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Chapter 182 - What Can You Do?

The Queen of Everything
     Chapter 182: What Can You Do?

    There were many people sitting in the apartment.

    It was 130 square meters and had a large living room. It did not seem to be crowded with so many people sitting.

    All people fell silent when Su Cha walked in.

    It provided a sharp contrast to what Su Cha had heard at the door.

    They were all relatives of Gu Yanfang.

    Gu Yanfang was born into a nice household. Her parents lived on a shoestring, but her siblings were all skillful. Su Cha used to find this kind of family gathering difficult to bear.

    They all lived wealthy lives and raised their children well. Because of Gu Yanfang, they always looked down on Su Cha.

    They were true families here. Su Cha could only stay in a corner and watch them laughing and talking. She could never join them.

    She had tried to join them.

    But now she just wanted to get rid of them as soon as possible.

    She used to be nameless. But now her appearance was very stunning.

    They knew she was pretty, but they had never found her a stunning presence before.

    Su Cha found a chair and sat down. She put the suitcase aside and started to look at her phone.

    “You will stay in your brother’s room tonight.”

    Gu Yanfang walked to her and tried to push Su Cha’s suitcase, but she was stopped by a slender and white finger. “There’s no need. I will stay at the hotel. I’ve booked a room.”

    Gu Yanfang was a little shocked.

    She had not expected it.

    And Su Cha sounded very cold.

    She was emotionless.

    But Gu Yanfang did not insist. She pressed her lips and calmed down, “Suit yourself.”

    She did not want to look after her stepdaughter at all. It would be useless to try to win her compassion.

    A person who disliked Su Cha’s tone and said, “Hey! My auntie is speaking to you. How can you be so rude?”

    Su Cha looked over. It was a girl in white seersucker dress sitting on the sofa with her bare feet stepping on it. She looked refined and pretty. She was the daughter of Gu Yanfang’s sister.

    Others also felt disgusted with Su Cha’s tone and did not stop the girl.

    Gu Yanfang paused and said, “That’s ok.”

    She tried to show her open mind, but she saw Su Cha glanced at the girl with contempt.

    It surprised all of them.

    The girl was irritated. “What’s wrong with you? This is my auntie’s home. Why the hell are you here?”

    She had crossed the line since the apartment belonged to Su Cha’s father.

    Gu Yanfang frowned and scolded her gently, “Little You!”

    She was not very serious and just wanted to stop her.

    Another woman in fine clothes pressed Little You. She was Gu Yanfang’s sister.

    Su Cha would have let her get away and take all the blame and irony in the past. She would have also accepted that she did not deserve to be here.

    But Su Cha sat up, crossing her arms in front of her chest. “This is your auntie’s home. But Su Mingzhe is my father. He has bought the apartment with his own public reserve fund and salary. I’m the legitimate daughter of his. Why can’t I stay here? Besides, what’s wrong with my tone? And what can you do?”