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Chapter 225 - Rampant Massacre

The Genius System Without Equal
     Chapter 225: Rampant Massacre

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    “Our boss is so fierce and gallant!”

    Despite his severe injuries, Wang Lihu voiced his admiration as he watched Xiao Luo in action. He had been shot with three bolts, sustaining injuries to his abdomen, shoulder, and arm. Blood poured from his grave wounds, along with the many other cuts and bruises he suffered on his body, and his face was turned pale from the loss of blood.

    Ye Qiu and Liu Tieguo’s condition was not fairing any better either. The last thing they would have expected was that the Dragon Gang’s crack troops would use concealed weapons like the crossbows hidden in their sleeves. Considering how skillful the black-clad men were, Ye Qiu and Liu Tieguo were lucky to survive the volley of darts.

    Wang Yongjia was the only one among them who had not been hit by the bolts. The others had protected their superior instinctively.

    “Gu Qianxue, look after them for me!”

    Xiao Luo shouted out to Gu Qianxue. He then dashed toward the group of crossbowmen at an incredible speed, overcome with rage.


    The remaining 12 archers only saw a glint of the slashing knife flash in front of their eyes for the briefest moment, then felt a warm, viscous liquid around their throats. As they instinctively held their throats and looked down to their hands, eyes widened in disbelief.

    All they saw were blood-soaked hands!

    They dropped the knives and spontaneously held their hands to their necks, as blood continued to ooze from the fatal wounds. They collapsed listlessly to the ground, struggling at first, then convulsing uncontrollably in the last few moments before death.

    Xiao Luo stood watching them die, the knife in his hand was stained with blood. A cold, murderous aura emanated from the lone fighter, bristling with menace as he turned toward the rest of the Dragon Gang fighters.

    The remaining troop of elite fighters trembled with fear. The man had just killed 12 of their compatriots in a blink of an eye. This man was a powerful beast!

    ” Hiyah!”

    Xiao Luo burst into a harsh and piercing screech. He dashed at the black-clads and started wielding his blade in skillfully executed strokes, lunging and twisting his body in seamless motion like a dance. Wherever his knife flashed, limbs were severed, leaving men howling on the ground. It was a rampant massacre, ruthless and cruel, almost seeming like a hungry wolf ravaging a flock of sheep.


    Xiao Luo’s knife plunged through the chest of one man. As he pushed it in, he twisted the knife clockwise before brutally dragging it downwards to slash open the dying man’s torso, spilling out his internal organs all over the floor. The gory scene sent a cold shiver down the spines of the other men around him.

    Kill! Kill! Kill!

    Possessed with a bloodlust, Xiao Luo had now become ruthless as he turned to face the other men. His face was twisted in rage and fury, giving him the appearance of a mythical beast bathed in blood.

    The crack fighters of the Dragon Gang were now shaking in his wake. The masks they wore could not hide the fear in their eyes, and they froze where they stood as their bodies refused to respond to their instinct to flee.


    A loud and furious shout thundered from afar, reverberating across the empty street. A man, dressed in black was dashing in, he wore a different face mask and his blazing eyes locked on Xiao Luo.

    This man was Han Mian, and he looked as terrifying as his namesake [1].

    Two axes were already flying fast and furiously at Xiao Luo even as he was closing the distance in a quick time. Before he reached Xiao Luo, he had sent another four through the air. The axes spun viciously and homed in on Xiao Luo with savage force.

    Whoosh. Whoosh. Whoosh.

    Six deadly hatchets flew swiftly in from six different angles, giving Xiao Luo no space to maneuver safely.

    Xiao Luo remained calm and wielding his long knife skillfully as he blocked three axes and dodged the other three. Sparks flew in all directions as his blade parried the three axes.

    Even as Xiao Luo was dealing with the axes, Han Mian had already launched himself toward Xiao Luo as the momentum brought him forward quickly. Coming in high and brandishing another two axes in both hands, he chopped down from above. The gleaming axes were certain to strike Xiao Luo on the head.

    Xiao Luo spotted the move and quickly bent his knees, bringing his long knife horizontally above his head to block the twin blows.


    The grating sound of metals clashing echoed in the air as sparks flew like beads of lights in the dark.

    His arms shaking, Han Mian staggered back, moaning in pain. Fresh blood trickled from the corner of his mouth. He had been injured by Xiao Luo’s inner force after only a single clash of arms.

    But, Long Sankui had given him an explicit order. He would either kill or be killed, and backing off was not an option, even when he knew that Xiao Luo had superior skills.


    Han Mian roared, clenching his teeth. He was enraged and looked like a ferocious beast on a rampage.

    He charged at Xiao Luo wielding both axes with a flawless technique, hacking swiftly at Xiao Luo with brutal force. He did not let up as the sharp blades flew at him repeatedly like a fierce storm. Han Mian harbored an irreconcilable hatred for Xiao Luo and wouldn’t stop until he had chopped Xiao Luo into little pieces.

    “Protector! We’re coming to help you!”

    The black-clads of the Dragon Gang had by now regained their composure, inspired by Han Mian’s fighting spirit, and they rallied to his call. Brandishing their long knives, they launched another round of violent attack, advancing en masse, and targeting at the vital areas of Xiao Luo’s body.

    “Come on then, all of you. I will offer you one word: Death!”

    Xiao Luo’s fighting mettle heightened, and a menacing force within him threatened to burst out like a tidal wave.

    He had channeled all of his inner force into focus, merging that force with his body as his long knife swept across the air—an invisible blade of lethal wind formed. Even when it did not make contact with the enemy, the lethal “wind blade” would wound half a meter away.

    The wind blade was now effectively a sword, and neither Han Mian nor the other fighters from the Dragon Gang could come close to him. The space around Xiao Luo, a radius of some three meters, had become like a forbidden area. Anyone who stepped into this zone would die.

    Astounded, Gu Qianxue’s furrowed her brows. She had witnessed a side of Xiao Luo made her shiver. He was not the man she knew who had always given her a sense of security. This bloodthirsty and murderous man seemed like a stranger to her. Staring at the carnage, she only muttered to herself, “Turns out, my sister was right.”

    Xiao Luo’s ruthlessness also shook wang Yongjia, Wang Lihu, Ye Qiu, and Liu Tieguo. It frightened them as they watched wide-eyed in disbelief.

    “We could have just stood by and watch if we knew the boss could handle this all by himself!” Wang Lihu forced a laugh.

    “The boss’s capability is truly unfathomable.” Ye Qiu’s eyes filled with admiration.

    Liu Tieguo exhaled, not sure if he was awed or frightened, and he sighed, “No wonder the local bullies and thugs in Guangming District have given him the nickname of Demonic Cop. No one would believe he’s not a devil judging by how cruelly he kills.”

    Wang Yongjia, on the other hand, had only one thing on his mind; he hoped the backup team from the district station would arrive quickly to stop this massacre. Despite the Dragon Gang members deserving to die, he still needed to prevent such bloody and heartless act as soon as possible. He did not want this to be a nightmare that could haunt them all for life.

    “Does Xiao Luo bear some grudges against the Dragon Gang?” Wang Yongjia suddenly asked.

    Wang Lihu and Ye Qiu made a gesture indicating they didn’t know anything. Liu Tieguo also said nothing while smiling.


    Han Mian was unable to resist Xiao Luo any longer and was lifted off the ground by a powerful kick that sent his sailing through the air. Blood sprayed out from his mouth, and his axes slipped out of his hands even as he fell hard on the ground. The backup team from the district station had finally arrived. Dozens of police cars, siren wailing, surrounded the place.

    As the police officers alighted the police vehicles, they saw the scene and were left speechless. How was this the Dragon Gang attacking the police? It looked more like a massacre of the Dragon Gang.

    [1] Han Xian: In Chinese, literally meaning “cold face.”