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Chapter 261 - What Do You Mean?

She Became a Heartbreaker After Entering the Novel
     Chapter 261: What Do You Mean?

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    Of course, they would not end up together. If they had ended up together, then who was she? Something was not right. Ning Meng was feeling giddy and could not figure out what was going on.

    "Is the author alive?"

    The little girl threw a strange glance at her and sighed. "Big sister, there is no such thing as ghosts."


    She suddenly had a flashback to the lawyer's words earlier that day.

    "… It was said that you wanted to draw the love story between you and Huo Beichen in the form of a comic? Looking at the time, it should be out by now?"

    Not long after, he had then retracted his statement and said that he had recognized the wrong person.

    After Sherlock Holmes Ning Meng had analyzed the clues before her and stripped off the layers of mysteries, she finally used her high intellect to deduce that: This comic series was drawn by Huo Beichen's ex-girlfriend. However, this ex-girlfriend seemed to be very similar to her, even their temperaments were alike… were these all sheer coincidences?

    After all, this was the world of the novel. She could not possibly emulate her! Furthermore, this person was still drawing the comic series…

    As she pondered over these mysteries, she stifled the jealousy in her heart. After returning the eBook to the little girl, she held her chin. The sourness of her jealousy began to show itself, and Ning Meng pouted. She picked up her phone and looked at Huo Beichen's WeChat. After giving it a lot of thought, she decided to put her phone down.

    So what if she looked similar to Huo Beichen's ex-girlfriend? Did she not look like her original self in the real world? Huo Beichen had fallen in love with the original her. He had only been attracted to her after she had entered the novel.

    Wasn't there a saying that went "beauty on the surface is a common thing, but there is only one in a thousand of beautiful souls". An arrogant person such as Huo Beichen would not just like someone merely because she looked like his ex-girlfriend.

    It was like reading a comic. After reading the original version, one would not feel comfortable reading the pirated version. She believed that Huo Beichen's statement of "You are who you are" meant that he liked her because she was who she was.

    No way she would be jealous because of this! Which woman would be jealous to this degree!

    Although she believed in Huo Beichen, Lord Chen was still her husband. Yet, his ex-girlfriend still wanted to draw these kinds of comics to reminisce on the past, what was the meaning of this? How revolting!

    Ning Meng ferociously picked up her phone and asked the little girl, "How do I read this comic?"

    The little girl told her about the app, and after Ning Meng had downloaded it, she collected the comic. She wanted to know what Lord Chen's high school life was like! The chapter would be updated in two days, right? if so, she would read it in two days!

    After settling the matter with fervor, she looked at the time. It was now five in the evening, and Li Shiyao was still in the middle of the discussion with Liu Miao in the meeting room. Thus, she opened up the "My Boss Is So Dashing Today" group chat and sent a text.

    Ning Meng: [How did your blind date go? @Zhen Shanmei]

    The latter would normally reply in an instant as she had so much free time on her hands so much so that mold was growing all over her, but today, she did not reply as quickly. She only replied with an ellipsis after thirty seconds.

    Zhen Shanmei: […]

    Qi Shan: […]

    Su Ye: [?]

    Fei Bai: [.]

    Ning Meng understood that this was Boss Fei Bai's way of acknowledging that he had read the text. With just a period. It was effortless and did not show his bloodlust.

    Ning Meng followed up with a question mark: [?]

    Zhen Shanmei: [Meng Meng, I did not know what type I liked, but after meeting him today, I finally found out.]

    Ning Meng knew that she could play around when she saw this and was about to ask in reply.

    Qi Shan: [What did you find out?]

    Zhen Shanmei: [That I would take anyone except your kind!]