbows hidden in the sleeves!”

    Wang Lihu’s face changed. He never expected the enemy to have concealed weapons. Such weapons had been used since ancient times.

    It was a cowardly sneak attack. Xiao Luo and Gu Qianxue easily parried the bolts that came their way.

    The others were not that skilled with weapons and were hit in their thighs or shoulders. Fortunately, none were struck in vital areas, but still, the injuries took a toll on their fighting capacities. They would not be able to defend themselves in another wave of attack.

    “Despicable and shameless!”

    Wang Yongjia cursed loudly. He then looked around anxiously, muttering to himself, “Why is the backup from the station not here yet?”

    The 20 black-clads were loading another bolt into the flight grooves of their weapons and preparing to release another salvo of the deadly darts.

    Xiao Luo had to act fast to save his colleagues, and he quickly ran to a sedan parked nearby. Focusing on his inner force, he channeled the energy into his arms and hands. Power surged through to his ten fingers, crushing the car’s metal shell and gripping it firmly like a pair of large pliers. With a fierce roar, he lifted the car, took a few steps forward, and threw the one-tonne vehicle toward the crossbowmen.


    The car soared in a dramatic arch and crashed to the ground like a meteorite.

    The 20 elite killers from the Dragon Gang were just about to let fly their bolts. Even with their masks on, the look of terror and astonishment could be seen in their eyes.


    The car smashed down directly on the hapless men, and eight perished instantaneously. The ground tremored and the explosive force of the impact threw rocks and part of the vehicle in all directions. The sedan was now nothing more than a pile of junk.


    They gasped at the incredible feat they had just witnessed. Wang Yongjia, in particular, was in absolute shock and awe. He always saw Wang Lihu and Ye Qiu as the powerful and brawny ones, and Xiao Luo, as a natural leader, skilled in the fighting arts. How that perception has changed… throwing a car as a projectile. Xiao Luo… was a monster!